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Dictator Museveni riggs elections again.Click on yellow blank image to see the image

Ugandan in the diaspora declare museveni must go

Kasubi Tombs Set on fire

Buganda Emergency Conference

Boston Demonstration

Buganda Emergency Conference

Reader Comments:
Abange ngamwanyumirwannyo. I wish i was there.
- Posted By Alex on 10/27/2009
Bwetusubwa omwaka 2011 nga akasajja tetukakkutte nku nkoona nga ate mwekatujoogedde nekayitirira tunaaba tufiiridwa nnyo omukisa, kale twekembe kagende.
- Posted By KIZITO SAJJABBI on 10/29/2009
Muli mukunyenya ku galiba enjole,muli mukulya naye Katonga ajjula. Naye ekinaava mumpale eyebiraka. Agawalagana munkoola,ekiwundu okusamba eddagala.Okwogerera kukizigo naye ate embwa Sserwajjokwoota eyasutama neyanamiriza mukwanika amakendegere nnyinimu olwobutulamu kyatasobola.
- Posted By Kalooli on 10/30/2009
Banange mukulike,the voice must be had, abade sebase golokoka, nku mbanga kino sii kyagundi oba oli. naye fena tukolere wamu. anti bagamba "AGALI AWAMU GEGALUMA ENYAMA" Omulangira Owengulu
- Posted By Awichu Akwanya on 10/31/2009
We Bagandas must stand the time is now.
- Posted By kibuuka mubiru on 11/01/2009
DPís Nambooze arrested Al Mahdi Ssenkabirwa Kampala Outspoken Democratic Party publicist Betty Nambooze has been arrested in connection with the riots that rocked Kampala and some parts of Buganda last September leaving 27 people dead, Daily Monitor has learnt. Ms Nambooze, who has been bedridden for close to two months, was reportedly picked up by police from Entebbe International Airport early this morning while trying to catch a flight to South Africa to seek further treatment. According to Mr Henry Bakireke who was accompanying her, Ms Nambooze was bundled into a waiting Police car and drove to the Criminal Investigations Directorate in Kibuli ,a city suburb for interrogation. By 10am, her lawyer and Kampala MP Erias Lukwago together with relatives had gathered at CID offices to try and secure her release . Ms Nambooze has undergone two surgical operations in the last two months as a result of digestive complications. After delayed recovery, doctors at Mukono Health Centre IV who identified her illness as hydrocortomy recommended that she seeks further treatment in South Africa. According to reliable Police sources, Nambooze is likely to be charged with terrorism. The same sources told Daily Monitor that Lukwago is likely to join her as a co-accused on similar charges. Lukwago and Buganda deputy information minister Medard Lubega were last month charged with terrorism in court in connection with the same riots but were later released on bail. Lukwago was charged with inciting violence and Lubega with sedition at the Buganda Road Chief Magistrates' Court where they appeared separately. However, charges of Terrorism still await Lukwago. During the interrogation police at Kibuli had informed Lukwago that an additional charge of abetting terrorism had been added after a close analysis of his file. While touring the burnt Nateete Police Station in the aftermath of the riots President Museveni ordered for the arrest of Nambooze for allegedly organizing the riots which left at least 27 people dead and scores injured. Mr Museveni said Nambooze, a Buganda activist, was one of the ring leaders of the violent demonstrations. He blamed her and what he called other 'elements' for destabilizing the country. During a televised speech later that day the president named Nambooze as one of the detractors that the Kabaka needed to "prevail on because they were "keeping Uganda permanently on tenterhooks commonly known as obunkenke." Ms Nambooze, the head of the Buganda Civic Education Committee, has been at the forefront in mobilizing ordinary Baganda to oppose the 2007 Land Act Amendment Bill, claiming it is a scheme to grab their land. But government insists the proposed legislation is aimed at protecting tenants who are illegally evicted from their land . Last year, the government arrested Ms Nambooze, Buganda Information Minister Peter Mayiga and his deputy Medard Lubega Segoona on allegations that they were promoting sectarianism and a hate campaign against non-Baganda. The trio was hijacked for a week, drove to various districts in Western Uganda. After their release, Ms Nambooze had to undergo two medical operations as a result of the torture. She has been in and out of cells since 2003. In almost all cases, her arrest has been linked to what she describes state witch hunt because she defected to the opposition.
- Posted By Poor Kapere on 11/02/2009
We all learn from our mistakes but elections are already rigged because Museveni has and will create his counties in Buganda and put all settlers from wherever he will wish to bribe the local chiefs on addition to the electrolate commission.Then another trick will be to cause instability towards the time of elections . Another trick by the prophecy will be to create a coup in pretence, and will impose those he wants to be in power or they will announce in pretence so as to make things more difficult. He will then in that situation he will kill some army officers mainly Bagandas in that so called "coup "by the time you know it, it will be done and no one to open a mouth any more , Bagandas wake up and other fellow Ugandans in the east. Lets prevent this by , 1-No elections unless he resigns or stands down 2- The parliament members stop regulations that favor Museven's electral commision, 3-Most important to get him face international criminal court. And please if possible amagye gayambe gamulye
- Posted By Kyomugisha Luccy on 11/03/2009
Akalulu ssi kekajja okujjako kawenkene, wabula okwegatta awatali njawukana netussiza wamu okulwana mubuli ngeri ngatutandika kati okugyawo obulwadde buno! Obudde butuyitako! Ate tulina okujjawo abo abatubeeramu nga ate bwebali neeri. Abalya "mululime nemuluzise!"
- Posted By Ssebagala-Sseng'endo Wajjalwambi on 11/03/2009
Awaangale Ayi Landlord
- Posted By Mugwanya Kawere on 11/04/2009
Where are the resolutions? I have not read concreto resolutions to pave the way forward! these resolutions must be communicated to all Baganda from the youngest to the oldest: I proposalresolution I: A muganda Candidate for the presidential elections 2011. And let this competent candidate be communicated right away! that all baganda know in time. Resolution 11: We must have Plan B in case plan A fail to work!!
- Posted By Ssendikwanawa on 11/06/2009
kano akasajja twakagwaamu ddalakasselwajja okwota bwe kamala okufuna obubudamo kati kalikunsiyaffe katunda lwakuba tekannafuna agigula lumu , naye kirabika katiyessaawa eyokukajjako passport yaffe kadde erwanda
- Posted By ssegujja mukiibi on 04/21/2010
banange, do you know that besigye is part of his team, if he created his own opposition, then we hv to hope, we shd jst prayer to God to kill him himself.continue praying, that man..
- Posted By janet nandujja on 03/05/2010
Tulina kuba bumu mubizibu ebitwolekedde. Nebwebanakola batya, kyetwagala tukimanyi tetuva ku mulamwa! Tetulina kutya abantu ffe betweletera, Ssabasajja awangaale! Magulu nnyondo yatugamba nti ekituli mu musaayi tewali ayinza kikitujjako!
- Posted By Sajjabi on 03/05/2010
Ultimately u people have got us on track to what we want or have been looking for.This time round let us give in all we have in any way I do support u soon I will be on board cashwise thanks.
- Posted By Kato on 02/19/2010
Simannyi oba olunnaku lulikya ddi Katonda natutikulako omugugu gwa ka Serwajja Okwoota ka Museveni.Kadidde eggwanga kalifudde ekyobugagga kyako ne family yako ate ekyennaku kakozesa baganda bannaffe ba Mulindwa Muwonge, ba Tamale Mirundi, ba Gilbert Bukenya, Syda Bbumba, Janati Mukwaya nabalala okusanyaawo Buganda. Naye nina ekirooto nti olunnaku lumu lulikya nga Serwajja Okwoota agenze era nina ekirooto nti ekiseera kituuse Uganda okununulwa mumikono gyabagwiira (Museveni ne banne) edde mumikono gya banna Uganda bennyini.
- Posted By Mukiibi Sserunjogi James on 02/25/2010
It\'s Uganda\'s Generals Who Owe Apology http://www.blackstarnews.com/news/122/ARTICLE/6258/2010-02-02.html
- Posted By Kapeere Lugard on 02/02/2010
museveni genda otufuze nokusinga obote banage bye sebo mr lubengo bye munaffe otulabyeko nyo waba ebyaffe nag obiza rwanda ate yu hv killed many pipo ate u men have killed many pipo by eating brobal fund cash kyoka noza akbuto ko mu sate house nosilrika wen all of this is hapening do ever wonder weda it was natasha with AIDS and the money wich would take care of her it embezzled like that living her to die man its god who will pay yu and belive me it will be owesomely the bad thing ayogerako yaffa man am not yet ready kyoka if yu guys disclose my identity i wint come back here naye museveni must go no matter wat ate analoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
- Posted By noah on 12/16/2009
I have listened to President Obama's speeches and he one time said that persistence is one of the thing he believes in. I sat down and thought about and we can now see how far he has gone with the Health Care debate. We also have to keep the momentum because this is a struggle. This man M7 has always called his journey to dictatorship a struggle, all he needs to know that we are pants up to root him out. He is a desperate dying horse and we need to use all we have at our disposal and root him out. Lets remember
- Posted By Ronald Kabuye Ssebunya on 11/29/2009

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