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Dictator Museveni riggs elections again.Click on yellow blank image to see the image

Ugandan in the diaspora declare museveni must go

Kasubi Tombs Set on fire

Buganda Emergency Conference

Boston Demonstration

Kasubi Tombs Set on fire

Gun fire as unwelcome Dictator Museveni forced his way onto the Tombs grounds. 4 people were shot dead, under the command of his son Muhoozi, whereas many others were injured, and hospitalized with bullet wounds.
Reader Comments:
I think we are all beginning to realise that too much of anyone is bad. He should just resign
- Posted By Hameed Kissekka on 05/10/2011
museven is afaliure let him go . is also a munyalwanda . museven zeeeeee...
- Posted By moses on 05/11/2011
Shame on you. I think a white man was correct when he equated a black man to a chimp. Instead of coming to develop your country your begging a white man to come and destroy your country. You will die beggers in those foreign countries.
- Posted By Peter on 05/13/2011
he must and he will go
- Posted By dre on 05/04/2011
Uganda ejja kiba nedembe singa abantu nga mmwe muffa nemugwawo. Kubanga muwaga abantu, bo bebafa simwe. Mulabe ebiri munsi, basalumanya bebafa naye mwe, mwali ku Amini, ku Obote yemmwe, mwasokera wa Museveni ate mwebabo!!!!!!!!!!!1
- Posted By Lydia Namukas on 04/29/2011
We are tired of all this propaganda. We are fed up of politicians like Dr. Besigye who ride on the innocence of ugandans, especially when we are facing economc meltdown worldwide. Dr. Besigye and group are you willing to keep relevant to Ugandan politics by causing chaos?
- Posted By pamela on 04/24/2011
thats evry sad to ugandan
- Posted By kyeyune on 04/26/2011
its time ripe to see this revolution occur. when change is coming, not even the very brave, strong and most blutal can stop or come its whay. it either changes you or change before you are changed.
- Posted By Dante the black bantu on 04/21/2011
oyo kiyengye yaddako.......i and we r really fade up
- Posted By nakasswa annita on 10/21/2011
Am impressed and i want join, but how do i join?!!!!
- Posted By Kityo Joshua on 04/20/2011
We are sujjesting that fliers should be made with information on how museveni has disognised this country and be distributed to the public here in Uganda.
- Posted By Mazini Mwanje on 04/20/2011
I think you had powers during elections and you misused it. Comparing USA with Uganda is like comparing a Lion with a dog in terms of power. Go on ground up to village level and work for the people. 2016 you will win. Stop wolokoso to.
- Posted By jamil on 04/19/2011
you guyz am telling you time will come this country will get feed up wiz museven.do u see wat happened to bagibo,kanwa musayi museven is nxt
- Posted By mukiibi ibrah on 04/19/2011
Thanks for this
- Posted By Sabiiti Muwanga on 04/18/2011
oyo gayii mutuju
- Posted By rashmofine on 04/18/2011
this whole walk to demo thing hey yo ministers u make us proud go Lukwago go Besiegye go Mau go Kenny Lukyamuzi the man go people.save us
- Posted By maginot aloysius on 04/14/2011
Am a Ugandan who has had enough of staying away from home as if i dont have a home . I do go home once a year but i came back here with lots of pain and feeling of giult that i have left my people to suffer . In Uganda , one has to be Nyankole or a Rwandise to be anybody . During the last election he said openly that , If we think that he got his Goverment by papers then we are dreaming . this time in NEWAFRICAN magazine(march2011)Article :Africa Reacts . this what Museveni said ,"There will be no Egyptian-like revolution here.There is nobody who can use extra-consitutional means to take power here . That is out of question. We would just lock them up. Inthe most humane manner possible. Bang them into jails and that would be the end of the story ; This has kept me awake for so many days . What is the ICC thinking ? Why cant they take this man in for the Rwanda Genocide and all the way to Luwero trayangle ? Am very convinced that this man is responsible for the Rwanda Genocide becouse the Tutsis helped him overtake Uganda and he promised to send them home . If you can remember the plane with the two president was downed allmost near Uganda and up to now ,nobody has been found . By the way didnt Kagame came through Uganda and grew-up in Uganda . I really hope we keep our pride as Ugandans and hope to live long enough to see Democracy all over Africa .YES WE CAN . We talk . Yours JNA
- Posted By Jane Nabasumba on 04/12/2011
museveni must go he dissgusts me how can he burn down Kasubi Tombs and on top of that make pepole suffer in surch a manner
- Posted By museveni must go on 07/31/2010
- Posted By QURAIBA LUKYAMUZI on 12/01/2010
thats true museveni must go
- Posted By xmem on 05/19/2010
M7 Must goo for ever before 2013
- Posted By okada Tommy on 06/11/2011
STOP it, it was Baganda with their misambwa, u leave the man
- Posted By on 07/14/2011

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