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  06/15/2016 -- War has progressed in Uganda, Government cover up.Time is up
  06/15/2016 -- Time is up for dictator Museveni to leave our country
  05/31/2016 -- Life long State of Blood by Mr Museveni -FRONASA
  05/30/2016 -- Disavowing the ICC By Mr.Museveni is a sign of guiltiness
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  05/30/2016 -- USA Ugandans Reject Dictator Museveni as a President of Uganda
  05/26/2016 -- Mr Museveni worst President of Uganda, Amin was better
  05/24/2016 -- IDI AMIN better President than Mr Museveni
  09/14/2013 -- Dictator Museveni to wipe out Buganda Kingdom
  09/14/2013 -- DMMGR ORG RECORD
  04/29/2012 -- Col. Keinerugaba Muhoozi allegedly engages in terror activities against Uganda refugees in S.Africa
  02/17/2012 -- Dictator Museveni born human- turned into an animal and a murderer
» 01/23/2012 -- Dicrtator M7 was a wolf then,a wolf now
  01/01/2012 -- Is Uganda President, Yoweri Museveni allegedly HIV/Aids Positive?
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  12/18/2011 -- Dictator Museveni runs all the 3 branches of the goverment
  12/10/2011 -- Ugandans Are Focused On Ejecting Gen. Museveni
  11/24/2011 -- Fellow Ugandans in the diaspora,how can you ignore the brutality done to our people in Uganda
  11/23/2011 -- Ugandans if you want change,toughen up like Egyptians,Libya and Syria
  11/23/2011 -- South Africa provides Dictator Museveni with ammunitions,that is hypocracy
  11/03/2011 -- Proved to be the most hated President since indepence of the Nation
  10/15/2011 -- Bukenya is guilt of corruption charges so are the rest accused
  09/26/2011 -- We are pround to be Baganda before Ugandans, Dictator M7 how about you
  09/12/2011 -- Blood thirst dictator M7-We shall make you drink your henchmen blood
  09/01/2011 -- Dictator Museveni- Emperor of Corruption
  08/24/2011 -- Africa is no more place for dictators.Museveni next to be ousted
  08/23/2011 -- Uganda National Transition Council is formed. Dictator Museveni in next.
  08/13/2011 -- Revolt against Dictator Museveni and henchmen
  08/13/2011 -- It will take brave and radicals to redeem Uganda
  05/11/2011 -- The NRM - The government of the few, by the few and for the few
  05/11/2011 -- Dictator Museveni term as a President EXPIRES on 5/12/2001
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  04/07/2011 -- Museveni bandits steal from tax payers money
  03/18/2011 -- Mayor-elect Lukwago Teargased
  03/18/2011 -- Press freedom under attack as usual in Uganda
  07/25/2010 -- Museveni is the most corrupt President in Africa says...
  03/18/2010 -- Tales of torture and death in Uganda’s torture centres
  12/10/2009 -- GGWANGA MUJJE BOSTON CHAPTER INC. Demonstrates against Museveni Dictatorship in Uganda
  11/29/2009 -- Fronasa's role in Ben Kiwanuka's murder
  11/25/2009 -- Origins of Museveni Politics of Violence and Killings
  11/13/2009 -- Draft Letter to send to Congress
  10/22/2009 -- Museveni must go Baganda Diaspora
Dicrtator M7 was a wolf then,a wolf now   01/23/2012  

Concerned about the future of his 25-year rule, Uganda’s once-popular President Yoweri Museveni is taking drastic measures to prevent an opposition uprising like that witnessed in the Arab World.

Kampala’s largest bookstore is impressive. President Yoweri Museveni
Museveni has started using violence against his people

Just next to the motivational publications that tell you how to think like a millionaire even if you are broke, there is a Ugandan section.

State of Blood is sadly not a novel, it is the inside story of Idi Amin.

The Dungeons of Nakasero is another tough read.

I was looking for a copy of the book, What Is Africa’s Problem?

In it, the author says, back in 1986: “The problem of Africa in general and Uganda in particular is not the people but leaders who want to overstay in power.”

And who wrote it? The current president, Yoweri Museveni, who has been in the job for 25 years.

I know what it is like to live under Idi Amin, to have roadblocks, to hear gunshots
Diana Nkesiga

The government will not admit it, but all is not well in Uganda right now.

Food and fuel prices have gone through the roof and seizing an opportunity to hurt the government, the opposition called walk-to-work protests, a cunning way of getting around the ban on demonstrations, as President Museveni has seen enough evidence of their impact in the Arab world.

But when politicians started strolling to work they were arrested.

Walking, it seemed, had become a crime.

Each time the main opposition politician Doctor Kizza Besigye resisted arrest, there were ever more violent clashes.

Ugandans watched the evening news and were horrified.

The sight of plainclothes policemen smashing the politician’s car windows and spraying him with chemicals before dumping him on the back of a truck was the tipping point.

Angered by what people condemned as police brutality, riots erupted.

Out came the army and the tear gas and the bullets.

Changed man

Whilst most Ugandans are disgusted by the way police have handled protests, the government has appeared out of touch, stubbornly defending the use of force.

President Museveni used to be seen as very much in touch with the people and almost everyone agrees he did a fantastic job for the country for part of his time in office.

But now with increased reliance on the military, the signs are not good.

In a Kampala restaurant I met George Kanyeihamba. He was a minister and attorney general when President Museveni came to power in 1986.

He retired from life as a Supreme Court judge last year and is extremely worried about where Uganda is headed.

He suggested the very issues of injustice that led to Yoweri Museveni taking up arms were coming back.

I asked him to compare the Museveni he knew then and the man now.

“They are two different people,” he said.

“Some Ugandans have said that if the Yoweri Museveni of 1986 were to meet the Museveni of today they would fight on sight – they would shoot each other.”


Reader Comments:
am a business man who loves his country so much…. but what so ever happens when Besigye demonstrates leaves us business people in Kampala in tears, loses and regrets. what am i trying to is say fellow Ugandans lets look in to the consequences of our actions before we take up such actions and its like the likes of my party president Besigye does not see what loses we make when he demonstrates and that is so bad to poor Ugandans like us. Besigye went to school not him alone and others who claim to be fighting for me and other fellow Ugandans rights but why don’t we use some organized ways of demonstration so that we the business people do not suffer loses in one way or another……………
- Posted By ian on 01/23/2012

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