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News and Information
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  11/23/2011 -- Ugandans if you want change,toughen up like Egyptians,Libya and Syria
  11/23/2011 -- South Africa provides Dictator Museveni with ammunitions,that is hypocracy
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  10/15/2011 -- Bukenya is guilt of corruption charges so are the rest accused
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» 12/10/2009 -- GGWANGA MUJJE BOSTON CHAPTER INC. Demonstrates against Museveni Dictatorship in Uganda
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GGWANGA MUJJE BOSTON CHAPTER INC. Demonstrates against Museveni Dictatorship in Uganda   12/10/2009  


Demonstrates against Museveni Dictatorship in Uganda

December 4, 2009

United Nations Plaza New York


Why Demonstrate


We members of the Ggwanga Mujje and other Ugandans in the Diaspora, we are  peaceably assembled here to address world leaders and all people of good will to help contribute to redressing grievances caused by President Yoweri Museveni’s dictatorship in Uganda. We demonstrate because of the assurance of freedom of expression and association guaranteed here as a bedrock requirement of a functioning democracy. In Museveni’s Uganda the right to such freedom may exist in writing. Putting it in practice as one of the best tools for making views known to those who hold both political and military power, is only selectively acceptable. Because of the dictatorial and nepotistic machinations obtaining in Uganda even at parliamentary level, the majority of members of the Parliament of Uganda have turned that institution in Uganda into a rubberstamp. For reasons of what has been summarized here, we find ourselves having to speak out on behalf of those, on the ground, who find it unsafe to speak for themselves.


Like any totalitarian rule will imply, the generalized condition of what is currently happening in Uganda is injustice via the multiple violations of human rights on the part of the ruling elite led by Yoweri Museveni in Uganda. In particular, there are two items

which stand as time bombs whose explosive effect, if not arrested, may be bound to extend further than the confines of the borders of Uganda. The two items include:


  1. The question of Land in Uganda
  2. The Question of Federal Governance in Uganda


Land in Uganda


Land in Uganda is a matter of “have or die”. One of the Luganda sage observations puts it that Ettaka ligula mirambo, that is literally to say that “Land ownership costs dead bodies. This is engrained in the understanding of cultural heritages of the people of Uganda. It involves such a sense of ownership that to administer land properly is not a matter of upper-hand-manipulations as the case happens to be in Uganda today. There are a lot of unwritten constitutions that have to be put into account to come to settled conclusions. It is not a matter of how many guns one may possess to use and intimidate others. Like one of Museveni’s Hench men General David Tinyefuza had the guts to express himself like: “You people since you have no guns what can you do?” Ugandans are known for their home education. We need to have recourse to principles of home education before arriving to sensible decisions.


Part of the source of the problems we are actually encountering originate in Museveni’s misplaced political Blue Print based on Frantz Fanon’s Theory on Violence in which Museveni’s favorite quote is: “At the level of individuals, violence is a cleansing force” In the same paper Museveni states that:  “The peasants of North Mozambique have already grasped the meaning of a nation as opposed to a tribe. In Uganda on the other hand, peasants and indeed the intelligentia at Makerere, have failed not only to get beyond the tribe but have not even conquered the clan.  … You find student tribal organizations at Makerere University such as  Masaba Students Unions (Bugisu), Lango Students, Abaana ba Buganda etc.” Carried away by violent reliance on the gun Museveni feels he can have his way in spite of peoples’ values based on their heritage. In Uganda a clan is intertwined with land.. What Museveni is doing about land in Uganda is part of his process of conquering the clan. Doing things without full consultation with clan belongs to his understanding of conquest. Such conquest will either not work or become recipe to disaster.


Federal Governance in Uganda


By the findings of Odoki Constitutional Commission it is absolutely clear that the majority of Ugandans prefer a federal type of governance. On this issue Museveni as reported in the Government paper New Vision:  “President Yoweri Museveni has ruled out the possibility of establishing federalism in Uganda as demanded by the Buganda Kingdom”.http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/13687785 But and in fact, Buganda advocates for a federal system of governance for Uganda not just for Buganda. In that way Uganda can be in league with some of the most successful nation like Switzerland, United States of America, Federal Republic of Germany, Canada, Australia, just to mention a few.


The Rule of Law


Working by the Rule of Law the British Government returned His Majesty the late Kabaka Edward Frederick Muteesa II, whom the British Colonialist office had exiled to the United Kingdom. Museveni gave up his idea of a one Political-Party Uganda after the Democratic Party of Uganda had taken his government to court.


We also are of the thinking that the problems of land and governance as well as other violations of civil and human rights in Uganda, if not by dialogue,  solution to them can best be found by having recourse to legal arbitration. For that reason Ggwanga Mujje Boston has established a non-profit organization known as:






Professor Aloysius Muzzanganda Mugerwa Lugira


Buganda Legal Defense and Educational Fund

P.O. Box 289 Winchester MA 01890

Tel: 781-439-3875.  FAX: 617-552-0794

E-mail: lugira@bc.edu

Reader Comments:
I am ready.that is all
- Posted By Sendawula jimmy on 03/02/2012
Please can you sponsor me to study military so that i fight for my Kabaka of Buganda and my kingdom. Am a half graduate in accounting CPAU at ICPAU.
- Posted By Bwanika Christopher on 07/31/2010
dear brothers and sisters our biggest problem is the our cbs fm is closed. help us sort out this because our hand are twisted and we do not know what to do. but here there is short wave frequency coming our way could you clarify on this.
- Posted By bukenya .g on 02/14/2010
Dear Friends!!! I feel and think that enough is enough, we have a saying that , when the fish goes bad it starts from its head. their for all this suffering Ugandans are going through it is as a result of museni's poor leadership.about 5 -6 months to next budget,17 ministries are asking to be given supplementary budget no wonder there is nothing on the ground. more than half of chogam budget was pocketed by the so called mafia's. so in brief fellow Ugandans it is high time to open our eyes. Steven Balinda Entebbe, Kampala Uganda.
- Posted By Steven Balinda on 02/17/2010
we cry for freedom, our dear motherland is falling apart each day..this is a shoutout to every ugandan who loves his or her nation at heart....please please dont give a single vote to that monster of a man called museveni,,,they just dont care what happens to us, when things go wrong, they and their families have many places to run and leave us poor voters to suffer...At this point of a state of our country,even the blind man can see that our nation is in and heading for disester...ABAGANDA we should watch out for the ANI YATULOGA slogan after 2011 IF any of us EVER gave this,,,,huuuum,,,,"MAN" any vote....
- Posted By mukalazzi jeffries on 01/02/2010
Dear Friends, My Name is Scott Morgan. I publish a Blog Called Confused Eagle. This covers US Policy towards Africa. One Region that I focus on is Central Africa. I am concerned about the current actions of the Museveni Regime. having the UPDF operating in the DRC, Sudan and the Central African Republic, The Legislation regarding Homosexuals, The Abundant Supply of Oil, Supporting the Efforts of President Kagame to suppress the Democratic Greens of Rwanda and Buganda have led me to call for a Policy Review towards Uganda. I have also been writing about the LRA Disarmament Bill as it makes its way through the US Senate. Is there anyway we could work together in the Future? Confused Eagle can be found at confusedeagle.livejournal.com
- Posted By Scott Morgan on 12/29/2009
This has been long overdue. I welcome the idea and hopefully, this will educate our fellow citizens back home the dangers of land. Many people in diaspora own land in Uganda and if fellow Ugandans, we don't wake up our we might as well kiss our land goodbye. Thanks and please keep up the goodwork of informing us and we are ready to do what it takes peacefully, to get our country back.
- Posted By Ggomba on 12/11/2009

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