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Articles and Publications
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  07/20/2010 -- Uganda intelligence allegedly switched off the lights before the bombs went off
  07/20/2010 -- New twist,Museveni questionable allegedly suspects of Kampala bombs
  07/17/2010 -- Bombs were set off in order to justify seeking more money and equipment from the USA
  07/15/2010 -- Selfish Dictator Museveni serving the interest of others at the coast of Uganda citizens blood
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  03/10/2010 -- Draft Concept Paper on Convocation of a National Convention for Consensual Governance in Uganda: A B
  01/21/2010 -- Massacres in the North by General Tinyefunza exposed.
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  06/30/2000 -- Royal family threatening the KING- you commit Treason-suicide
Stop Dictator Museveni madness as he grips on power   02/27/2011  

July 25, 2010 was the opening day for the African Union summit at the Commonwealth Resort in Munyonyo. All Heads of States from different corners of Africa took part in the meeting, and a number of representatives from other nations like the USA, UK, Mexico, and many others were also available for the opening of the summit.

The delegation from the USA included Mr. Johnnie Carson – the Secretary of State for African Affairs, and Eric Holder, the current US Attorney General. In his speech, Mr. Holder touched a number of issues, including one that is well known to the current government in Uganda – CORRUPTION. The Attorney General reiterated President Obama’s clear message that the USA will not support corrupt government in Africa.

He further made it clear that the USA will seize assets of corrupt African leaders, for as long as they are in the west. Mr. Holder promised that he “assembled a team of prosecutors to deal exclusively with the kleptocracy of African leaders.” More support was promised to African judiciaries to better equip them in the fight against corruption.

Mr. Holder’s promise is warmly welcomed by all Ugandans, because Museveni’s government is the most corrupt in Uganda’s history, and one of the most in Africa and the world as a whole. Mr. Museveni is also using money that should be used to improve infrastructure, in countries like Sweden, buying properties. Sweden is not the only country where Museveni is spending Ugandans’ money for his own personal use.

Some countries, Nigeria for example have been able to recover some money stolen by Gen. Sani Abacha. A majority of Ugandans outside the Museveni regime warmly welcome the USA’s new measures to make sure that Africans, especially in countries like Uganda can finally see their money put to good use, like fighting malaria, HIV, and other diseases, instead of being piled up in western countries for a select few. Let’s hope that finally money stolen from Ugandans by Museveni along with his fellow corrupt leaders will come back to Ugandans.

Editor R.Mukasa

Reader Comments:
hey thanks for this ,we are going to fight until to the end
- Posted By LEONARD on 04/19/2011
- Posted By LEONARD on 04/19/2011
now i call upon you cowards in diaspora to stop frowning at toilette bowls every morning and changing diapers of the senile....come home and do descent jobs!!!!! long live the yellow bus
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 03/30/2011
Jose Chameleone is one of the few Best and Talented Artiste in uganda,East Africa,Africa .Jose cnmelaohe of recent released a hot hit(BASIMA OGENZE,SWEET MAMA)among others.The worries we had as young people who grew up during his reign in the industry,have known him for writting and recording educative music and transforming the music from the previously under world music,Lingala and other poor sounds to now a perfect and competetive sound.Jose chameleone,years back was in a deep fights with fellow musicians;just because he has for years maintained his supremacy as the best,this made him to be hated by fellow musicians.years come and Go!! Chameleone however had to look for another way of bring all artiste close to him.He is now spear heading,joining fellow artistes to reconcile.Not far from being a spoon feeder,chameleone had a crew he groomed in music.Among them was Moses radio,Weasel manizo chameleones younger brother,Dimond Oscar and manyothers who today turned there backs against there teacher chameleone and formed a crew called Goodlyfe crew which is headed by Weasel and Radio.With success for Two years,this crew have turned to become a Cholera String to there teacher.They have nothing to compose which can help the people surrounding them but rather to sing badly about there teacher.Chameleone is a friend to His Excellency Bobi wine,Bebe cool(BIG IS BIG)and many other big musicians.Big Up CHAMILI TECHNOLOGY U ROCK US
- Posted By Priyanshi on 10/04/2012

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