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Articles and Publications
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Selfish Dictator Museveni serving the interest of others at the coast of Uganda citizens blood   07/15/2010  
Ugandans paying for Museveni adventurism 
Written by Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda   

The beauty with democracies is that when leaders take wrong decisions, there are mechanisms to hold them accountable at the implementation stage. Former US President George Walker Bush took an unpopular decision to invade Iraq but he accounted for every American soldier that was killed during the war. Bush, whom (former South African President) Nelson Mandela described as not “understanding properly”, even in his naivety continued to brief his nation on the war in Iraq.
But most importantly, countries such as the US and the UK have the luxury of holding free and fair elections through which leaders who make wrong and life costing decisions can be removed. Sometimes such decisions are reversed at implementation stage because of pressure from the population.
That is why Bush and his partner in the Iraq crime, Tony Blair, are no longer leaders. 
In Uganda, we still lack both accountability and mechanisms to remove leaders who for selfish interests have made tragic decisions. And should you demonstrate against such a decision, you will be tear-gassed, whipped by Kiboko Squad or killed by the state.
That is why Yoweri Museveni is still the President and is busy preparing his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba to succeed him.
Museveni has not and will never account for the Ugandan soldiers killed in the jungles of DR Congo. 
All we are told is that the mighty UPDF was able to flush out the ADF rebels. The army now tells us that ADF has regrouped and is active in Congo. Maybe another invasion is in the making.
While in Congo, we fought three deadly wars with Rwanda. In one such war, we lost almost an entire battalion of 700 soldiers. 
The late Col. Sula Ssemakula who commanded UPDF was a survivor along with a few soldiers. 
The country has never been briefed about the number of our soldiers killed during the Congo adventure. Senior officers were brought back and secretly buried while the juniors remain buried in the thick forests of Congo.
My call to Ugandans is that let us use the Sunday night bomb blasts in Kampala that killed over 70 innocent citizens, to put pressure on Museveni to halt the Somalia adventure.
At a personal level, the Somalia adventure is very rewarding to Museveni. Almost everybody in the US is fed up with Museveni but on the other hand, he is still fighting their wars. And once you agree to sacrifice your people to serve US interests, you will be given some breathing space. They will train your soldiers and give you free military hardware.
Those are the benefits Museveni is reaping from the Somalia adventure. There are absolutely no benefits to Uganda.
All Uganda is doing now is geared towards appeasing the US Generals for our revolutionary leader to remain in power.
If we had a sane government, we would never have sent our troops to Somalia. Why make your country a target for terrorist attacks? And which peace are we keeping in Somalia? The obvious answer is that Museveni wants to continue being relevant to the US administration. 
Apart from sending our troops to these senseless adventures, Museveni is still paying what I would term as bribes to key lobbyists in the US establishment to plead his case. 
We have been paying an annual retainer of Shs 600 million ($300,000) to Rose Whitaker’s company, Whitaker Group, in Washington to soften the stance of the US administrators on Museveni.
Unfortunately the price for his adventurism and overwhelming appetite to remain president is passed onto us. 
Our citizens are being targeted and killed by the Somali militias in Mogadishu and they have now brought the heat closer to home. 
Finally, as we focus on the bomb attacks, let us not rule out the greedy elements within our system. The creators of ghost soldiers are capable of doing anything just to earn billions. When bombs were being planted around Kampala in the late 90s, government used to release Shs 600 million for the Brig Henry Tumukunde led operations every month. The treasurer of those operations, who is now a retired Colonel, is one of the richest men in Uganda.
Politics is another possibility. Dictators the world over, plant bombs and then use that to curtail people’s liberties, especially the freedom to assemble. 
Let us widen our investigations and for once, Bwana Museveni, you must listen.

The author is the Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC) Spokesman

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