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Organization: This organ is a not-for-profit Organization. (a)The purpose of the organization shall be to reach all Ugandans in the Diaspora and the International Community, inform them and make awareness of the situation of luck of true democracy that is denied to fellow brothers and sisters back home in Uganda.

(b)To promote education forums that will remind Ugandans in the Diaspora that, the right to freedom we have all enjoyed outside our Motherland Uganda, the same is expected back home. United we shall advocate for true democracy, which involves the right of the people freely to determine their own destiny back home in Uganda.

(c) We shall educate our people the power there is to participate in National and local voting process. We shall make an effort to provide literature to meet that objective.

(d) We will encourage civil society and media to play a greater role In democratization. We will organize forums and Conferences to educate people about Federal system of government as the best system of governance that will bring development, stability in addition, long lasting peace in Uganda. We will run legal Clinics in USA, London, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, South Africa and in different regions in Uganda, educate our citizens the benefits of Federal system of Government, Human rights, women rights, local development, the environment and health.
Make awareness of Human rights abuses and point out violations of the International laws committed by the Uganda Government, to the world Community.

(e) We shall setup radio stations and websites with educational programs all detailed above, to reach citizens of Uganda, mostly those living in the rural regions of the country.

(f) We will build up public pressure for greater accountability from the public officials, for Uganda has been polled as third most corrupt nation in the world. We shall create a space for discussions on the issues of good governance between elected officials and Ugandan citizens to facilitate dialogue to help citizen understand that public Officials must be accountable to their constituents.

We humbly ask all democratic peace loving people to contribute to this cause, for our people in Uganda are suffering under a brutal regime. Thank you.