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» 11/13/2009 -- Draft Letter to send to Congress
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Draft Letter to send to Congress   11/13/2009  

Draft Letter to send to Congress


Dear Compatriots and friends,

Below is a draft of a letter. It's sole purpose is to ask for support for our embattled countrymen in the struggle for our rights. I am asking you to personalize it, sign it and send it to your elected officials in Congress (House of Representatives) and the Senate.


Names, mailing & email addresses of congressmen & congresswomen may be found at www.house.gov/ and in your local phone-books. Similar information for senators is at www.senate.gov/ and in local phone-books.


When you are done, please pass it on to your friends and associates & workmates in USA, and ask them to support you.  Our friends and associates can customize it to their local conditions and similarly send it to their representatives in government.


Don't be complacent: Get involved! Remember, there are thousands of innocent Ugandans languishing in camps, jails, and “safe houses.” Let us all rise to help our country in this time of need.


If you won't speak for your country and relatives, who will?


 Letter follow below-:



Dear Congress Representative X  or Senator Y:


RE: Your Urgent Intervention in Uganda is Required


As I write this note today, brutal events and violation of Human Rights are unraveling in Uganda, a poor country in East Africa. If allowed to continue unchecked or if the brutality visited upon the population increases, they could have far reaching consequences, and may very well unleash genocide in Eastern Africa.


Some of the recent events are on You-Tube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo1Vjx2EK78 ,

www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3-W_Gfa9rM&NR=1 ; on the BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8251431.stm ,

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8250357.stm , and has been reported in other international media, as well as Ugandan local media.


The September riots started when President Museveni's government decided to curtail the movements of the King of the ancient Kingdom of Buganda, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II. They banned him from visiting Kayunga District, which is part of the 700-year old kingdom, thereby denying him the freedom to exercise his rights as a Ugandan citizen. The website www.buganda.com has some background information on the kingdom's history and culture. 


Given these blatant violations and disregard of our constitutionally protected civil and human rights, I urgently beseech you to intervene in this situation before it deteriorates further.


The United States can help hapless and down-trodden Ugandans because it has a wide range of effective options at its disposal. These include, but are not limited to: issuing a formal protest to the government of Uganda's poorly advised actions, issuing a strong statement encouraging the Uganda government to abide by its constitution -- which guarantees freedom of movement, association and the press. 


Museveni’s government bears close resemblance to that of Zimbabwe’s Mugabe, especially in the brutality visited upon citizens, undemocratic rule, tyranny, corruption of its top officials, impunity, extra-judicial executions, illegal detention, torture, persecution and disappearances of political opponents, harassment and detention of  journalists, and shutting down media houses. Therefore, as leader of the free world, it is expected that the United States will engage opposition politicians in Uganda, to encourage the establishment of a transparent and accountable democracy.


Concurrently, the US can also impose sanctions that may include with-holding of tax-payer funded foreign aid of any kind to Uganda until the Uganda government adheres to norms of democratic rule, suspension of any current aid and/or other government programs, travel bans on top government officials and their families, diplomatic isolation, and so on.

I thank you for your time, and hope that you'll find some more to support the people of Uganda in their quest for democratic governance.


Reader Comments:
A wise man once said "A GOOD MUGANDA IS A DEAD MUGANDA"
- Posted By John on 03/03/2012
you fools why waste you youth full day on non issues like who is a muganda and who is not?uganda needs all of you unless you want to end up jackasses like in somalia.
- Posted By solomon base on 11/25/2009
cry for beloved uganda
- Posted By val on 11/13/2009
This is a very good letter. Please add the following as well; there isn’t enough rain in Uganda any more, the American government has failed to end the war in Afghanistan, Uganda is expected to grow at more than 6% this year despite the global financial melt down and lastly the American Congress should impose a travel ban on all those who incited the recent violence which led to the death of our people.
- Posted By Tom on 11/13/2009
Tom, the letter is actually targeting the people who incited the recent violence namely Museveni & Co. Remember, the uprising was provoked by Museveni's unconstitutional act of blocking the Kabaka from visiting one of Buganda's counties called Bugerere or Kayunga disrict as Museveni refers to it. So Tom, my man, the above letter adequately addresses your concerns!
- Posted By Pyati Sololo on 11/13/2009
The only problem I have with citation of Buganda in moving for politcal change in Uganda, is that we should be careful not to turn this into a Buganda issue alone. We need as many people to support the cause of riding Uganda of Museveni. I myself am a Muganda but the NRM has done diservice to many other Ugandans other than just the Baganda. When you continue to cite the Baganda causes alone not only do you alienate other people who would willingly support our cause, you also put us in jeapody of further repriasal by the NRM who will only rub their hands in glee that it is the Baganda alone that are causing issue. Please lets wake up and smell the coffee and learn from the historical mistakes that placed us in the situation we are in.
- Posted By DD on 11/13/2009
"DD", you sound like a big f*rt to me.The Baganda alone can cause change if they are united and determined. How many ethnic groups did Museveni go to, to support his 5 year fight for power? Even his fellow Banyankole (if he's indeed a Munyankole) did not support him until they saw that he, with Baganda's help, was actually winning! The Baganda can make Uganda ungovernable and bring down Museveni's government. Look at the situation from that angle.
- Posted By Pyati Sololo on 11/14/2009
Mwami Sololo i highly doubt DD is a Muganda. Nowadays you get a multitude of them calling themselves Baganda, but are actually interlopers wanting to derail the whole agenda. He says that the continued citation of Buganda will turn this into some kind of Buganda-alone issue, alienating them in some way! Well, if that is what has to happen, then so be it. He goes further to suggest that we should look to history not to repeat our mistakes. I wonder which history he refers to here!? Does he not remember that Buganda cossied up to the Obotes, Amins and now Museveni!? These guys who seem to suffer from selective amnesia should not make you lose your sleep at all. I am sure all the other tribes know which tribe is going to get rid of Museveni. They just are not brave enough to say it. Abaganda mulina okwekwata awamu. Afterall that is what Buganda literally means. Museveni has tried his best to divide you through corruption and what not, but at the end of it all, you are your own change agents. Jaberi almost got hit, but i think it was the Jajjas who saved him for having seen the light recently. Bukenya has also got the message loud and clear now am sure. The rest will fall in line. Only time will tell. What am not too sure though is the fact that we still somehow think that the White man is going to fight our cause for us. I thought he was the alfa and omega of our suffering!? In this fight we do not need Congress to fight for us. The Congress has got its own interests to maintain. Venenzuela didn't go to it to resolve its sovereignty, why should we!? The white man is the main obstacle in this fight. We as enlightened diasporians cannot keep on deluding ourselves. Listen you guys are fighting a very good cause. You just need to know your priorities to fight a good fight. Museveni can easily be purged through a nationalistic agenda within Buganda itself, not Congress. Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 11/14/2009
Does anyone require permission to be or not to be a Muganda? I ask because instead of debating the serous issues that confront Buganda and Uganda, a lot of time is spent by people casting accusations and counter accusation as to who is or is not a Muganda. Can we debate the issues and stop emphasizing non issues please. After all, nationality (or tribe, to use the derogatory term inherited from colonial lexicon) is not a biological phenomenon but is a largely social construct. Only those who intentionally refuse to accept the simple fact that Buganda’s future is intricately linked to the aspirations of other nationalities in Uganda and vice versa are infatuated with the divisive notion of nationality (read tribe)
- Posted By Tom on 11/15/2009
Does anyone require permission to be or not to be a Muganda? I ask because instead of debating the serous issues that confront Buganda and Uganda, a lot of time is spent by people casting accusations and counter accusation as to who is or is not a Muganda. Can we debate the issues and stop emphasizing non issues please. After all, nationality (or tribe, to use the derogatory term inherited from colonial lexicon) is not a biological phenomenon but is a largely social construct. Only those who intentionally refuse to accept the simple fact that Buganda’s future is intricately linked to the aspirations of other nationalities in Uganda and vice versa are infatuated with the divisive notion of nationality (read tribe)
- Posted By Tom on 11/15/2009
dear well wishers to bugandas common cause do no pay mind to subotagers like tom Ndaula,he could be on MUSEVENIS payrol, people are suffering in safe houses and prisons, they need our help before they get killed . tom bwoba tolina anything to contribute to this common cause,it is not a must, your comments seem so be irrerevant to what we are trying to do here. I can see you are dying to defend Museveni but be realistic 23 years is too long it i time to have real democracy
- Posted By Namutebi on 11/15/2009
For so long Museveni has always used the Baganda to consolidate and retain political power. Remember also that he used the same Baganda to capture power. Twenty four years down the line, we still have people from Luwero who occasionally camp at parliament in demand for war reparations which Museveni never observed. Museveni and Company have always blamed the UNLA for the massacres in Luwero but luckily on the burial of Adonia Tiberondwa, Maj Gen. Kahinda Otafiire spilt the beans when he said that they would come out of the bush, put on the UNLA uniform and butcher civillians so as to make them feel they are pushed against the wall by the government forces. This is how they got many Baganda joining them (the rebels) and colloaborating with them. Having heard it from the horse's mouth I expected the Baganda to withdraw support from the government whose leaders butchered their kith and kin to capture power. I personally hail from Ankole but I am sure Museveni and all his people are a liability not only to Uganda but also to us the Banyankole in particular because Museveni's bad rule has created an impression that it is the Banyankore responsible for the suffering of all other Ugandans. As such, many are saying should Museveni get out of power, the westerners will suffer just like the Acholi, Langi and other people from northern Uganda suffered when Museveni captured power. Thus, all Ugandans of good will have a duty to ensure that Museveni is shown the exit.
- Posted By Vincent Nuwagaba on 11/16/2009
Mky Namutebi, you accuse me of being a subotager (I suspect you meant saboteur), for pointing out the ridiculous lies you are paid to peddle around. Between me and you, who is a liability to Buganda? You who is alienating other nationalities well knowing that Buganda cannot achieve her objective without the acquiescence of other nationalities or me who is advocating for a sensible approach which takes into account the aspirations of all Ugandans? As I have said before, I don’t need anybody’s permission to be a Muganda and as far as I know being a Muganda is not synonymous with being counter revolutionary and insidious. I am shocked that you do not understand that the Internet is a public place. If you choose to “walk” on it be prepared to rub shoulders with other travellers. And then you audaciously proclaim that my comments are irrelevant because they are not in tune with “what we are trying to do here”. If I may ask, what exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to contribute towards better governance in Uganda or you are intent on spreading lies and falsehoods? I can never condone any extra judicial actions by the state but at the same time I cannot be party to a sectarian agenda whose clear outcome is a more divided country. As for Vincent Nuwagaba, your cooked allegations about the Luweero killings are not new. Nearly half a million Ugandans were killed by Obote’s genocidal forces and there is evidence to attest to this. In any case, in a war situation, it is always the case that all the deaths can not be attributed to one party. In such cases the critical test is whether there was a deliberate effort to kill and or maim at will. This certainly was not the case with the NRA.
- Posted By Tom on 11/16/2009
Thanks for this website, Ugandans let us unite if we want to see freedom in Uganda, check this website www.ugandagenocide.info you can put your cause and send direct email to obamma.
- Posted By john on 03/20/2010
i really thoughout you people are just languishing around but i am now coming to aconviction that you understand what you are doing though with mistakes here and there. the museveni who is not aleader but rather a ruler of uganda one day self proclaimed thaat he is next to God. that is why he has also started giving orders just like God did during creation. He said let ther be the sky, waters and many other things. you must have leant of Museveni's programm of prosperity for all where he is giving orders say "bonna bagagawale". such a person i think not even the mighty Nigerian withcraft can save him from us but rather we need to work hard and also pray to the lord Almighty. the youth this is our challange not for the archaic old men who are never satisfied with the corruption they have done before.
- Posted By fred bockaman makerere university on 11/23/2009
I applaud you for drafting this letter. We have to fight this dictator on all fronts. I ask all Ugandan Americans to write to the Senate foreign relations chairman, Senator Kerry of Massachusetts who hosts the majority of you, to plead for his help in bringing down this dictatorship. The times are hard, and this is not the time to tire. We shall bring this tinpot dictator down. We have to use our collective energy to achieve our goal. Thank you for the letter, I am drafting mine as well. Like the Chinese say, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" every tool that we use covers a step that will bring us to the end of that thousandth mile. This is our time. The time has come.
- Posted By Steven Nsubuga. on 12/07/2009
Hi!I am call Amone Denish, Ugandan. I went through this web site and rellay interested in your program on fundamental human rights awareness /campaign.We are in general aiming and doing the same activities in Uganda and would like to share how to strengthen the program.It may look strength since you might have not hard of any organization call youth for human rights Uganda.Looking forward to here from you.Thank you.
- Posted By Wiga on 10/04/2012

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