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» 10/22/2009 -- Museveni must go Baganda Diaspora
Museveni must go Baganda Diaspora   10/22/2009  

Buganda Diaspora

“Museveni Must Go” -Baganda Diaspora
Written by Richard Mukasa (Boston Lawyer)
Thursday, 22 October 2009 21:03
"Museveni Must Go" -Baganda Diaspora
 A gathering of about 400 Baganda meeting in Boston, Massachusetts over the weekend, for what was dubbed the "Buganda emergency meeting," has resolved that Uganda must adopt the federal system of Government. The group also resolved to establish mechanism through which they will work towards the removal of the NRM regime from power and establish a genuine Democracy.  The resolution specifically stated that "we unanimously agree that Museveni and his regime must go; and resolve to establish a mechanism of selecting a Muganda presidential candidate. In addition we reject the 2011 electoral process under the current structure."
The above resolutions are part of a dozen resolutions which were reached after a 13 hour long marathon meeting attended by the former Katikiro of Buganda Daniel Muliika. Other notables at the meeting were MP Nakawuki and Mr. Abed Bwanika.
"Federalism is a right which cannot be negotiated for or against," said Dr. Mubiru Musoke a human rights lawyer's resident in Boston." Amidst cheers and ululations, speaker after speaker insisted that all Baganda must come together and participate in the "liberation" of Buganda.  Mubiru opined that Uganda under  Museveni has violated the international law and NRM leaders should be brought to book for committing crimes against humanity.
Addressing the meeting which saw Ugandans come from all states in America and delegates from Canada and England the former Katikiro of Buganda, Daniel Mulika appealed to Baganda to tirelessly work for Buganda and uplift it from the domination it is experiencing in the current days. Muliika challenged those who say that Buganda had reached an agreement and accepted the regional tier to produce such an agreement. "I would like to tell you that I received all the instruments from my predecessor, Hon. Joseph Ssemogerere, there was no document indicating that Buganda ever accepted the regional tier... this thing was discussed and rejected by the Lukiiko on three occasions."
Muliika cautioned the opposition to bee keen on system building other than going in for change just for its sake. "We must examine our history and understand who the stake holders are, and then consult with these stake holders, who must include the original 15 political regional entities if Uganda is to move forward." Muliika said that the government of Uganda is hoodwinking the Banyoro that Buganda is there enemy, while the "Banyoro are looking at Buganda, their oil wealth is being siphoned off. Muliika accused the governments with carrying out a calturated divide and rule policy.
Muliika told the meeting that the 2011 elections bare no hope for Uganda because the system under which they are being organized is individualized. Muliika said that the main problem with Uganda is that it is run on "personal policies instead of a structured system". Muliika joined other speakers in insisting that the Kabaka should not be involved in direct negotiation with the president. "The talks should be institution to institution; I see a danger by luring the Kabaka into talks, and having him the next accused of participating in partisan politics."
In its final resolutions the meeting unanimously agreed that "Museveni and his regime must go; and resolve to establish a mechanism of selecting a Muganda presidential candidate. In addition we reject the 2011 electoral process under the current structure."
Addressing the same meeting Dr. Abed Bwanika called for unity among those who are opposed to Museveni. He said that if we do not unite we will find it difficult to dislodge the dictatorship in Uganda.  Quoting from the constitution said that traditional leaders are only barred from participating partisan politics not politics in general. "There is no way one can be a Kabaka without participating in politics, because the institution is inherently political.' Bwanika said. He said that the individuals who have been arrested since the uprising in Buganda are in thousands. Bwanika said that the government security agencies are continuing to arrest people who are being taken to unknown locations. Bwanika said that many politicians in Uganda do not fear being arrested but it is the fear of the end results of the detention like what is happening to Betty Nambooze. He asked those present to reach out and help the opposition parties in Uganda.  "Museveni no longer has roots and the winds will soon blow the NRM over," Bwanika said.
 Lt. Frank Musisi in his address to the gathering said that Uganda is a "failed state because it cannot afford the basic and simple essential needs of Ugandans."  Musisi said that it is sad that the government can afford to spend almost half a million dollars to take over UNAA, whereas there is no medicine in the hospitals all over the country. The former UNAA president said that the NRM government is not only destroying Buganda's culture, but it is also destroying its environment. He gave the example of the near extinction moneys from Ssese Islands resulting from the government of reckless investors supported by the government. Musisi said that parcels of lands once invested in the commons are being given away by the government to dubious companies owned by mysterious people.
Mr. Tendo Kaluma, a resident of Boston for 30 years appealed to Baganda to understand that Buganda is a diverse kingdom which brings together many people of "different looks" who should not just be rejected unless they do not saw commitment to its cause.  Another lady caused the meeting to hold its breath when she announced that though she is of Rwandese ancestry; she is A Muganda and people must stop pointing fingers at her. "I was born in Buganda, only been to Rwanda once, where I was rejected for being a Muganda, now if you reject me where do you want me to go?" The lady, who said that she had driven 400 miles with her children to attend the meeting to show her love for Buganda, said emotionally.  The former secretary for Youth In UNAA, Moses male responded by telling the audience that "we should have a broader outlook because there are Baganda who are treating Buganda as an anathema whereas there are people who are settlers in the region who are committed to our cause, we should embrace them and reject the Baganda traitors."
Speaking on corruption Bwanika said that this has its roots in privatization. The meeting was told that all the privatized corporations have ended up being owned by the ruling inner circle.
Opening the meeting the chairman of Gwanga Mujje-Boston, John Buwembo told the meeting that the time for cowardice is over.  Buwembo said that that those in the Diaspora should work and contribute to the rescue of those who are detained and are seeking court bail.
Prof. Lugemwa who spoke on the need for Federalism argued those present to insist on inculcating cultural values and love for Buganda among the youth. Lugemwa said that without the devolution of power to regional entities, it will be impossible for democracy to take root in Uganda.
Former Editor of the Citizen and Munnansi news papers, Kiwanuka Nsereko, who is also the Chairman of DPUSA, addressed the meeting on the importance of the Media in strengthening Democracy. He criticized Bukedde Newspaper for its "near pornographic publications which has continued to dilute the values of Baganda."  Kiwanuka said that the reason the government is restricting the media is intended to keep Ugandans in darkness. Kiwanuka said that NRM's record shows that they never liked to have an enlightened country as evidenced by the fact that education was not even included in the ten point program. In its final resolutions the meeting also resolved to boycott the state owned Media.
Lawyer Richard Mukasa of Boston implored the leadership to resolve the discrepancies in our positions. Our leadership attitude which subsequently presents underlying contradictions within the Buganda mainstream ideology. Some people assume that the Acholi people are newcomers in this matter of federalism. From a historical perspective, the Acholi have always supported a federal system and that position was eloquently presented to the Odoki Commission in 1993. However, what has left Ugandans of same mindset unsure about Buganda’s own position, is the uncompromising preference for “federo” instead of federalism.
Most Ugandans perceive Buganda’s fervent agitation for federo as the step toward cessation. During the Baganda Annual Convention dubbed “Tabamiruka” at New Brunswick in New Jersey last September, the issue of federo and Buganda secession came up for debate. It was Kabaka Ronald Mutebi who clearly scorned the latter idea. The Kabaka argued that such a move would alienate Buganda from the rest of Uganda and generate contempt for its other interests. Mutebi argued intelligently that Buganda should engage in the war of ideas and strive relentlessly to work with other regions like Acholi to achieve “federo.”

Nsibambi, Bukenya, Ssekandi named as "enemies"
Speaking at the same meeting Mr. Remigio  Kintu warned that those who have acquired land in Buganda through fraudulent means will lose it once the government changes. Kintu told Baganda to evaluate themselves and deal with the "in-house problem of traitors." The audience shouted back a number of names including that of the Vice president of Uganda, Gilbert Bukenya, Prime Minister Apollo Nsibambi, and the speaker of parliament Edward Ssekandi. Kintu said that the government is attacking Buganda with because of its wealth and cultural heritage.
At the end of the meeting twelve resolutions were passed. The resolution included a commitment to raise funds to support efforts of regime change in Uganda. The meeting also resolved to encourage all Ugandans to start some kind of a crime's diary where all acts of those violating people rights should be documented for the purpose of future prosecution.  The meeting agreed to establish a committee to work on taking the NRM leadership to the international courts of law for the continued abuse of people rights.
The Baganda also resolved to Outreach to other Ugandan ethnicities with a view to making alliances to advance the cause of Democracy and Federalism.  Those present were encouraged to attend the upcoming Gulu Walk events on October 24th, 2009 to show solidarity with the suffering people of Northern Uganda. The meeting unanimously rejected the regional tier systems in its resolutions.
The other resolutions were to advise the Kabaka not to directly contact Museveni, his government or agents of the NRM regime personally for talks.  Take the necessary steps to fundraise in order to finance the necessary activities to realize change and establish a genuine democracy in Uganda.
Aware that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICFSCR), guarantee the right to self determination of all people;
Convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the NRM government has violated fundamental human rights;
Saddened by the gross, unjust and inefficient governance inflicted on the people of Uganda by the NRM regime;
Realizing that Unity is essential to achieving our collective objectives;
Determined to rid Uganda of bad governance, dictatorship, and corruption;
Condemning strongly the NRM government's continued interference in the running of independent institutions and intrusion into the running and electoral process of organizations of Ugandans in the Diaspora;
We hereby earnestly resolve as follows:-
1.    Establish structures to analyze and determine the resources needed to achieve our objectives.
2.    Advise the Kabaka not to directly negotiate with Museveni, his government, or agents of the NRM regime.
3.    Take appropriate steps to fundraise in order to finance the necessary activities to lead to change and the establishment of genuine democracy in Uganda.
4.    Pursue all legal channels that are useful in achieving our objectives including, but not limited to, international legal action.
5.    Educate the International community about the true political situation in Uganda through demonstrations on a regular basis and lobby work at the New York UN headquarters, Washington DC, and other major cities in the world.
6.    Boycott, effective immediately, all government media and other anti-Buganda entities.
7.    Intensify civic education of the people about the problems and possible solution to the problems being faced by Buganda.
8.    Reach out to other Ugandan ethnicities and groups with a view to making alliances to advance the cause of Democracy and Federalism.
9.    Expose government spies, informers, and traitors-- and record their illegal activities within and outside Uganda for the purpose of future prosecution.
10.  Seek better Medical treatment for Mrs. Betty Nambooze Bakireke.
11.  Reject (unanimously) the Regional Tier as a form of governance in Uganda.
12.  Agree that Museveni and his regime must go; and resolve to establish a mechanism for free and fair elections
Reader Comments:
Why do You say, 'Or else Museveni must go.' There is no 'Or Else' The guys time is up. whether he brings Federo or stops torturing, His time is up. period.
- Posted By Omufuruki on 11/04/2009
Buganda may have to fight for her rights; and if that happens, it will not be to restore Federo because it's a waste of time to federate with former belligerents, it will be a fight for statehood. Put more clearly, it will be for the creation of the independent Kingdom of Buganda.
- Posted By Pyati Sololo on 11/05/2009
Omufuruki like okufuruka means change of address "or else" is in reference to all Musevenis of this world. Yoweri Museveni might go and be replaced by another Musevenilike as Yoweri Museveni has proved to be a reproduction of Obote and Amin. "Or else" here is intended not to mean reconsidering M7 if he would repent and make up for the crimes he has committed. It is intended to mean that all Musevenilikes ought not to be accepted as leaders.
- Posted By Aloysius Muzzanganda Mugerwa Lugira on 11/05/2009
Pyati Sololo, Thank you for the courageous idea of sel-determination for Buganda. It is worth serious consideration. However it is one thing to go for self-determination by independence as it is another to go for self-determination by autonomy.My suggestion was about self-determination by the latter. It would be helpful and interesting if you could give us your suggestions of the way forwards for Buganda self-determination by independence.
- Posted By Aloysius Muzzanganda Mugerwa Lugira on 11/05/2009
Is the last writer insane or brainless?,he should leave with M7 as he goes. You will oneday get old too and stupid passive Ugandans like you should go hang.
- Posted By Pamela Musoke on 11/09/2009
Stop being old for nothing. Museveni is NEVER like Obote/Amin. He is a man of the people who never shades blood and this God loves it.
- Posted By mike on 11/07/2009
a man of lugira's caliber leaves buganda at a very disturbing situation.how can he think of buganda alone when we the Baganda has got children with other tribes. prof. stop your nosence.uganda is a republic that backwardness should be stopped. you are ashaming our king who also has kids from different tribes. to heel with your old ideas.
- Posted By muwonge andrew on 11/09/2009
I do not understand why Muwonge andrew is angryliy acusing Prof. Lugira of thinking of Buganda alone. What the learned and experienced elder is suggesting is a federated Uganda of which Buganda is one of the autonomous regions of the state of Uganda. Having children with other tribes does not mean that you loose your identity. Uganda has never been a republic by choice and that mistake have to be collected. Consesus is gradually building amongst Ugandans that M7 is a liability to our country and Yes, he must and will go. The apologists and beneficiaries of the regime and getting more scared and are resorting to threats and abuses. This will not stop the tide. M7 and his henchmen must go. Period. Posted by Henry Ndawula
- Posted By Henry Ndawula on 11/10/2009
Those who think that Buganda will ever be restored to its 16th century glory in the 21st century are living in a dream land and at best are intellectually deprived. The contemporary socio-economic circumstances do not allow that to happen. In any case, has any one ever thought of what the outcome would be if all Baganda were asked in a referendum to choose between being “led” under a republic or being “ruled” by a monarch. Buganda needs Uganda and Uganda can not do without Buganda because we share a common destiny. As some one once remarked “the spaces between your fingers were created so that another's could fill them in."
- Posted By Tom on 11/10/2009
Henry, let us stop day dreaming.Buganda with its headquaters did not exisit when atleast i was growing up until 2003. We demanding things which were taken by the gov'ts you are praising now, why didn't you ask those pat gov'ts to give you back what you are demanding now? We are not allowing this gov't to have time yet the period they were taken was 4 decades ago. You guys i do not think you are genuine to the Buganda issues. Some selfish ideas are behind. Why didn't you advise the institution when you were still working for the gov't you are critisizing?
- Posted By muwonge andrew on 11/10/2009
The likes of Tom amd Muwonge who believe that Buganda wil never attain autonomy are simply misinformed and poor students of history. Similar minds believed the same for Eritrea, southern Sudan, the Balkans and even the USSR which were by far more coherent states than Uganda. Dreams come true for those who persists and persue them. The Baganda and indeed Ugandans opted for Federalism in the 1993 Odoki Commision and a free and fair referandum would definately vindicate us on this. I believe even the Tom's and Muwonge's would come on board if they bothered to open up their minds and get educated about what we are talking about. The current trend indicate that even those Regions once opposed to federalism are gradually coming on board as they discover that they have more resources than they initially thought. The Repubic of Uganda was forcefuly created by rulers and is forcefuly sustained so. It is not sustainable in the long run. The people of Buganda and Uganda at large have to decide on the way they want to be governed. Of course Buganda existed before Andrew Muwonge and it will outlive him. I am not praising any past regime that forcefully abrogated Uganda's independence constitution. We should held the NRM government responsible because it came promising to address the past mistakes and that is why the majority of Ugandans gave them their good will. Please read M7's ten point program of 1986 to understand this point. By the way many of us continued to critisize the regime even at the time they enjoyed our goodwill and that is why we fell apart with them. The remaining skeptics are mainly the opportunists and those still benefiting directly or perceptionaly from the corrupt mayhem and carnage prevailing in the Uganda of today. Last, a constitutional monarch can exist in a democracy. Look at Britain, Japan or South Africa to mention but afew. The regime in Kampala is composed of rulers who hold sham elections but keep themselves in power while prepairing their sons to take over. The Muwonge's are decieved by the cramps they get and only look at their selfish ends. Like it or not the people of Buganda and Uganda will in the long run prevail and federalism is the only way that gurantees accountability and people's power. Please educate yourself on what it is all about before you jump to premature conclusions.
- Posted By Henry Ndawula on 11/11/2009
Mr. Ndaula, I agree with you that a possibility exists that other regions could embrace the idea of a federal Uganda. In effect you concede that Buganda can only get federal status provided other regions are in agreement. If that is the case, why then is Buganda clamouring for FEDERO without involving other regions? On the other hand, your ill-informed outburst is full of inaccuracies; firstly, South Africa is not a constitutional monarchy. Secondly, I have never worked for the NRM government in any capacity. My only benefit from the government is the peace and freedom to say and write whatever I want provided I am not inciting hatred or demeaning others. Thirdly, you don’t seem to understand the notion of a constitutional monarchy. Japan is a constitutional monarchy, granted, but with an elected parliamentary government with an Emperor as a ceremonial head of state. This is exactly what the proposed regional tier system would imply for the king of Buganda except of course, it would not have the word FEDERO to please the likes of you. Lastly, to use your own words, please educate yourself before you jump to premature conclusions.
- Posted By Tom on 11/11/2009
Tom, this guy has his personal issues I believe he will say anything. Ezo ze kaasa ezikyali mu Buganda.But the majority in Buganda look at it differently and thats why Museveni always wins big and he is going to win again in 2011. People are smarter that his lame reasons.
- Posted By muwonge andrew on 11/11/2009
It is obvious Tom is not a Muganda, since he can't even spell the name Ndawula. Whatever you are, get used to the fact that Museveni will never get votes again in Buganda. In fact, attendance at his recent rallies in Buganda did not even exceed twenty people. As for you crumb snatchers, your time is up, enjoy what you have now...it will be a long run back to Rwanda.
- Posted By James on 11/11/2009
It is obvious Tom is not a Muganda, since he can't even spell the name Ndawula. Whatever you are, get used to the fact that Museveni will never get votes again in Buganda. In fact, attendance at his recent rallies in Buganda did not even exceed twenty people. As for you crumb snatchers, your time is up, enjoy what you have now...it will be a long run back to Rwanda.
- Posted By James on 11/11/2009
Baganda are an intelligent and proud people to be fooled by the likes of James, who, instead of responding to the issues I raised is more concerned by the spelling error. I would like to advise people like him to raise their game otherwise the contents of what they write are not about to persuade a lot of people to join them because at this rate, Museveni will continue winning more votes in Baganda. I know this is a painful fact which you have to live with.
- Posted By Tom on 11/12/2009
James i wonder if you have ever had time to read the Ugandan constitution...i would advice you to educate yourself on the tribes of uganda as stipulated in the constitution...Banyarwanda are recognised as ugandans in this constitution and i must say..once again i am taken aback by the tribalistic tendencies you people display. i can assure you that the current Uganda has moved beyond such trivialities, so James stop embarrassing yourself and your kinsmen by building your arguments on ideologies that belonged in the 60's, whether or not Tom is a munyarwanda is a non issue and he has a constitutional right to express himself!!!
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/12/2009
James, if I were you I would be clamouring for the deepening of democracy in Uganda instead of burying your head in the sand hoping for miracles via insults. I would like to challenge you to present your ideas on this forum on the following issues: (1) why you think Buganda would be better-off with a FEDERO system of government than say, the regional tier (2) whether you think the Lukiiko at Mengo should stay unelected and why (3) why you think the NRM government can not be trusted having restored the Kabakaship in the first place (4) why you think Buganda can be granted federal status without the consent of other ethnic groups in Uganda Let the real debate begin!
- Posted By Tom on 11/12/2009
Tom, The tendency of the likes of James who call others non Bagnada when facts are being raised has not started only today. Binaisa, Bidandi, Lule were called the same when they raised issues of facts about Buganda's future. The few kaasas which are remaining in Buganda don't want to face facts when time comes for future of Buganda and Uganda as a whole. If you ask them the questions you have raised,this will the answer"OMUSAJJA AGENDE" They always create problems which do not exisit thats why they dont have solutions. LET THE REAL DEBATE BEGIN as Tom requests. We shall continue educating you for we have no choice it is because you are ignorant.
- Posted By muwonge andrew on 11/12/2009
this is disappointing but we need to give him time, by all means he will have to leave , afteerall he cant think of any thing now, i cant see any thing toi worry ugandans at all. thank you.
- Posted By malingha on 09/26/2011
Tom, this is where we differ greatly... you said, there is "freedom to say and write whatever I want provided I am not inciting hatred or demeaning others." How is being against certain bill in the parliament inciting violence? how is pointing out the dangers of the nrm regime inciting violence? those are things that we should all be free to talk about. well, if our country's people had freedom of speech. well maybe Tom for you you can go on any radio or tv and start telling us about what you had for dinner or what you did with your wife with in the walls of darkness at night. I doubt anyone would have a problem with that... But of course our brothers and sisters have raised the bar! and unfortunately, m7 doesn't appreciate them standing against those country killing policies! But of course Tom if you loved your country, I think you would also be interested in talk that points out the bad policies being forced on Ugandans. But again, chance are you are not a Ugandan, and you will GO and follow your boss m7 when the time comes. "Nabalaalo balina obazaayo!!! Kano akaalo akaalo ka Buganda kada... Akaalo kano, akaalo kaliko nayiniko! Obote kamulema!" Aggunde ggunde Ayi Nantawetwa!
- Posted By K.James on 11/12/2009
I listen to many radio stations in Uganda. A lot of people call in to say what they feel is good for the country (not only positive things, by the way). The problem with some radio stations is that they are pushing a sectarian agenda. How can a radio station claim that Museveni wants to give the land to Banyarwanda that is why he wants to enact the Land Bill? James, do you believe that to be true? When such utterances are made, all our people (the poor peasants) in Buganda and elsewhere who continue to be unlawfully evicted from their land by unscrupulous land lords are turned into fools. This is what the government wants to stop. While I do not agree with the government on every issue, I do believe that agrarian reform is imperative in Buganda for social harmony and economic development. Andrew, you were very correct, James has nothing to say about the issues I raised. I just hope he is not an aspiring leader, not that I fear he would succeed, but because I think he is a frustrated guy wasting a lot of man hours just to incite hatred.
- Posted By Tom on 11/13/2009
Ayallan Okot, It would be prudent if we raised the bar of debate. You might think that everyone wants to be Museveni's bootlicker like you. If you think being Museveni's spin doctor is the job that I want, I would rather choose to stay without one. But more seriously, I don't depend on Museveni but he depends on me and other Ugandans. If you don't know this, thirty percent of our salaries is deducted to cater for Museveni and his bootlickers like you. The only think I would expect from his government is to guarantee my security. If they cannot, let them leave me with my peace. I don't want to be pushed against the wall. I have never asked that M7 feeds me or accomodates me; I don't stay in his home - Rwakitura and I will continue demanding for accountability. If you think that walking on dead bodies to statehouse and mortgaging our country is all we should praise M7 for then, you need fervent prayers.
- Posted By Vincent Nuwagaba on 01/25/2010
Museveni's government has tortured many of us. I am worried that I may die soon because NRM has continuously chosen to use its operatives to maim, brutalise, terrorise and squeeze me because I ask for equitable distribution of the cake.
- Posted By Vincent Nuwagaba on 11/16/2009
Vincent when you talk of equitable distribution of the cake i can begin to understand your paranoia,its high time that we as ugandans started thinking of what we can do for our nation rather than what our indivitual tribes can get out of a regime. this country is enough for all of us and its our duty to feed the cow before we can think of milking it.
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/16/2009
i have read many of muwonge's comments but i think he is under influence,of w..d.
- Posted By solomon base on 11/26/2009
Be it far from me to stop this lively debate about who should and should not participate in this historical mission of working towards removing this totalitarian and corrupt Museveni regime. That’s what free societies do. But right now, the situation is urgent: our people are under the boot of a most ruthless man who would rather have the country perish than that someone else lead. The critical issue right now is getting rid of a rotten and corrupt regime that has seen the destruction of our country even beyond what Amin did to it. We can go into the finer details at the juncture of reconstituting Uganda after the regime is removed. Let’s take a moment to reflect: what would M7 and his minions prefer? A bickering population or a population speaking with one voice thus: Museveni must go? I'm sure it's not lost on you that the recent 'kingdoms’ that M7 is creating are not meant to unite us, but to divide us and increase the points of conflicts. Note the Banyala issue in Bugerere. I say to you all brothers and sisters, our priority is the removal of this regime before we lose yet another generation of our children.
- Posted By E.Muwonge on 11/20/2009
mwoose nimukavune omuheto!
- Posted By Turya on 12/04/2009
Ayallan Okot, Do you think asking for equitable distribution of the cake is a function of paranoia? You are greatly mistaken. Please read the definition of politics by David Easton and Harold Laswell. I know I am intellectually far better than many of the mediocres working with Museveni. We have people who don't think on their own but wait for Museveni to give directives. Getting a job on merit is next to impossible if you condemn the wrong practices of the government. And you we need to start thinking of what we can do for this country! What haven't I done? I made sure I studied and passed very well while in school. I have taught many people including some of Museveni's aides and by the way I have taught in a university. I have criticised the poor government policies of the leaders and I always demand accountability but most importantly I pay taxes. If demanding for accountability is what you call paranoia, I recommend that you go to school and stop contributing on this forum because your thinking faculties are wanting! Let us meet after you have got at least one degree so that we can begin discussing at the same wave length. It is impossible for philosopher Kings to discuss with academic dwarfs. Museveni must go! Vincent Nuwagaba
- Posted By Vincent Nuwagaba on 11/26/2009
Yes,he must go and he has done alot of kavuyo in our country, i thank him very much but its high time for him to go. Remember that history repeats its self, now there is nothing new apart from going back to Rwakitura and rest and also he can be consulted upon issues of governing the country,thank you museven
- Posted By george on 11/27/2009
Vincet if peddling lies and inciting violence is your idea is your idea of demanding for accountability and building this nation then i definetly put to question this intelectual prowess you claim to have...by the way while you are at it you may as well post your CV on this page you seem anxious for a job.
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/29/2009
I am now more confident that anew dawn of leadership is on its way and the Museveni dictatorship is having its last hold on the power. Its now upto Ugandans to decide and take heart and unite to make astrong message and stand that we are tired of nepotism, corruption, holding us hostage, manipulating the youth, divide and rule and above all siliencing our generational agitations
- Posted By Godfrey Ssekabira on 05/21/2013

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