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Dictator Museveni runs all the 3 branches of the goverment   12/18/2011  

Does Dictator Museveni Run Ugandan Judiciary and paliament?

Case in point – the recent dropping of criminal charges against former vice president Professor Gilbert Bukenya.

Recall the following factors before the withdraw of charges against the former vice president:

  • VP Gilbert Bukenya was charged with abuse of office in the context of the 2007 Commonwealth summit held in Uganda.
  • Mid 2011 Bukenya was dragged to court on charges of fraud, alleging that he benefited from a $3.9m (£2.4m) deal to supply cars to the 2007 summit.
  • Bukenya was charged due to the fact that he chaired the Summit Cabinet subcommittee between July 2006 and November 2007, through which he unlawfully influenced and directed the award of the contract for the supply of vehicles and police outrider motorcycles in total disregard of procurement regulations.

When Bukenya was recently arrested, there was hope that the legendary corruption in higher places in Uganda was finally being dealt a blow.

Bukenya case was soon followed by another dramatic development in Uganda – three ministers including Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa, Museveni-in-law were forced to step aside while investigation into their alleged corrupt took its course.

But suddenly, the case against Bukenya were dropped. Why and how were the charges dropped? It all begun when Dictator Museveni was quoted saying that Bukenya had no case to answer. Soon after, the Museveni state withdrawn a court case against Bukenya.

Dictator Museveni would have us believe that when he stated that Bukenya had no case to answer, the dictator was merely expressing a personal view. The dictator further says that the fact that his observations later turned out to true was a coincidence.

Dictator Museveni has accordingly dismissed the notion that the executive interferes in the affairs of the judiciary.

Dictator Museveni, just who are you kidding?



One Response to Does Dictator Museveni Run Ugandan Judiciary?

  1. steven kasiko 

    Museveni has undermined all institutions in Uganda that ‘s why majority of Ugandans want change now.Museveni has made apeaceful revolution impossible therefore making a violent revolution inevitable. Ugandans are beating the drums of change and democracy read the writing on the walls the die is now cast and he has to make achoice to leave power peaceful and go and enjoy his loot in comfort like Mengustu. But your clinging on power is going to result into a civil war as its the only alternative left . We Ugandans are not just going to sit down and look on while you kill torture imprison loot our resources. Museveni’s regime is aregime of terror and the crimes you have committed will catch up with you

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