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  06/15/2016 -- War has progressed in Uganda, Government cover up.Time is up
  06/15/2016 -- Time is up for dictator Museveni to leave our country
  05/31/2016 -- Life long State of Blood by Mr Museveni -FRONASA
  05/30/2016 -- Disavowing the ICC By Mr.Museveni is a sign of guiltiness
  05/30/2016 -- Dictator Museveni is pure definition of an IMPOSTOR! worse than Idi Amin!
  05/30/2016 -- USA Ugandans Reject Dictator Museveni as a President of Uganda
  05/26/2016 -- Mr Museveni worst President of Uganda, Amin was better
  05/24/2016 -- IDI AMIN better President than Mr Museveni
  09/14/2013 -- Dictator Museveni to wipe out Buganda Kingdom
  09/14/2013 -- DMMGR ORG RECORD
  04/29/2012 -- Col. Keinerugaba Muhoozi allegedly engages in terror activities against Uganda refugees in S.Africa
  02/17/2012 -- Dictator Museveni born human- turned into an animal and a murderer
  01/23/2012 -- Dicrtator M7 was a wolf then,a wolf now
  01/01/2012 -- Is Uganda President, Yoweri Museveni allegedly HIV/Aids Positive?
  12/25/2011 -- NRM you are day dreamers. DMMGR is ready to smoke you out of our Country. Time will tell
  12/19/2011 -- How to get rid of African dictators
  12/18/2011 -- Dictator Museveni runs all the 3 branches of the goverment
  12/10/2011 -- Ugandans Are Focused On Ejecting Gen. Museveni
  11/24/2011 -- Fellow Ugandans in the diaspora,how can you ignore the brutality done to our people in Uganda
  11/23/2011 -- Ugandans if you want change,toughen up like Egyptians,Libya and Syria
  11/23/2011 -- South Africa provides Dictator Museveni with ammunitions,that is hypocracy
  11/03/2011 -- Proved to be the most hated President since indepence of the Nation
  10/15/2011 -- Bukenya is guilt of corruption charges so are the rest accused
» 09/26/2011 -- We are pround to be Baganda before Ugandans, Dictator M7 how about you
  09/12/2011 -- Blood thirst dictator M7-We shall make you drink your henchmen blood
  09/01/2011 -- Dictator Museveni- Emperor of Corruption
  08/24/2011 -- Africa is no more place for dictators.Museveni next to be ousted
  08/23/2011 -- Uganda National Transition Council is formed. Dictator Museveni in next.
  08/13/2011 -- Revolt against Dictator Museveni and henchmen
  08/13/2011 -- It will take brave and radicals to redeem Uganda
  05/11/2011 -- The NRM - The government of the few, by the few and for the few
  05/11/2011 -- Dictator Museveni term as a President EXPIRES on 5/12/2001
  04/08/2011 -- Dictator Museveni stealing from the Mama sister Tereza poor of the poor
  04/07/2011 -- Museveni bandits steal from tax payers money
  03/18/2011 -- Mayor-elect Lukwago Teargased
  03/18/2011 -- Press freedom under attack as usual in Uganda
  07/25/2010 -- Museveni is the most corrupt President in Africa says...
  03/18/2010 -- Tales of torture and death in Uganda’s torture centres
  12/10/2009 -- GGWANGA MUJJE BOSTON CHAPTER INC. Demonstrates against Museveni Dictatorship in Uganda
  11/29/2009 -- Fronasa's role in Ben Kiwanuka's murder
  11/25/2009 -- Origins of Museveni Politics of Violence and Killings
  11/13/2009 -- Draft Letter to send to Congress
  10/22/2009 -- Museveni must go Baganda Diaspora
We are pround to be Baganda before Ugandans, Dictator M7 how about you   09/26/2011  

Dictator Museveni –Tribes Make up Uganda not the vise, Baganda are proud to be Baganda before Ugandans, so are other tribes. Dictator Museveni you are proud to be what? before becoming a Ugandan,birth certificate required before you"kulanya"

What Museveni may be inadvertently overlooking, is that the people from Buganda kingdom consider themselves Baganda first, then Ugandans second, whereas non-Baganda consider themselves Ugandans first, then their ethnic tribes second. The reason is because Buganda as a kingdom, was a separate nation state before the British arrived. The British conquered all surrounding kingdoms except Buganda.

After realizing the difficulty they faced in conquering Buganda, the British persuaded the Kabaka (King) to join the rest of the kingdoms and form an amalgamation that would result into the birth of a nation now called Uganda. The Baganda elders together with the king voluntarily accepted the proposal.

If you were in Uganda and asked a non-Muganda: “Tell me about yourself,” the person would say, “My name is so and so, I am a proud Ugandan from such and such a tribe.” However, if you were to meet a Muganda and posed the same question, the person would answer, “My name is so and so, I am a proud Muganda from such and such a clan.” Rather than identify themselves as Ugandans, they will identify themselves as Baganda. It is only when they are outside Uganda that Baganda identify themselves as Ugandans.

The pride of the Baganda people lies in the fact the Buganda kingdom, before it became part of Uganda, was one of only two nations (Liberia and Buganda) in Africa, that was never conquered. Even Ethiopia, was conquered on Oct. 3, 1935, when Italy invaded it. On June 1, 1936, the king of Italy, Vittorio Emannuelle III, was also made emperor of Ethiopia. It wasn’t until 1941, during World War II, that British and South African forces conquered Ethiopia, restoring Haile Selassie back to his Emperorship. So even though King Mutesa I of Buganda voluntarily accepted British protectorate status in 1894, Buganda was never defeated or conquered by colonial armies, as a stand-alone nation state.

As a Psychology graduate, I have determined three necessary ingredients that are required before a voter can cast a vote for a candidate. These ingredients are universal and cross-cultural. The first element that is necessary is rapport. People have to get to know a candidate before determining whether the person is worthy of their vote. It’s the reason candidates spend millions of dollars on ads trying to sell their image or message. The second element is the emotional connection.

Once voters get to know a candidate, they have to be able to connect with that person on an emotional level. They have to know that you feel their pain. This is the most important stage because it builds comfort which translates to trust. No matter how much name recognition one has, if voters distrust a candidate it is very hard for him or her to win over those voters. This is the stage where the goal of the candidate must be to win over the hearts of the people.

The last and final stage that is an after-effect of establishing an emotional connection is loyalty. After voters are familiar with candidate and connect emotionally with that person, they will become loyal supporters of the same. With loyalty people open their checkbooks, offer to volunteer for the candidate by performing tasks like hanging posters, spreading the candidate’s message through word of mouth, launching Web sites or blogs in support of the candidate, defending the candidate and recruiting other voters to vote for the candidate.

It is important for a candidate to get people to vote with their hearts, for when people vote with their hearts, they are literally “sold-out” to their candidates. Those who win over the hearts of the voters, win elections. Museveni’s challenge, particularly in the central Buganda region, is to overcome the emotional disconnect that exists. The Baganda have to feel that he relates to their needs, and is not just pandering to them. Buganda is Museveni’s Achilles’ heel.

"Prof. Radical"

Uganda by Region


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Intelligence and simpiltciy - easy to understand how you think.
- Posted By Gizem on 12/22/2012

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