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  06/15/2016 -- War has progressed in Uganda, Government cover up.Time is up
  06/15/2016 -- Time is up for dictator Museveni to leave our country
  05/31/2016 -- Life long State of Blood by Mr Museveni -FRONASA
  05/30/2016 -- Disavowing the ICC By Mr.Museveni is a sign of guiltiness
  05/30/2016 -- Dictator Museveni is pure definition of an IMPOSTOR! worse than Idi Amin!
  05/30/2016 -- USA Ugandans Reject Dictator Museveni as a President of Uganda
  05/26/2016 -- Mr Museveni worst President of Uganda, Amin was better
  05/24/2016 -- IDI AMIN better President than Mr Museveni
  09/14/2013 -- Dictator Museveni to wipe out Buganda Kingdom
  09/14/2013 -- DMMGR ORG RECORD
  04/29/2012 -- Col. Keinerugaba Muhoozi allegedly engages in terror activities against Uganda refugees in S.Africa
  02/17/2012 -- Dictator Museveni born human- turned into an animal and a murderer
  01/23/2012 -- Dicrtator M7 was a wolf then,a wolf now
  01/01/2012 -- Is Uganda President, Yoweri Museveni allegedly HIV/Aids Positive?
  12/25/2011 -- NRM you are day dreamers. DMMGR is ready to smoke you out of our Country. Time will tell
  12/19/2011 -- How to get rid of African dictators
  12/18/2011 -- Dictator Museveni runs all the 3 branches of the goverment
  12/10/2011 -- Ugandans Are Focused On Ejecting Gen. Museveni
  11/24/2011 -- Fellow Ugandans in the diaspora,how can you ignore the brutality done to our people in Uganda
  11/23/2011 -- Ugandans if you want change,toughen up like Egyptians,Libya and Syria
  11/23/2011 -- South Africa provides Dictator Museveni with ammunitions,that is hypocracy
  11/03/2011 -- Proved to be the most hated President since indepence of the Nation
  10/15/2011 -- Bukenya is guilt of corruption charges so are the rest accused
  09/26/2011 -- We are pround to be Baganda before Ugandans, Dictator M7 how about you
» 09/12/2011 -- Blood thirst dictator M7-We shall make you drink your henchmen blood
  09/01/2011 -- Dictator Museveni- Emperor of Corruption
  08/24/2011 -- Africa is no more place for dictators.Museveni next to be ousted
  08/23/2011 -- Uganda National Transition Council is formed. Dictator Museveni in next.
  08/13/2011 -- Revolt against Dictator Museveni and henchmen
  08/13/2011 -- It will take brave and radicals to redeem Uganda
  05/11/2011 -- The NRM - The government of the few, by the few and for the few
  05/11/2011 -- Dictator Museveni term as a President EXPIRES on 5/12/2001
  04/08/2011 -- Dictator Museveni stealing from the Mama sister Tereza poor of the poor
  04/07/2011 -- Museveni bandits steal from tax payers money
  03/18/2011 -- Mayor-elect Lukwago Teargased
  03/18/2011 -- Press freedom under attack as usual in Uganda
  07/25/2010 -- Museveni is the most corrupt President in Africa says...
  03/18/2010 -- Tales of torture and death in Uganda’s torture centres
  12/10/2009 -- GGWANGA MUJJE BOSTON CHAPTER INC. Demonstrates against Museveni Dictatorship in Uganda
  11/29/2009 -- Fronasa's role in Ben Kiwanuka's murder
  11/25/2009 -- Origins of Museveni Politics of Violence and Killings
  11/13/2009 -- Draft Letter to send to Congress
  10/22/2009 -- Museveni must go Baganda Diaspora
Blood thirst dictator M7-We shall make you drink your henchmen blood   09/12/2011  

Uganda, Yoweri Museveni must Go Now!

Fellow Ugandans, again for the fourth time in a month, we are seeing how Murderer Yoweri museveni is oppressing and disregarding the fundamental rights of our fellow Ugandans that natured him when his Burundi Twa father sought asylum in Uganda from Rwanda.

If a man can treat his closer friends,doctor,family friend and people that took care of him, then what about those thugs that are brutalising and humiliating our people??

The man is a brutal selfish thug that uses people-if you love him, try and ask people what happened to Muhozi Kainerugaba’s mother, unbelievable, he killed her!

Those that are carrying out brutality against their fellow citizens because they belong to a different political thought will never have a future in Uganda. What we have are criminals working for an oppressive regime they thinking that they’re equal too, However in reality they’re not, but similar.

Again today, we are witnessing a group of thugs that are accomplice in crimes of humanity against their fellow citizens, because Yoweri Museveni has moulded them to his brutal desires..

The struggles for liberation in Uganda, have taught us that the terrain for liberation are always dependent on the social and political atmosphere of the time.

However, Ugandans for long have been in denial that the terrain has been ready for along time-what is happening today is nothing comparable to what has happened in Northern Uganda. The absorption of the opposition and the mainstream media into the system, isolated voiceless Ugandans that were being brutalised day and night by murderer Yoweri Museveni.
The Political conflict therefore emerged and was fought in terms of Northerns versus Southerners. Thus, the opposition remained at the level of bickering among itself and the Tyrant got away with murder.

The Ugandan politicians that are using the rising prices of commodities as a political short-cut to glory-have been unable to connect to wider political issues and, in particular, to the nature of the brutal political rule in the country-If the intention was for a popular uprising, then the planning has so-far been very poor.

I’m sure, it would have been different if Kizza Besigye, Olara Ottunu, Mao,etc, set fire on themselves-Yes, the people’s reaction would be different. Thus, it would become a meaningful popular uprising that would capture lots of sympathy.
However, its very heartening to see the way they’ve been brutalised by the state-what sort of man is in-charge of Our country???
No…No.. its unacceptable to see some brutal tyrant terrorising our Brothers ,Sisters, children and parents in that manner!!

Trigger happy thugs Killing women, men, infants and tear-gassing toddlers in schools is something done by evil people that have no heart for humanity but for themselves.

Fellow Ugandans, lets not deceive ourselves that the current hardships in Uganda is something new. Yes, the oppressing class has never had it better as the wealth and opportunities have only trickled to them and living the rest of Ugandans in abject poverty.
They’ve mastered the art of using brutality and using it on civilians is no big deal to them. Yes, the only way to confront them is by armed struggle and that time is coming very soon.

The first stage in the struggle has to be the creation of fear among the regime’s errand Boys and Girls. Yes, its them with the spending power and they live among us-Poison is easy to a quire and to deploy in their drinks, food, clothes and beddings-concealing the people’s weaponry in Kikomando(Uganda sandwiches) will create fear.
All autonomous sleeper cells, its time to party and liberate your people.

Reader Comments:
Good news wonderful aitiddonal news after the recent departure of Minister Nsaba Buturo from a8Ethics and Integritya8 (which he appeared to have little of either) itb4s time that Ugandab4s leadership stops playing the old blame, shame, letb4s distract the citizens game certainly President Musevenis recent strong reelection will encourage him to set a higher standard and discourage the anti-lgbti trashing which LEAD to crimes of hate and other socially debilitating confusion also it is important that the Government and Citizens of Uganda join, with equal footing, the rest of the civilized international community my opinion only but there is much to gain for everyone if the firing-up of dangerous superstitous nonsense is avoided.
- Posted By Uriel on 07/24/2012
I agree children solhud not be enslaved and sent to fight. How well acquainted are all of you with The Franklin Cover-up and the use of U.S. children by the CIA and military to buy influence in Washington, see Franklincase.org and movie Conspiracy of Silence see Zielinski available on the net and winner of Best Political Documentary of 2011 and the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. See my many books which I cannot prove are mine in a Iowa Court systems, because judges in Iowa have been granted sovereign power. See Missing and Exploited Children for what is going on. 2,000 a day reported missing, 20/20 2 million throw away American children living on the streets of this country. Responses invited
- Posted By David on 10/04/2012

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