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  06/15/2016 -- War has progressed in Uganda, Government cover up.Time is up
  06/15/2016 -- Time is up for dictator Museveni to leave our country
  05/31/2016 -- Life long State of Blood by Mr Museveni -FRONASA
  05/30/2016 -- Disavowing the ICC By Mr.Museveni is a sign of guiltiness
  05/30/2016 -- Dictator Museveni is pure definition of an IMPOSTOR! worse than Idi Amin!
  05/30/2016 -- USA Ugandans Reject Dictator Museveni as a President of Uganda
  05/26/2016 -- Mr Museveni worst President of Uganda, Amin was better
  05/24/2016 -- IDI AMIN better President than Mr Museveni
  09/14/2013 -- Dictator Museveni to wipe out Buganda Kingdom
  09/14/2013 -- DMMGR ORG RECORD
  04/29/2012 -- Col. Keinerugaba Muhoozi allegedly engages in terror activities against Uganda refugees in S.Africa
  02/17/2012 -- Dictator Museveni born human- turned into an animal and a murderer
  01/23/2012 -- Dicrtator M7 was a wolf then,a wolf now
  01/01/2012 -- Is Uganda President, Yoweri Museveni allegedly HIV/Aids Positive?
  12/25/2011 -- NRM you are day dreamers. DMMGR is ready to smoke you out of our Country. Time will tell
  12/19/2011 -- How to get rid of African dictators
  12/18/2011 -- Dictator Museveni runs all the 3 branches of the goverment
  12/10/2011 -- Ugandans Are Focused On Ejecting Gen. Museveni
  11/24/2011 -- Fellow Ugandans in the diaspora,how can you ignore the brutality done to our people in Uganda
  11/23/2011 -- Ugandans if you want change,toughen up like Egyptians,Libya and Syria
  11/23/2011 -- South Africa provides Dictator Museveni with ammunitions,that is hypocracy
  11/03/2011 -- Proved to be the most hated President since indepence of the Nation
  10/15/2011 -- Bukenya is guilt of corruption charges so are the rest accused
  09/26/2011 -- We are pround to be Baganda before Ugandans, Dictator M7 how about you
  09/12/2011 -- Blood thirst dictator M7-We shall make you drink your henchmen blood
  09/01/2011 -- Dictator Museveni- Emperor of Corruption
  08/24/2011 -- Africa is no more place for dictators.Museveni next to be ousted
  08/23/2011 -- Uganda National Transition Council is formed. Dictator Museveni in next.
  08/13/2011 -- Revolt against Dictator Museveni and henchmen
  08/13/2011 -- It will take brave and radicals to redeem Uganda
  05/11/2011 -- The NRM - The government of the few, by the few and for the few
  05/11/2011 -- Dictator Museveni term as a President EXPIRES on 5/12/2001
  04/08/2011 -- Dictator Museveni stealing from the Mama sister Tereza poor of the poor
  04/07/2011 -- Museveni bandits steal from tax payers money
  03/18/2011 -- Mayor-elect Lukwago Teargased
  03/18/2011 -- Press freedom under attack as usual in Uganda
  07/25/2010 -- Museveni is the most corrupt President in Africa says...
  03/18/2010 -- Tales of torture and death in Uganda’s torture centres
  12/10/2009 -- GGWANGA MUJJE BOSTON CHAPTER INC. Demonstrates against Museveni Dictatorship in Uganda
  11/29/2009 -- Fronasa's role in Ben Kiwanuka's murder
  11/25/2009 -- Origins of Museveni Politics of Violence and Killings
  11/13/2009 -- Draft Letter to send to Congress
  10/22/2009 -- Museveni must go Baganda Diaspora





SPONSORED BY: The Enforcer of Federal Revolution for Uganda,

                                  Mr. Cleaner, Mr. Bring down the house, Mr. Do not turn the-

                                  Other cheek: THE DICTATOR MUSEVENI MUST GO

                                   REVOLUTION INC.


Due to the brutal dictatorial regime, the rigging of elections, intimidation, false arrests and dentations, the muzzling of the press, denial of the opposition to the media, killings, poisoning and abduction of the innocent citizens due to their ideology beliefs being different from those of dictator Museveni, burning of schools, the burning of MASILO

Buganda’s Cultural sites at Kasubi, threatening of the Judicial branch, defiance of the Judicial rulings, land grabbing, plundering the national assets and natural wealth, bad roll models to our young generations, destroying the institutional  integrity of our state.


Dictator Museveni’s Government  is inspired by evil ghosts, proof is one hundred ghost hospitals were discovered at the end of 2009, ghost soldiers, ghost schools, and ghost pensioners, ghost Civil servants. One million ghost voters discovered in the voter’s registrar of the Electro commission in October 2009, such has been said to be in the registrar for the past 2001 and 2006 general elections etc…. All these ghost institutions sadly have been receiving funds from the government.  Dictator and his henchmen have enriched themselves through ghost schemes.


In January 2010, NRM party Secretary Amama Mbabazi went “across the Nation registering NRM Party eligible voters”, bottom line he deceptively claimed to have registered 8,000,000 voters.

However, according to Uganda’s Electro Commission’s website, the number of registered voters in the entire country Uganda was 10,500,560 as of October 2009.


Facts: After September 2009 riots dictator Museveni’s polling numbers, shrunk to

45% from 65%, which he won by in 2006 with 4,078,911 votes.


In addition, fear had penetrated NRM Party thinking that they might fail to get the 50% votes required by the Constitution, they have been contemplating to amend the Constitution so that the winner wins by the majority of votes.


Ladies and Gentlemen:, Let us  do the Math, the Electro Commission database voters in the registrar 10,500,560 Minus  the “scheme claimed registered voters by NRM Party which is  8,000,000= 2,500,5600 balance to be shared among the opposition, there fore to them the election is over.


So for NRM Party,  “(NATIONAL ROBBERY MOVEMENT)” when the nation polls dives from 65%, 4,078,911 votes of 2006 to 45% of current polls, their scheme registered voters number raises up to 8,000,000 which is 200% increase. Such deceptive increase makes all dead Ugandans who bought into the vision of


 THE TEN-POINT PROGRAMME in 1981-1985 war against Dictator Milton Obote by sacrificing the lives to bring the true democracy in the country “roll in their graves”.


The Electro Commission, these street bangers rigged 2001 and 2006 elections in favor of dictator Museveni, were found guilty by Uganda Supreme Court for being incompetent.

At the end of their Contract, dictator Museveni awarded them by renewing it despite of

the complaint and bill amendment tabled for debt to get rid of them by the opposition.


In 2006, a Judge set aside the election results for the Parliamentary seat of Bugweri country, Iganga district. He said that the campaign by the Minister of Information then;

Ali Kirunda Kivejinja of NRM Party had been marked by “wide spread of intimidation, violence and torture of (opposition) supporters and Agent”.


The totality of the evidence on record supports the conclusion that Kivejinja ran his

Election campaign as if it was a war.  The ruling said, that he even had a detention room in his home “for those he wanted to force into supporting him”


Despite of such proved crimes no one was held accountable. In 2009 dictator, Museveni was so pleased with the crime- campaign of terror executed by Kivajinja; therefore, he rewarded him by naming him to be the Minister of internal affair, putting him in charge of police who will provide security during the 2011 campaign and on the election day.  Fellow Citizens of Uganda, the dictator Museveni has turned out to be a joke.


-With out prejudice the government of Dictator Museveni restored culture Kingdoms , but has illegally denied Prince Baligye of ANKOLE HIS OBUGABE. A subject insulting a natural king by denying him what is legally and lawful his, is unacceptable.


-          Embezzling Karamojja natural resources by appointing a Member of the parliament: his wife Janet Museveni who represents a constituency in Mbarara  south of the country, to govern Karamojja in the North of the country.


-          Intentionally misusing Buganda to get in power on empty promises, refusing to pay shs 20 billions he owes them and its properties, in addition continues to suppress them,  by burning of  their culture site Masilo Kasubi.

Dictator Museveni has played along, keeping Mengo waiting and hoping indefinitely for something he knows he will never give the kingdom and which incredibly, the Kingdom with all its lawyers and experienced political actors,  does not appear to realize, but we do.


-          Intentionally and slowly  neglects the Teso people and region to experience

        and suffer the horrors of famine.





-          Dictator Museveni and his henchmen committed genocide in the Luwero

       Triangle during the 1981-1985 gorilla war, it is estimated that 250,000

       to 500,000 people died. They used to dress up in the government army uniforms

       at night and killed innocent un-armed citizens, then during daytime sympathized

      with family and blaming it on dictator Obote’s government, such crimes all are

       well known and confessions of such crimes have been made by Gen. Elly

       Tunyine, Maj.Gen. Kahinda Otaffire, and Col. Pecos Kuteesa in 1995 and



-          Dictator Museveni co-committed genocide in Northern Uganda, and he has placed

      Citizens in camps with no schools, clinics etc…


-          True oil contracts are hidden from the public.





Donors have criticized his governance and luck of free press and luck of fairness

to the opposition. His response was “donors should concentrate on making sure

that the donations help those with needs but concerning governance, no one should teach me how to govern, for I have done a pretty job in governing”.


Ladies and Gentlemen: Uganda is not free for a democratic general elections, therefore we urge all Ugandans, all tribes and people of all creed to boycott the elections of 2011 and join the FEDERAL REVOLUTION FOR UGANDA.  A voice of more than 65% citizens who voted for Federalism according to Justice Odoki’s report. Federalism that is fair to every tribe in Uganda, is the only System of governance that will bring true change in Uganda.


Democratically the dividing line is drawn, You are either for dictator Museveni or your are for Federal revolution that will bring and establish Federalism for the entire country of Uganda which will  be fair to each tribe.


More of the reasons why Ugandans should boycott election 2011 read the 16 pages

On this site  title why the dictator Museveni should be removed  from power



N.B Pass on this good news to every citizen of Uganda. Thank you.



Editor: The Enforcer of federal revolution for Uganda: The DICTATOR MUSEVENI

                                                                             MUST GO INC.  AND PRAYER MOTOWAWAKA REVOLUTIONAL WARRIORS
Reader Comments:
We are so tired of him really .I fail to understand if he is in love for our country and the people he is ruling . i really wonder why he directs his military men to teargas and shoot direct to the people yet they trusted him and voted him to take charge of the government. I doubt . he might be getting votes in another way. when it is time for campaigns the opposition is with many supporters but when it comes to the voting hour NRM wins with more than % meaning there is some thing. We are really fed up he should go and give us room for development!!
- Posted By Lawrence on 05/07/2011
Every one believes that God gave him power, believe me, God will take it away.
- Posted By Nsubuga on 02/14/2011
we ugandan we don,t want politic of reveng so we want change ther is no leader who is parmanent
- Posted By gum isaac on 04/11/2010
I Feel very bad when its comes to Museveni and Banyankole i dont know what will happed to them when this museveni is gone and they are confident he cant go they joke he will
- Posted By Adrissen eddy on 04/06/2010
when one goes to a drinking spree and drinks moderatelly, he or she become wise and lovely and respected by everybody from all work of life regardless religions, education, ethnic or any. But the he or she drinks the more her or sher goes out of the rrule of law and becaome power abuseer of which Dictator Museveni is exactly right now. He must go in one way or another. Ugandans are tired of him. Its time for him to pack and go back where he came from; being Rwanda or Burundi. Enough is Enough.
- Posted By Ocan on 04/03/2010

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