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Articles and Publications
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  07/20/2010 -- Uganda intelligence allegedly switched off the lights before the bombs went off
  07/20/2010 -- New twist,Museveni questionable allegedly suspects of Kampala bombs
  07/17/2010 -- Bombs were set off in order to justify seeking more money and equipment from the USA
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» 11/11/2009 -- Total Boycott of State owned publications
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  06/30/2000 -- Royal family threatening the KING- you commit Treason-suicide
Total Boycott of State owned publications   11/11/2009  

Total Boycott of State owned publications

Call on all Ugandans to observe a total nationwide ban on transport, selling, buying, reading, reviewing and advertising in government owned newspapers.

Boycott New Vision, Bukedde, Rupiny, Etop, Orumuri,

Ugandans, given events of the last month, we are not dealing with an ordinary political situation but a strong, brutal and determined colonial style government.  The kind Ignatius Musazi & Milton Obote defeated by economic boycotts and trade union movements.  We must go back and understand Obote’s and Musazi methods if we love our country and enforce reforms.
From today, there is a total ban on transporting, selling, re-selling and reading of all government owned Newspapers. There should be no advertising in these publications by anyone for any reason whatsowever.
The same ban is effective for all government owned Radio Stations including Vision FM and Bukedde FM.  All members of the public are directed to stop participating in any programmes or events organised by these stations.
You are directed to stop buying any materials, goods or services advertised in these radio stations and news publications.
This ban is directed and will be monitored by vigilante citizens, but most importantly it is being enforced by the following groups:

  • All 4 million listeners of CBS Radio, Kaboozi ku Biiri and Suubi FM
  • The listeners and contributors of ‘Bimeza’ discussions
  • All opposition political parties fighting for Justice and fairness.
  • All those who want to see peace, stability and fairness in Uganda
  • The relatives, friends and neibours of anyone who lost their lives during the last 23 years of Museveni’s brutal dictatorship
  • All those who do not believe in the ‘Kisanja’ or Life President Project.
  • Everyone who feels that corruption is wrecking Uganda
  • Those suffering in national shell hospitals
  • All those who were cheated at the last general elections and want electoral reforms
  • Every Ugandan with concern about the state of corruption, abuse of human rights and abuse of power in Uganda.
  • All Ugandans who want true democracy, peace and stability.

Citizens are informed that the campaign of national civil defiance has began.  All concerned don’t have to say anything other than follow this command.
We understand that making statements openly is not possible in Uganda.  But the truth is that somebody has to do it.  We cannot allow the status quo to continue.  The days of Idi Amin cannot be allowed to return to Uganda without challenge.  We must stand up and say ‘NO’ to tyranny.

To Ugandans Living Abroad,
You are hereby ordered to stop clicking and reading government owned online newspapers, and buying products / services associated with the publications.
However, you are also ordered to text, email or call your relatives back home and inform them of this ban which must be observed indefinately without fail.
This ban shall remain in place until all our(Ugandan) demands are met.

To Katiikiro Walusimbi,
Stay out of this.  You must refrain from making comments through govt owned Newspapers that are portrayed to contradict the intentions of this ban.  Advice to you and your team is stay out of it because it is now political.  We shall be watching your actions closely.

The boycott should stay on until:

  • All radio stations closed during the last September Buganda crisis are unconditionally re-opened.
  • Govt Guarantees equal access to all state media for all main political parties.
  • The law is changed so that media outlets and organisations that breach broadcasting rules are fined but NOT banned or closed down.
  • A National federal conference is convened ahead of the next general election.
  • A newly reconstituted Electoral Commission composed after consulting all political players.
  • A reform of electoral laws and procedures as recommended by the EU, Commonwealth, USA, UJJC and other national and international organisations after the 1996, 2001 and 2006 general election
  • A return to presidential term limits with this one (2006-2011) as President Museveni’s fifth, last and final term in office.
  • Free all detainees from Besigye, Mabira and Buganda riots without any conditions.
  • Drops all politically motivated charges against political opponents including Kizza Besigye, Betty Nambooze, Beti Kamya and others.
  • Constitutes a Commission to investigate Police brutality during the Kampala riots.
  • The president must apologise for his “Police will be merciless” comments
  • Extends national resources to 2 million Ugandans facing starvation instead of fooling Buganda with that sh. 30 billion for the youth.
  • Returns all properties confiscated during the 1966 crisis immediately.
  • Remove General Kale Kaihura as IGP and his Regional Assistant Grace Turyagumanawe to be replaced by returnee Paul Psomgen.
  • Identifies and prosecutes security personnel who kidnapped and beat up, almost to death of jaunalist Kalundi Serumaga.
  • Government guarantees freedom of movement, assembley, expression for all Ugandans regardless of status in community.
  • Government stops the politics of intrigue, manipulation and division among Uganda’s old institutions of culture and tradition i.e. Buganda, Bunyoro, Busoga, Tooro, Ankore etc.
  • Reveals to the public all information relating to oil wealth in Uganda
  • Removes and disbands all paramilitary organisations ie. KAP, Kibooko Brigade etc.
  • Government gives more power to Northerners on access to Northern Reconstruction and rehabilitation funds and decision making. Removal of Vice President Gilbert Bukenya and Advisor Robert Ssebunya.
  • IF President Museveni has not yielded to pressure by Christmas, then we should be prepared to hit back to his backers too.  A total boycott on businesses owned by his NRMO henchmen, and investors.  In particular, we are eying services offered by Warid Telecom.
  • Any other business presented by all stake holders in Uganda.



By Wiliam Majwala
Lt. Col. William Majwala
Commander  of Civil Defiance Force
Nakulabye, Kampala

Reader Comments:
get a life!
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/11/2009
you are alone on this one
- Posted By Eunice N on 11/12/2009
Does any sensible person believe that in the 21st century any person would pay heed to this preposterous call? What a luscious comedy!!!
- Posted By Tom on 11/12/2009
Mr. Tom please it's you who's playing comedy. We are tired of Museveni all our people died in war coz of that bastard but this's how he's paying us. We are going to kill all of you with your museveni.
- Posted By Mujuni James on 11/12/2009
Was this tom on this paanet the last time the Buganda Lukiiko ordered a total ban on the newvision and Bukedde?Al we need is an order from Bulange and we will stop reading those trash papers!
- Posted By Musisi on 11/12/2009
Baleke bazanya... Naye Nantalinya mu kateebe namala avaayo nagamba nti this and this and this, if that arrogant newvision boss was brought to his knees, naye ate nga ani ayinza okutukugira??? siyaaaaa
- Posted By James on 11/12/2009
Am with you all the way guys. The Ayallans of this world are fixated by what you have to say. That is why they can't live without visiting the site. There is a site called Lango.com, I do not know why these interlopers can't get it, don't seem to get and not willing to get it. Obviuosly Tom is a munyamulenge and tell me what you get when an anyanya and a munyamulenge come together, a double whammy of uncivilised car-boot goat carriers. Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 11/12/2009
None of the insidious responses to my posting surprise or nudge me. The lack of intellectual rigour and robust debate on this forum is evidence enough as to why Buganda is in trouble. Again, I repeat, keep the insults flowing, while those of us who do not believe in your sectarian agenda continue to work for the good of the country. As I said elsewhere on this website, Baganda are clever enough to realise that you guys have your personal scores to settle and will continue voting for the NRM like they have done before. Remember that the Banyamulenge are in-laws of Buganda, any response to this?
- Posted By Tom on 11/13/2009
Tom am an IT specialist, write yo isults knowin that anytyme i can track and access yo IP adress and i get u, be carefull please, if u dont hav wat to write then stop yo insults
- Posted By val on 11/13/2009
Val, could you just point out one insult that I posted on the forum? If you do not want your lies and insults to be countered then don’t post them on the forum. Any how, IT is my domain and I am not afraid of your threats. Please go ahead.
- Posted By Tom on 11/13/2009
Mr. Imhotep, you never cease to amaze me with your ignorance and you fixation with the past,i actually think you are doing a good job of alienating buganda from the rest of Buganda...if anything you are laying ground for hostility towards Buganda from other ugandans, if you are the breed championing buganda's bid for federo..buganda ought to hang its head in shame becouse on account of the likes of you they will loose the battle..by the way i and other patriots will keep writting on this page for as long as you keeping inciting this country towards violence..we will not see our country go to dogs becouse of myopic thinkers like imhotep...and i am sure many baganda do not support your idealogies. as for Val..you ought to know that what is good for the goose is good for the gander if indeed you feel that Tom has insulted anybody..then you should be incest by imhoteps comments.
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/16/2009
Ayallan you under-estimate how many people have access to this website. Our original Radio Katwe is alive and well: Watch in the next few days what will happen to Bukedde. I for one will stop clicking, I will also spread message the Radio Katwe style. This is for all Ugandans who are not sharing the loot
- Posted By Kasim Atwoki on 11/17/2009
I totally concur with you Kassim, i am sure that this website has quite a number of people accessing it, however the swahili have a proverb " ukubwa wa pua sio wingi wa kamasi" meaning a big nose doesnt necessarily mean theres alot of mucus in it, likewise just becouse you have so many people accessing this website it doesnt necessarily mean that they all buy your ideas...radio Katwe has been there for God knows how long...what impact has it had...isnt it business as usual in Uganda today?
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/18/2009
Mr. Ayallan you sound like a mad dog gone berserk! You people from the north never cease to amaze me! How you think that that so-called country of yours hasn't already been taken to the dogs beggars belief. Did you not give us the likes of Obote, Amin, Tito Okello and now the demagogue in Kamapala right now? I thought your people are leaving in IDPs!? Is that okay with you? Somehow you lot think you can make a come back because of the inferiority complex you've got! My friend you must be dreaming. There is a saying in Luganda that goes,"oww'ebango kasita tomuyimukiramu, ayinza okubulira nga bwalengela Kampala". One of the reasons the white man has used you in the past and now is using the banyamulenge, is because of your being uncivilised. Take a look for example at your mannerisms, they don't differ from those of the banyamulenge! They marry their cousins just as you marry the widows of your dead brothers! These my friend are signs of being uncivilised. And now that you are out of power you think you can reassume it after you gave us savage leaders in Obote and Amin! Get a life. The other day I saw Mao kneeling before Ssaabasajja! What do you take us for? It is by looking to the past that a people plots its path to the future, and the past speaks loud and clear about you people. Savages. Whenever you see the Baganda going somewhere, you foist yourselves on their agenda. Why don't you plot your own future? Your people live in squalid conditions, go do something about it. Let the Baganda fight there own fight afterall it was Obote who gave us Museveni. Buganda shall stand again and believe me it shall do this without your snobbery of thinking she needs you. Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 11/18/2009
Hotep...please jog my memory..is it not the baganda who have been courting every regime in this country since independence??? who was in cohorts with Obote????and by the way since the baganda really have it going for them..how come Obote and Amin stayed in power for as long as they did...where were you? the so called 'Banyamulenge' have ruled you for how long???? must i remind you that they are still in power?? and meanwhile what are you doing?? grumbling and muttering with your hands folded. actually the insults you toss on this page perfectly depict the frustration of a man who has been given enough rope to hang himself and is going ahead to do so. by the way what was it i read on this page about being inlaws with Banyamulenge???. if Mao knelt before the Kabaka it was as a sign of respect..unlike you we give respect where it is due and that doesnt make us idiots, or do you mean to say that any non Muganda who pays respect to the Kabaka has a hidden agenda?? style up Hotep and stop shooting yourself in the foot...if you are going to attack everybody who pays tribute to the Kabaka then you may as well keep posting your hog wash on this page coz thats only as far as you can go! let me educate you a little about the north Hotep..since you clearly have no clue on what is happening in Uganda at the moment..but that's understandable when you have your legs, hands and head burried in white shit..you hardly have time for current affairs...yes the people of northern Uganda lived in IDP camps for 20 years which is quite unfortunate and this mark will always remain on our lives..what happened up there is not something that you and your cohorts should be building on to peddle your lies...infact the empathy you intone on the home page of this site is a sham.... its typical hypocricy..but i dont think that comes as a surprise for anyone...anyway people are now back home and putting there lives back together...so Hotep kindly stop displaying you ignorance...have your facts right before you put your foot in your mouth.
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/23/2009
What I find interesting is that all views are welcome here. The authorities in Kampala should take note, since they don't even allow freedom of expression in any way manner or form long as they view you as a political threat. Didn't they gas Besigye yesterday in Bunyoro?? Didnt they stop the Kabaka to travel in Buganda? Don't they now try to make him give up his inalienable right of political thinking? mmm some democracy. There are some lunatics here trying to convince us how nice this government is, but please...everyone has seen the writing on the wall!! The end is near.
- Posted By Steven Nsubuga. on 12/07/2009
Eh, SOme of the things posted on this site are dangerous. Except of course the guy who claims to trace IP addresses, hahaha, just go to wikipedia and read about DHCP the technology which assigns IP addresses dynamically (meaning that the next time i log on i will have a different IP address). You probably did a course in MS Word!!!! Meanwhile, who brought the Colonialists, Obote I, Amin, Obote II and Museveni???? last time I checked it wasn't the Japhadolas.
- Posted By Omufuruki on 12/06/2009
Dear ugandans in Uganda and the Diaspora, why are u so forgetful, we know its not about killing the mouslems and catholoics,what if it cokes to u. Its now over three Months,since omuyekera museveni a nd his henchmen closed 104.9 ssuubi FM/www.ssuubifm.net and 88.8 Cbs FM, but we seen not to be bothered,please boycot the Newvison,Bukedde,Orumuri and Etop,and promote 104.9 Ssuubi FM and Cbs as much as you can.
- Posted By Tusubira salaam on 12/12/2009
People its a month now since you called for a boycott of state owned publications and guesse what? New Vision publications are still selling like hot cake, the baganda are still buying Bukedde newspaper and even watching the TV....so what happened guys??? hot air! hot air!
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 12/04/2009
I think the people who post on this forum with the notion that their view is the right one are intellectually bankrupt. If you dislike Tom's posts then keep your views to yourself and he will put his to himself. The novice who is threatening him of how he is an IT guru is a real joker. Real specialist don't make noise about their prowess. Have a life. Baganda are their won problem; if only Mulondo was a Mugisu we would all be symphathising with them. We are tired and sick of Baganda thinking they equal Uganda. The talk of 9k square miles they've never measured andmany other ridiculous things. On CBS, those chaps were encouraging riots and everyone believes they did nothing. We need to be constructive.
- Posted By kabi Paul on 11/26/2009
That assclown museveni and his subordinates have cripled ugandans mentally .no body seems to care about the situation our country is undergoing.God help us.
- Posted By belinda ashley on 06/24/2011

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