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Articles and Publications
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» 10/18/2009 -- Buganda Emergency Conference
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Buganda Emergency Conference   10/18/2009  


Hundreds of Baganda from different states in the USA and other parts of the world poured into Boston to meet and discuss how to take Buganda forward. Among those at the conference included: Former Katikiro Owekitibwa Daniel Muliika, Lt. Frank Musisi, Dr. Abed Bwanika, and MP Suzan Nakawuki. Other notable speakers included Mr. Buwembo Mayanja, Prof. Aloysius Lugiira, Prof. Lugemwa, Mr. Kiwanuka Nsereko, Dr. Mubiru Musoke, and Mr. Remigio Kintu who represented Ugandans in Europe.


While giving his opening remarks, the chairman of Ggwanga Mujje (Boston chapter) Mr. Mayanja called on all people to “wake-up” (Muzukuke) saying that the time of fearing and waiting for others to do things was long gone!


Owekitibwa Daniel Muliika called on all Baganda to rise up and work together to secure Buganda first and then reach out to all other regions of Uganda. The Katikiro shed more light on the so called “regional tier” which the NRM government wants to force on Uganda as early as next year. He explained some of the dangers of the regional tier, stating that it is intended to totally “destroy Buganda.”


 The issue of “federo” was high on the list. “Federalism is a right which cannot be negotiated for or against,” said Dr. Mubiru Musoke to a loud applause. Prof. Lugemwa also warned that without a federal system of governance in Uganda, it will be hard for democracy to reign. He continued and urged people to teach cultural values to the young, for they are the future of Buganda.


Quoting chapter sixteen of the constitution in regards to Museveni’s continued claim that Ssabasajja Kabaka should be apolitical, Dr. Abed Bwanika said, “A person shall not, while remaining a traditional leader or cultural leader, join or participate in partisan politics.” He went on to elaborate that Kabaka is not barred by the constitution to participate in politics; he is only barred from partisan politics! Wrapping up a brief “state of the nation” address, Dr. Bwanika said to loud applause that “the tree will soon fall down” referring to the current dictatorship regime in Uganda.


Others didn’t have any kind words for the government either. MP Nakawuki criticized the government’s continued torture of opposition supporters in safe houses, saying that many of those arrested and tortured usually don’t live long after they are released. She cited the Late Sulaiman Kiggundu, and Kifefe. (Col. Kizza Besigye’s brother.) Mocking Museveni’s use of this Luganda proverb “gwowonya eggere yalikusamba,” Hon. Nakawuki wondered if Museveni even knew the meaning of that proverb given he rose to power on the sacrifice of Baganda blood (Luweero triangle) and on Buganda soil and property, a lot of which is yet to be paid back.


Lt. Frank Musisi strongly criticized government’s failure to provide basic needs to the people of Uganda – citing Kalangala his home district as an example.  He said the current government spent a lot of money bribing UNAA elections and yet it can’t even spend just ten thousand dollars to buy a CD4 count machine for districts like Kalangala. Uganda is a “failed state” he continued, and said it needs “total reform.” He also drew attention to Museveni’s reasons for going to the bush back in the 80s. Quoting Museveni’s book, Lt. Musisi said that vote rigging is what took Museveni to fight Obote’s government in the 80s but to everyone’s surprise, the same election malpractices are taking place during Museveni’s dictatorship.

Speaker after speaker denounced Museveni’s actions and challenged all Baganda to stand up and be there for Buganda at this time of uncertainty. The extremely vibrant but angry audience repeatedly interrupted speakers with long applauses, with some anti-museveni slogans being heard from around the hall. After those recognized speakers took to the microphone, it was everyone’s chance to voice out his/her mind about a way forward. Different ideas were given and implementation of those ideas is set to kickoff immediately. One by one, people stood up and spoke about different ways to go forward as one people – Baganda! Coming together in different ways turned out to be the major theme of this conference which lasted well over fourteen hours, and many believe it was the beginning of Buganda’s Liberation. “Okununulwa kwa Buganda”

Reader Comments:
Please post resolutions of the Buganda Emergency Conference
- Posted By james ssemakula on 10/20/2009
We are very much with you here in kampala.
- Posted By Fred Sentongo on 10/22/2009
its good to know that there people who still fight for ebyaffe.together we can do it. keep up the spirit mirembe kampala
- Posted By mirembe brenda on 10/22/2009
Ensonga mugikutte ku kikolo.Tubeyungako tutya?Cape Town.
- Posted By Kitikyamuwogo on 10/27/2009
Ebyokutesa tewali!! Tulina kutandika kubalyawobuli nga enkola yabwe bobenyini jebakozesa! Lwe'lulimi lwebategera. Awatali ekyo kinaaba kizibu okwenunula! Nkubiriza bana Uganda naddala ABaganda okusitukiramu amangu ddala
- Posted By Sewanyana on 10/27/2009
Bannange tulina kufuna strategy ekola etalimu imagination ate nga etukuumirawo kuba ffe ate tulina okutereeza. Buli omu tumwetaaga ate mulina okumanya nti emisege mingi Gvt gyeyambazza amaliba g'endiga. Musooke kugitebuka, gibeere isolated naye nga amaaanyi mu diaspora geyongerere ddala.
- Posted By Segawa on 10/28/2009
hi,ugandans must realise the strength of media..especially given the scenario of neighbouring Rwanda...its therefore disturbing to see that this website is not giving accurate information...am refering to the'who we are' page...i think it doesnt hurt to tell the truth even when such truth may undermine your course..how can you talk about continuing genocide and displacement in northern uganda when people are actually going back home??? and have you people looked at the international guidelines on what constitutes a genocide? as a Ugandan i sympathise we my fellow ugandans in the north and what happened there will forever be a taint on our history...but could you please for the well being of this country give your readers accurate information?
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 10/29/2009
Mr Ayallan or whatever you call yourself, how can amidst all the suffering and pain that your fellow comrades have experienced, such an irrelevant topic be your main concern? I suggest you create your own website and report about it. Some people! Nze banaye mbebaza omulimu gwemukola, ela mbawagira ne ssekuwagira yena. Obuwagizi bwona bwemwetaaga, mutubulire engeli gyetuyinza okubayambamu. Tokoye abanyamulenge abantu abajjude amasitani okulowooza nti Ensi yaffe, bbo be bantu bokka abayinza okujjidukanya. "You can fool the people some of the time but you cannot fool the people all of the time". Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 10/29/2009
with all due respect Mr Imhotep it is such thinking that is going to plunge this country into limbo, when you start thinking that genocide is an irrelevant issue that doesnt need to be handled with caution then i wonder if you are living on the same planet as the rest of us, secondly you have made this website public and you need to understand that when you open up yourself to the public you also open yourself up to critisism...and it it is through such criticism that leaders can hear the voices of their people...clearly Sir..you are not a leader, if you are not prepared to receive criticism kindly initiate a closed membership for this site.
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 10/30/2009
I agree with the FEDERO issue. It is a right, not a priviledge. That said, Banyabo ne ba Sebo, for any achievement, Buganda MUST work in concert with the rest of Uganda. Other Ugandans must not feel that Buganda is dismissing them as second class humans. Buganda must engage all Ugandans and deal with all the misconceptions about Buganda. Therefore, the approach must be UGANDA FIRST and then BUGANDA. I beg of all of you, we need the help of all other Ugandans in order to achieve our long cherished dream. Ssabasajja Kabaka wa Buganda Awangale!! FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY
- Posted By Fred on 10/30/2009
HERE IS A MESSAGE FROM JUDAS ISCARIOT: A secret letter written by Peter Sematimba (formerly of CBS Radio, but now owner of Super FM, and Lubaga LC3 NRM ) to The Minister of Security Amama Mbabazi, in which he sets out strategies they can employ to ruin CBS and Akaboozi Radios, when they are re enstated. ============ ========= ========= == TO: The minister for security Cc; David Mafabi O/P Date: 2nd/October/09 RE: INPUT ON THE IMPACT OF THE CLOSURE OF FMs AND THE WAY FORWARD. Honorable minister, we discussed with Mr David Mafabi (office of the president) regarding the closed Radio stations, and i raised several issues with him which I present to you and may as well share with the powers that be at an appropriate time. First, I wish to express my reservations for the Broadcasting council for not doing enough to forestall the mess in the electronic media especially the fm stations more so in view of what befell the country . (His job is to forestall events ) As much as we have endeavored to set standards at Super fm, we have been let down by our competitors who either out of fear for positive competition or deliberately for failing fulfill the requisites of professional broadcasting. With regard to the three closed stations, its my belief that the major protagonists are CBS and AKABOOZI while SUUBI FM is a nonentity in this jigsaw. It’s my conviction that you critically focus with CBS and AKABOOZI given their burgeoning presence in the FM industry. Both FMs are a sister act especially with regard to violating the ethical code of conduct as per the press and journalist act 1995 and electronic media statute 1996 as well as the broadcasting council guidelines put in place for the electronic media to adhere to. We at Super FM can use this time of relative normalcy before the closed FM stations are re-opened to fix the situation both on behalf of Government and the party as well as check on the activities of the broadcasting council on their part. Action Plan I request that through your office you create a special desk where you can identify NRM cadres who can ably articulate party/ Gov’t issues on the air waves. If this is implemented, am ready to offer a weekly program preferably during the day in fulfillment of this mission. This will help us mobilize. Honorable, we are aware of the imposing status of these two stations and the expected new sense of belonging upon re-opening I think that there is a need to covertly reduce their influence in the industry. The stations will re-open with a bang and every listener will naturally want to associate with them after all this time in suspension. Its against this that if no advance counter measures are put in place the bubble will bust and you might not achieve the goal of their closure. For instance you can do this by demanding that they unconditionally shuffle various presenters in unfamiliar programs, i.e. from presenters to newscasters and vice versa. By so doing, you can institute an “independent” survey to rate FM stations and am positive that the programs will be rating low after some time or/ and even most of the presenters will be disenchanted by the new set up and may end up thinking twice. Through this scheme, we can make amends by promoting those stations that are on the same page with the system (e.g Super FM) and by the time they re-organize it will be after months when we have steadily set off. Alternatively, like we discussed with Mr. Mafabi, we can sweet talk a couple of presenters and draw them to the realization of not risking their careers and instead switch to the operating radio such as Super FM. Personally am targeting two from CBS FM and two from AKABOOZI. For the fact I know that the managements of both stations cannot agree to sack their prized presenters for the sake of re-opening them because they form the basis of their popularity. But I can assure you that if we cunningly implement snatching them away, it cannot take long before these presenters are beaten into line with what we want. We has suggested with Mr. Mafabi and Tamale Mirundi that I make a presentation on the above issues so that I can give you a more practical picture on the way forward on this matter for the continuity. Sincerely Peter Sematimba
- Posted By Pyati Sololo on 10/30/2009
Mr Okot, as an Acholi from the Luo family I urge you to visit your own websites. You people have been detrimental to our development from the word go. You are the reason we have a mad man in the house, so do not even go on about genocide. It is your cousins in Obote and Amin that started the ball rolling. Now you are crying crocodile tears. Being an uncivilised society is the reason why the Whites have used your people so effectively to stifle progress in Uganda since independence. The Ganda are trying to rid themselves of what you people created and all you people seem to do is cry wolf. We shall never go back to those dark days of having your lot in government, notwithstanding what we are experiencing right now. The sooner you guys get it the sooner you can get on with developing Acholi. Stop deluding yourselves that you shall come back in government! Many of your lot don't criticise Museveni for the suffering he keeps visiting upon the citizenry but because you think it should be you guys doing what he is doing! Get a life and stop living in the past mate. Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 10/31/2009
honestly Mr.Imhotep, reading your comment i dont know whether to laugh or cry,am not sure whether to call it naiveity or ignorance...whichever it is, you need to go back to your history and update yourself on who played what role in Ugandan politics right from the colonial error, through independence to date. Needless to say...your idealogies are not only a shame to your kinsmen but also a subbotage to the course of Buganda..i recomend that you borrow a leaf from more focused and informed Baganda like Fred...what Uganda needs now is level headed leaders..not ignorant fanatics blowing hot air
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/02/2009
honestly Mr.Imhotep, reading your comment i dont know whether to laugh or cry,am not sure whether to call it naiveity or ignorance...whichever it is, you need to go back to your history and update yourself on who played what role in Ugandan politics right from the colonial error, through independence to date. Needless to say...your idealogies are not only a shame to your kinsmen but also a subbotage to the course of Buganda..i recomend that you borrow a leaf from more focused and informed Baganda like Fred...what Uganda needs now is level headed leaders..not ignorant fanatics blowing hot air
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/02/2009
good initiative but try also sms to reach more ugandans
- Posted By isaac on 11/13/2009
Thank you for the struggle and good will you have that enables you to acquire wisdom to love your country. We are praying and hopeful that one day we shall have a government that has justice and fairness. May God bless all your plans. We are together in spirit and praying that you succeed.
- Posted By Nze Sr. Nabawanuka on 05/08/2010
dont leave the westerners out of yr plans all of us are suffering its only 10000 or less ugandans gaining in the resources of the whole country talk about companies sold and bought airport oil jobs
- Posted By nyakahuma on 12/08/2009
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Hi Michael,It is wonderful to hear about the succses of the Mukono Boarding School. Thank-you for your report and for helping us, here in the states, know the difference Sister Schools is making!Selden
- Posted By Julia on 12/22/2012
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