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Articles and Publications
Articles and Publications
  06/05/2016 -- UFM liberated Uganda but were killed by dictator Museveni
  06/05/2016 -- Dictator Museveni continues to rigg elections stuffing ballot boxes
  04/29/2012 -- Col. Keinerugaba Muhoozi allegedly engages in terror activities against Uganda refugees in S.Africa
  02/17/2012 -- All things are possible. Dictator Museveni will be defeated
  01/23/2012 -- ONLY ONE WAY to fight M7
  12/25/2011 -- Dictator M7 allegedly killed,General George- Gen. Garanga -President Habyalimaana
  10/15/2011 -- Unless Ugandans wake up and regain their country,distater is predictable
  10/05/2011 -- Dictator M7 and Ex-Chad President might be tried in Rwanda
  09/26/2011 -- Battle the mighty General. Dic Museveni
  09/12/2011 -- Dictator M7 at a count of 1-2-3 you are going down-fellow dictators-Gaddaffi is down,king of kings
  07/24/2011 -- Royal family threatening the KING- you commit Treason-suicide
  02/27/2011 -- Stop Dictator Museveni madness as he grips on power
  02/27/2011 -- Same principle: Rig elections, 3 times, Call 4 BUNDUKI now, join us
  02/27/2011 -- Internation community wont help you,shake off your fear and join ARMS STRUGGLE against dictator Muse
  11/06/2010 -- 600 million shilling stolen from one of the Ugandan top thieves, Salim Saleh
  10/26/2010 -- Presidential Campaigns Start
  08/07/2010 -- Stop Buganda persecution,says Kabaka
  07/29/2010 -- Dictator Museveni is bombing our people in the name of terrorism
  07/25/2010 -- African summit in Uganda
  07/22/2010 -- The other side of Kampala bomb attacks Govt suspects
  07/20/2010 -- Uganda intelligence allegedly switched off the lights before the bombs went off
  07/20/2010 -- New twist,Museveni questionable allegedly suspects of Kampala bombs
  07/17/2010 -- Bombs were set off in order to justify seeking more money and equipment from the USA
  07/15/2010 -- Selfish Dictator Museveni serving the interest of others at the coast of Uganda citizens blood
  05/28/2010 -- Reign of terror returns to uganda, Click here to download article
  04/30/2010 -- A blistering report on Uganda Presidential election preparation
  03/15/2010 -- Tales of torture and death in Uganda’s torture centres
  03/10/2010 -- Draft Concept Paper on Convocation of a National Convention for Consensual Governance in Uganda: A B
  01/21/2010 -- Massacres in the North by General Tinyefunza exposed.
  01/12/2010 -- Government using its papers and radios to spread hatred
  12/10/2009 -- May be from Rwakitura- Basiita Clan
  12/10/2009 -- Uganda's anti-gay law riles U.S.
  11/11/2009 -- Total Boycott of State owned publications
  11/09/2009 -- Museveni's Life Presidency is soon ending
  10/22/2009 -- Buganda Emergency Meeting Resolutions
  10/18/2009 -- Buganda Emergency Conference
  09/23/2009 -- Obote, Amin and MuseveniGgwanga
  07/11/2009 -- Ugandans Launch Campaign for Free and Fair Elections
  03/25/2009 -- Museveni govt’s ‘Family Tree’
  03/11/2009 -- Family rule in Uganda
  06/30/2000 -- Royal family threatening the KING- you commit Treason-suicide

DMMGR    P.O BOX 550110 Waltham MA 02455 USA

Email:motowawaka@gmail.com   bagandaunited@gmail.com


Support, sponsor by contributing to this noble cause of liberating our people and repossessing our Nation Uganda, by logging on www.dictatormusevenimustgo.com or at www.motowawaka.com Click on contribute image, pay pal will guide you through the process. Thank you.


1.DMMGR ORG.Was founded in 2009, legally registered in Boston USA

2. DMMGR ORGANIZATION. It is the only pressure group that has so far engaged in a fight with the Dictator Museveni’s younger generation Army commander, Brigadier Muhoozi (first son) the biggest force we believe to engage with in Uganda on that long awaited day. We pressured the South Africa government to investigate the accusations involving him, where, he had engaged in organized crime meetings to put out DMMGR military senior officers by endangering their lives, he was advised to leave the country short of his unaccomplished  ADMINISTRATIVE COURSE, he was undertaking in the country’s University. He has later completed it online. His current military promotion was due to completing the said course.

3. On the record, it is the only Organization in the Diaspora from the start that boldly spoke out; that true democracy in Uganda shall be achieved MILITALIRY as the only option, and ever since it has worked towards that objective. Such a statement scared many pressure groups which claimed that “change of government was to be achieved by filling a criminal case against dictator Museveni to the international court, legally”. DMMGR ORG. was isolated in fear of being labeled as terrorists because of that militarily statement, due to the after math of 911 of USA.

But we stood firm on that truth for the sake of our suffering people in Uganda, because that was our belief and is our unshakable objective.

 We are “kama mbaaya- mbaaya younger generation organization in a process of repossessing our Nation, with our organization policy: “We do not turn the other cheek, whatever you sow, shall you reap a hundred fold”. We do not ask international community permission to liberate our people.

4) During the last elections time, DMMGR ORG. dropped “EKILO KITWAALA OMUNANKU LEAFLETS” in Kampala and the surrounding towns with the organization name written on them, in the preparation of our people for war and ensuring them that we did not forget their sufferings and captivity in which they find themselves into, at the hands of the oppressor, and promised them deliverance. Ugandans can verify to this fact.

5.In 2010 DMMGR ORG together with another organization, blocked Dictator Museveni from coming to NRM conference and dinner in Boston USA, whereby forcing him to remain in New-York City. DMMGR org. kindled fire in the community by texting to Ugandans three times a day anti dictator’s evil record, also handled out information documents on streets and in the parking lots of Churches. Together we organized protest in front of the host hotel. Because of our campaign, majority of Ugandans boycotted that conference and dinner.

6) Since the foundation of the organization, we have built up a media empire which coasts us a minimum of $5,000 annually to run and in maintenance. The media empire is described below. We have taught civic education to the Ugandans across the world more than any Ugandan pressure groups combined in the world, on our four Internet Radio stations, found on our 4 websites. We also did set up a telephone system to our listeners to be able to listen to these sensations over their telephones by dialing 832)280-0691 and also did set up a CONFERENCE CALL SYSTEM over the phone in order to let Ugandans  express their views through a telephone conferencing and we continue to do so. a) Freedom 4 Uganda Radio USA found on www.dictatormusevenimustgo.com  b) Motowawaka Radio USA/South Africa found on www.motowawaka.com  c) Papacbs Radio USA found on www.papacbs.com  d) Baganda Radio USA found on www.bagandaunited.org  Face book : Dictator museveni must go revolution, Baganda reposes and our counterpart: baganda traitors bursted

-In 2011 we did set up a breaking record, that we taught civic education and mobilized Ugandans at heart SEVEN DAYS STRAIGHT, each day holding live radio shows for SIX-SEVEN hours. Something that has never been done or will be done in the Diaspora by anyone, at the same time burning CDS’ and giving them out for free, so that Ugandans may become aware of human rights abuses caused by a brutal regime of Uganda government.

7. DMMGR ORG. It is the only organization that indentifies problems and solves them at any coast. Again it is the only organization on the record that has exposed Baganda Traitors. A project that scared all pressure groups in the Diaspora, because many were told about it, but coward away due to fear of losing friends and hatred that would come from fellow Baganda.

 The word of God says: Why do you take a speck out of your brother’s eye yet you have a BOARD in your own eye. First remove the board in your eye, and then you will be able to see clearly the speck in your brother’s eye.

Baganda bankwe song has been sung for years, but no Organization had the boldness to confront this issue on the record by holding people accountable or by exposing them accept DMMGR ORG. We have done so and continue to do so.

7b) Museveni’s government is filled with a bunch of thieves including ABaganda majority found in his NRM Party, who advise him to destroy Buganda and oppress Ugandans. DMMGR ORG, on the record we are the only organization that boldly has tackled this issue. Truthfully how can any group claim to be able to liberate Uganda, fully knowing well the fact that those baganda NRM traitors BANKWE and do pass on information to Uganda intelligence in exchange for money and will continue to fantasize of liberating Uganda without tackling and cleaning up that issue or mess?

Facts: We, DMMGR ORG started the clean up Baganda traitors mess project.  We organized and led thousands of Baganda to boycott Ttabamiruka 2012 held in Boston USA that was hosted by NRM Baganda of Gwanga mujje Boston USA.

DMMGR ORG. Exposed these baganda NRM traitors on You tube: baganda traitors bursted, baganda traitors exposed, baganda traitors knockout and also on face book: baganda traitors bursted, on our websites mentioned above and also reading their names on our 4 internet radio stations.

We protested on Ttabamiruka convention day, in front of Renaissance water front hotel, where the conference was held. We did broadcast live internet radio show live at the scene gathering 1450 Ugandans across the world who listened to the show that day and moment. We warned Mengo Administration to clean up the house; otherwise we shall hold them accountable on that awaited day. Youtube video can verify to this fact: Ttabamiruka crushed by DMMGR ORGANIZATION check it out.

Due to our pressure against NRM Baganda traitors, our strength and credibility of the organization, NRM Baganda retained Lawyers that wrote letters threatening to file lawsuits against us in the superior court of the USA. The Copies of that evidence are in our possessions. Due to our pressure they went further reporting us to higher authorities in the USA, with false accusations of radicalism. The authorities interrogated the executive of the organization as a protocol. But we were cleared. Acquiring help was a sign of fear and weakness, something NRM Baganda have never done before, because they are well organized and well funded to crash any opponent and organizations as previously done and have accomplished. But on the Record DMMGR ORG we proved too strong for them

8. DMMGR ORG POLICY. We have warned Baganda NRM supporters, bade kukondo zabwe aga bukyali. These are the roots that are holding the tree- President Museveni in power. Therefore we shall go through them to get to Museveni. These are the people who advise him to destroy Buganda at the same time SPY ON US, and forward the information to Uganda intelligence, prolonging our liberation missions. We are building pressure against them across the world.

9.DMMGR ORG. The  organization that smoked Col. Made of Sweden out of  South Africa, when he was FAKING SELF-KIDNAPING  FRAUD, we have alerted the world, that he is a snake, deceiving to be on the opposition yet him and Museveni are the same.

10. We have grown so big that we are on all continents of the world, mobilizing, and building up an Army that shall liberate Ugandans from a dictatorial regime, Military. Therefore we humbly urge fellow Ugandans to support us by contributing to this Noble Cause of repossessing our Nation Uganda.

 No one plants seeds without preparing the ground. We have exhausted our funds in preparing the ground for the big awaited day. Many other projects  have we done but the information is CLASSFIED. This approved undisputed record, we have put it out there, the world to see, so that it may raise their hopes of repossessing their country and understand that, there people who still care for their nation, so that you may put your trust and hope in DMMGR ORGANIZATION who will get the job done, if the Good Lord Wills.

We provide secret pin numbers to all our contributors as a proof to show to their loved ones on that day, that they were part of the struggle not in words but in deeds. Faith without works is dead. God bless you and again thank you for your contributions and support .

The executive DMMGR ORG. Professor Radical.               Lt.Col. Hassen Ssali

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