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Articles and Publications
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  06/30/2000 -- Royal family threatening the KING- you commit Treason-suicide
Col. Keinerugaba Muhoozi allegedly engages in terror activities against Uganda refugees in S.Africa   04/29/2012  
Many Wanainchi have developed the idea that Museveni is nothing but an impossibility that cannot be removed from power in Uganda the Egypt or Libya style. However, what most of these people do not understand is that there is nothing impossible in this world, including extracting this dictator from power very easily!! Off course some may now be assuming that according to Ugandan standard I have uttered seditious material and committed a treasonable act or suicide for that matter to write what I wish to write about this unwanted dictatorship!! But the truth is that the dictator is sore afraid even of his own shadow and has degenerated into a very suspicious person to any other person not from his chosen camp of thieves. Even among these very thieves, cracks have started to emerge and the whole thing will soon or later collapse like a pack of cards. This will be inevitable because of the problem of how to divide out the spoils as it is happening now with the ever increasing discoveries of fresh aspects of theft and embezzlement by Museveni himself his wife let alone his carhoots.H.L Peacock in his book European History 1789-1945 stated in reference to the French revolution of 1789 then, that, “Conditions in society must really be very bad before men in any large numbers can undertake the overthrow of a regime by use of force of arms. He goes on to add, “Men will not risk everything for nothing!”Where the situation in Uganda has reached is that level where the degree of unreasonableness by the dictator and his puppets has tallied the bogus Monarchy of France then and even exceeded!! It is therefore not uncommon to hear sycophants and sadistic puppets of the dictatorship reverberating unfortunate statements such as, “Uganda is very developed now”, and, “people are enjoying by having food prices rocket and oil prices get higher, since they will sell their food staffs at higher prices and get more profits!” What type of economics is this or it is mere greed for power culminating from the drunkenness of power?
Again many may still be contesting what I am putting across but when you follow life, there reaches a point in time when all money, power and even support from those you loved and cared for  vanishes!! And this is the time when you collapse. However, if you are wise and intelligent enough, you can read this situation so quickly and step aside before you are forcibly removed only to face the wrath of the Wanainch .Life in Africa has always been the same even when we were growing up in Uganda, I learn that the same things were happening else where in Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Congo, Cameroon and many other states.
In everything a person does in life it reaches that anticlimax where the trend is downwards, thus one has to come to terms with this reality and reconcile oneself with it before it tries to catch up with you. This applies to every profession, sport, activity one does, and many other things in life. It is a law of nature and for one to attempt resisting it is merely chasing wind! The law of nature is that what goes up comes down and I have never had of any other law contrary to this in the past, present or perhaps even the future. Moreover, “what goes around comes around”.
Many dictators including Museveni, have continued to think that they are the only ones who have tried all this nonsense and will be the first to succeed in ensuring that their children have the best and their sons are being groom to lead a country, only to learn later that it was a terrible curse and mistake!! Even those who had more than five sons had all of them rubbed off the earth in a miserable way. Dictators should learn that they should face their predicament alone to save their families and children for their children’s future. Because if they don’t, we shall catch up with their children if we cannot catch up with them and all they laid as foundation for their children will be a waste.
The problem of Africa has always been and still remains poor leadership characterized by corruption and lack of transparency. Moreover the tendencies of such leaders to stick to power as if they were borne with it causes and poses the greatest threat and worst problem so far. It is this that causes and in the final analysis will continue to breed coups, wars, suffering for the peace loving African Wanainchi. And then another problem for Africa is this thing that was created and financed by the late Gadafi in the name of “African Union (AU)”. This organization is more of a problem to the development of Africa and the integration of Africa. Its original parent body which was the Organization of African Unity(OAU) was more credible because it was built on genuine foundation with authentic and pan African strong men like Kwame Nkruma.Today it has been corrupted too and is a toothless bull dog with no credence amongst the African people. It doesn’t have the power to intervene in any way and help Wanainchi get rid of dictators or resolve conflicts in African without calling upon foreign players.
One cannot expect an organization plugged and jammed with dictators who have over stayed power to make any meaningful deliberations except to protect their personal interests. If Africa is to have such an organization work out successfully, the first prerequisite should be that a leader must not be ten years in office if he is to be allowed to join. As well there must be massive financial contributions which help to sustain the organization and the development of the continent including loaning and a united intervention army for extreme situations. There must be a body charged with ensuring that the massive resources we have in Africa are not just dished out for peanuts and at the peril of our Wanainchi in any continent. Off course there are organs such as the African Development Bank but they borrow from the western world and America and are therefore of no good.
Since Africa has massive resources more than any other continent, the resources must be managed together and above all research must be instituted to help in doing this for the benefit of all the African countries. To this end research Universities must be set up in every country as policy and education and research must be financed as priority in Africa hand in hand with sane health policies to build a healthy nation since this is a precipe for a developed nation.
Dictator Museveni thinks when we write like this, we are wasting our time, but that is what one would expect him to imagine. Since the mere thought that one day he will be powerless let alone moneyless and will face the consequences does not go down well with him and brings a chill down his spine.
Uganda our beloved country has been down the rocky road for far too long and this time round it is the worst ever seen let alone heard by any person. Conditions have spiraled out of hand and are very conducive for a final revolution that will usher in the real development and deal for our people in Uganda. Never, in the history of our beloved country has there been such a state of affair as is standing today! The health sector is in a mess, education and research have been negated to useless sectors of the economy and infact at the dawn of this dictatorship, it was open and crystal clear that education was not their priority! They made sure they kill the education sector and replaced it with a pseudo system that is non functional and to say the least that negates our people into nothing doers since it leads them no where!!They decimated people from northern Uganda through the perpetuation of an unnecessary war that was not to be won soon but later when their goal had been fully implemented. They brought themselves to power through undemocratic means of fighting against a democratically elected government. The whole of the great lakes region ranging from Rwanda (the defacto great friend) of the dictatorship in Uganda to Sudan, DRC, and Burundi and as far as Somalia dictator Museveni has generated hatred and enemies over time!! He has been alleged to have been involved in most of the assassinations of the leaders there or if not even master minding them. It is not for nothing the Kabila Jr. is not a friend even if there is belief that he has now forgiven and come back to the alleged killer of his father as a friend. The death of Dr.John Garang is as well surrounded by mystery with again Dictator Museveni as the master mind of his death resulting from the demand of Garang for his military hard ware destined for his army in Southern Sudan and bought by monies fundraised by the SPLM.The said Military hard ware was taken over by the dictator and his weird army and on Garang’s request for this to be accounted for or paid for, he was to be assassinated by the brutal murderous dictator.
The latest incident is the death of another SSDM/SSLM leader in the name of George Athor by again Dictator Museveni. The South Sudanese rebels who seem to have infiltrated the useless intelligence system of the dictator have issued actually an ultimatum for the execution of the Dictator!! Given what is known about these people from Southern Sudan, it will be a matter of time when the dictator will be worked on; because they mean what they say and say what they mean!! Moreover Al shahab of Somalia and her allies are as well still hatching a master plan to get rid of the dictator and may be putting final touches to their moves!! Let alone Ugandans ganging up every where in the world and building a very steady and strong pillar to rid themselves once and for all from this tyranny and dictatorship. There is a multi dimensional approach to this push towards restoring the pride of Uganda the country and giving values and virtues to all the people of Uganda living within Uganda. The people of Uganda must be the priority of any government that purports to lead the country. Therefore infrastructure must be developed to make life nice and easy for all Ugandans. This under this dictatorship is not the case!! The dictatorship fears its own people and wishes them to remain poor for ever in order to perpetuate its stay in poor for ever
It is not wishful thinking but the dictator is a surrounded animal! Besieged by his own army and intelligence which is discontented and now entirely depending on his son’s force that is small and even may not be in full support of his family’s hold to power. “The problem with African leaders is the tendency to over stay in power”, is now haunting the dictator, as he one time put it during the early days of his reign in power (1986). Indeed when one over stays in power, what happens is that enemies inevitably become many and the tendency to abuse power becomes even higher. This is when the dogma that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” comes into play.
The days are numbered and the writing is on the wall; following history, that the dictator who was once described as the new breed of African leaders gets his star faded as the sun sets on him. It is evident that when days are dark friends are few, and here we are the dictator is trying to forge new friends with a hope of building new alliances to give him and his political system a life line, but will this work since the forces of nature have also started to set in?
The forces that have ganged up from within and without Uganda will not spare the dictator, no matter what the dictator and his puppets wish or try to console or please themselves with.
“One of the penalties of refusing to  participate in politics is being governed by your inferiors” (Plato).This is truly said as on 25/January/ 1971 we were governed by a dictator and now again on 25/ January/ 1986 we were again governed by another dictator to date! Ugandans should all pull up their socks and partially turn this into a crusade every where to rid our beloved country of this primitive animal with sinister intentions once and for all. Yes it is possible and the dictator and his carhoots are on their way out as they are now completely besieged. It is a matter of the day of reckoning but all the situation is now ready to spit out the impotent dictatorship and its predators.
By Radical
Reader Comments:
Rhodesia, however, had reauglr peaceful transfers of power, in which everyone who met certain quite reasonable requirements, requirements that were entirely race neutral, was allowed to vote.British colonies did pretty well under the informal empire, before Queen Victoria was declared empress.The formal empire, after Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress, was a disaster, and decolonization, for example Zimbabwe, an even bigger disaster.The disaster of Zimbabwe was prefigured by the disaster of ending feudalism and slavery in the Ashantee empire, previously one of the best run governments in Black Africa.
- Posted By Mario on 03/31/2013
this fool must goooooo
- Posted By karuhanga mason on 09/23/2013

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