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Articles and Publications
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Dictator M7 allegedly killed,General George- Gen. Garanga -President Habyalimaana   12/25/2011  

Museveni accused of killing Sudan rebel leader

George Athor: Controversial in life and death

The surviving leaders of one of South Sudan’s main rebel groups, the South Sudan’s Democratic Movement/Army (SSDM/A), have accused Uganda President Yoweri Museveni of killing their leader George Athor.  In a statement seen by Uganda Correspondent, which was signed by Maj. Gen. Bapiny Monytuil, the deputy leader of the military wing of SSDM said:

“…George Athor was killed by Ugandans. He left from his headquarters on Saturday with Ugandan plane to meet President Museveni to discuss how Uganda could assist the people of South Sudan to resolve the ongoing conflict with Juba’s regime. George Athor left with Major Thomas Duoth Makuach who was his assistant for Kampala. He arrived in Kampala at 2pm Saturday afternoon. He was scheduled to meet President Museveni on Sunday.”

In his explosive finger-pointing statement, Maj. Gen. Bapiny Monytuil then goes on to say that, “…we talked to Athor and Thomas Duoth when they arrived on Saturday. But we lost contact with them from Sunday onwards until we saw their dead bodies on South Sudan TV. President Museveni killed George Athor.” We must point out however, that at this stage, Museveni is only facing an allegation that may, or may not be confirmed by a competent court of law.

Even though the Sudanese rebels have not yet adduced sufficient evidence to pin President Museveni in the alleged assassination of their leader, they have nonetheless made crystal clear that they will seek revenge.  “…The SSDA and SSLA military High Commands will have emergency meeting tomorrow to devise plans to revenge the killing of Athor. He was killed by Ugandans and Museveni will dearly pay for that. The SSLA and SSDA will teach Museveni a lesson he will never forget in his life”, the statement read in part.

According to the statement, it appears the late rebel leader George Athor also had grave reservations about meeting President Museveni.  “…The war will continue until we liberate South Sudan. George Athor told us before he left that should anything happen to him in Uganda, the rest of the officers must continue the struggle until Salva Kiir is overthrown. The struggle will continue as usual”. Maj. Gen. Bapiny Monytuil said in the concluding part of his statement.

This is the second time in less than 10 years that President Museveni has faced allegations of involvement in the death of senior Sudanese leaders.  Before South Sudan got independence this year, Sudan’s late Vice President Dr. John Garang had also been killed in President Museveni’s private helicopter after it crashed en-route to Juba from Uganda where Garang had been meeting President Museveni.  At the time, the Ugandan government denied any involvement in Garang’s death.

A statement issued by the office of South Sudan’s Vice President Dr. Riek Machar confirmed George Athor’s death, but also added that the SSDM rebel leader met his death when he was trying recruit more fighters around South Sudan’s boarders with the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC], Uganda, and Rwanda.

The government of Uganda is yet to respond the latest allegations.  END
Reader Comments:
Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-eaxclty as information should be!
- Posted By Tangela on 01/06/2012
Keren, that was awesome!!! It truly made me codisner how I like you have always sought comfort, and what is it that God would have me to do in this world concerning missions. You and Dave are blessed to be a blessing to any you minister to. I do have a desire to go on a missions trip. I cant wait until I am able to do so. Enjoy every meaningful step you take, for they will truly be precious in the eyes of God.God speed on your trip!! Mateo, will be fine. Just wait until you return to even a higher level/connection between you. Love you muchSam
- Posted By Diki on 10/04/2012
My president is clean he can not be involved in that .He is a freedom fighter and pan African who loved the late in particular and the entire Sudanese people.But remember death meets people any where it wants and has no human control more especially when it points at you -no escape. If we all revenge the causes of the death of our beloved people we would find our selves in a commotion of killing every thing that relates to their death ie doctors,nurses,drivers ,pilots,etc.Should we avenge against nature too that has robbed dear lives of our people? drying oceans,lakes,killing all insects viruses and death itself.So brother i want to ask you who is Mr.death and where is he so that you and i hunt death down and kill him to avoid more deaths in Africa and the World over.If that is not the case ,expect more deaths in the world.So brother what we have to do is to forget the past and build the future kinder World that will be handed over to the next generation. I will be very happy if we continue our discussions with you because it was by coincidence that i bounced on this page. Above all remember that God sees you and i. God bless you.
- Posted By Eric Male Ssettuba on 10/07/2012

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