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Articles and Publications
Articles and Publications
  06/05/2016 -- UFM liberated Uganda but were killed by dictator Museveni
  06/05/2016 -- Dictator Museveni continues to rigg elections stuffing ballot boxes
  04/29/2012 -- Col. Keinerugaba Muhoozi allegedly engages in terror activities against Uganda refugees in S.Africa
  02/17/2012 -- All things are possible. Dictator Museveni will be defeated
  01/23/2012 -- ONLY ONE WAY to fight M7
  12/25/2011 -- Dictator M7 allegedly killed,General George- Gen. Garanga -President Habyalimaana
  10/15/2011 -- Unless Ugandans wake up and regain their country,distater is predictable
  10/05/2011 -- Dictator M7 and Ex-Chad President might be tried in Rwanda
  09/26/2011 -- Battle the mighty General. Dic Museveni
  09/12/2011 -- Dictator M7 at a count of 1-2-3 you are going down-fellow dictators-Gaddaffi is down,king of kings
  07/24/2011 -- Royal family threatening the KING- you commit Treason-suicide
  02/27/2011 -- Stop Dictator Museveni madness as he grips on power
  02/27/2011 -- Same principle: Rig elections, 3 times, Call 4 BUNDUKI now, join us
  02/27/2011 -- Internation community wont help you,shake off your fear and join ARMS STRUGGLE against dictator Muse
  11/06/2010 -- 600 million shilling stolen from one of the Ugandan top thieves, Salim Saleh
  10/26/2010 -- Presidential Campaigns Start
  08/07/2010 -- Stop Buganda persecution,says Kabaka
  07/29/2010 -- Dictator Museveni is bombing our people in the name of terrorism
  07/25/2010 -- African summit in Uganda
  07/22/2010 -- The other side of Kampala bomb attacks Govt suspects
  07/20/2010 -- Uganda intelligence allegedly switched off the lights before the bombs went off
  07/20/2010 -- New twist,Museveni questionable allegedly suspects of Kampala bombs
  07/17/2010 -- Bombs were set off in order to justify seeking more money and equipment from the USA
  07/15/2010 -- Selfish Dictator Museveni serving the interest of others at the coast of Uganda citizens blood
  05/28/2010 -- Reign of terror returns to uganda, Click here to download article
  04/30/2010 -- A blistering report on Uganda Presidential election preparation
  03/15/2010 -- Tales of torture and death in Uganda’s torture centres
  03/10/2010 -- Draft Concept Paper on Convocation of a National Convention for Consensual Governance in Uganda: A B
  01/21/2010 -- Massacres in the North by General Tinyefunza exposed.
  01/12/2010 -- Government using its papers and radios to spread hatred
  12/10/2009 -- May be from Rwakitura- Basiita Clan
  12/10/2009 -- Uganda's anti-gay law riles U.S.
  11/11/2009 -- Total Boycott of State owned publications
  11/09/2009 -- Museveni's Life Presidency is soon ending
  10/22/2009 -- Buganda Emergency Meeting Resolutions
  10/18/2009 -- Buganda Emergency Conference
  09/23/2009 -- Obote, Amin and MuseveniGgwanga
  07/11/2009 -- Ugandans Launch Campaign for Free and Fair Elections
  03/25/2009 -- Museveni govt’s ‘Family Tree’
  03/11/2009 -- Family rule in Uganda
  06/30/2000 -- Royal family threatening the KING- you commit Treason-suicide

If you understand Uganda, then you know what this list means:Dictator Museveni surrounds himself militaliry with his tribesmen

Note: The lists below, of various sectors in Uganda, will keep getting updated – and growing:

UPDF – Uganda People’s Defence Forces – from Uganda Correspondent

General Yoweri Museveni


1. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima – Chief of Defence Forces (CDF)

2. Gen. Elly Tumwine- Special Adviser to President

3. Gen. Salim Saleh – Special Adviser to President

4. Gen. David Tinyefunza- Intelligence Co-ordinator

5. Lt. Gen. Ivan Koreta- Deputy CDF based at Ministry of Defence (MOD) Mbuya

6. Maj. Gen. Jim Owesigire – CAF –Entebbe

7. Maj. Gen. Joram Mugume – Head UPDF Land Forces

8. Maj. Gen. Kale Kaihura – Inspector General of Police

9. Maj. Gen. Pecos Kutesa – UPDF Doctrine

10. Maj. Gen. Nathan Mugisha – Head of UNISOM Somalia

11. Babashaija – Director General Prisons

12. Brig. Sabiiti – UPDF Engineering Division

13. Brig. J. Mugume – Head Army Shop

14. Brig. Rusoke – Joint Chief of Staff (COS)

15. Brig. Burundi – 1st Divsion Commander

16. Brig. Kankiriho – 3rd Division Commander

17. Brig. Kalyebala – Commandant Kabamba Training Wing

18. Brig. Rwehururu – Adviser to CDF

19. Brig. Mugisha – Head Field Artillery

20. Brig. P. Mugyenyi – Head of Motorized Division

21. Brig. James Mugira – Head Chieftainancy of Military Intelligence

22. Col. T. Mugume – Chief of Finance UPDF HQ

23. Brig. Moses Rwakitarite – COS Air Force Entebbe.

24. Col. Shaban Bantariza – Head Kyankwanzi Political School

25. Col. David Muhoozi – Head Armoured Division, Masaka

26. Col. Ramadhan Kyamulesire – Head Legal Department of UPDF

27. Col. Byarugaba – Head Education Dept, MOD Mbuya

28. Col. Bakahumula – Chief of Personnel/Administration

29. Col. Fred Mwesigye – Head of NEC/Industrialisation

30. Col. P. Katirima – UPDF Chief Political Commissar

31. Col Kareba – UPDF Chief of Pensions and Gratuity

33. Col. Victor Mwesigye – Deputy Signal/Communication Officer

34. Col. Mugisha – Head Military Police, Makindye.

35. Col. D. Twewombe – Deputy CMI

36. Col. Mushanyufu – UPDF Head of IT/Records

37. Col. Ronnie Balya – Director General Internal Security Organisation

38. Col. Muhoozi Kainerugaba – Commander of Special Forces Group (Pres Museveni’s son)

39. Lt. Col. Sabiiti – Commanding Officer Presidential Guard Brigade

40. Lt. Col. John Namanya – OPN PGB

41. Lt. Col. Birungi – UPDF Head of Artillery

42. Lt. Col. Nyarwa – UPDF Head of Marine Unit

43. Lt. Col. Kanyagonya – CMI Legal Officer

44. Col. Felix Kulaigye – UPDF Spokesman

45. Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda – UPDF Spokesman Somalia

46. Lt. Col. Bakoku Barigye – UNISOM Spokesman based in Mogadishu

47. Lt. Col. Karugaba – Deputy Chief of Logistics and Engineering

48. Lt. Col. Kagoro – UPDF Deputy Legal Officer, based at Mbuya

49. Lt. Col. Karemire – UPDF Head Protocol Section

50. Lt. Col. Grace Agaba – UPDF Director of Administration

51. Lt. Col. Tumisiime – Head Special Investigating Branch (SIB)

52. Lt. Col. Ishoke – Director CMI Counter Intelligence

53. Lt. Col. Winyi – UPDF Director of Records

54. Lt. Col. Kakuru – UPDF Director of Personnel

55. Major Tukacungura – UPDF Chief Prosecutor, Bombo

56. Major Mugyerwa – UPDF Director of Finance

56. Major Mbonye – Head JAT – CMI based at Kololo

57. Major Asaba – CMI Analyst based at Mbuya

58. Capt. Jonah Musinguzi – Director UPDF Forex Bureau

59. Mrs. Rosette Byengoma – Permanent Sec. MOD HQ Mbuya

60. Mrs. Naome Kibajju – Under Secretary MOD (I/C Logistics in UPDF)

61. Mrs. Buturo – Under Secretary (Finance) MOD Mbuya

62. Mrs. Mbabazi – Director Arms Factory Nakasongola

63. Mrs Kalenzi – SPPS – Defence to H.E based at Mbuya

64. Mr. Nawumanya – UPDF Head of Auditing Depart, Mbuya

65. Mr. Grace Turyagumanawe – Ex-Kampala Met. Police Commander

Uganda Police Force:

Who of these have been responsible for violations against people they are meant to protect?

Assistant IGP


  1. Turyagumanawe Grace
  2. Bisherurwa Richard
  3. Kiyaga Fred
  4. Sharita Julius
  5. Byakagaba Abas
  6. Sorowen Andrew
  7. Rwego Francis
  8. Bangirana Godfrey
  9. Asani Kasingye
  10. Jesca Orodriyo
  11. Ochom



  1. Luvuma Samuel
  2. Isabirye Patrick
  3. Ndyomugyenyi Felix
  4. Ocaya James
  5. Arinaitwe Peneaha
  6. Sakira Moses
  7. Binoga Moses
  8. Kyamukama Samuel
  9. Twaruhukwa Erasmus
  10. Mugisha Bazil
  11. Kasiima Steven
  12. Mugisa Joseph
  13. Irungu Moses
  14. Muyirima Alfarouk
  15. Magara David
  16. Muwanga Elizabeth
  17. Muhatane Cleophas
  18. Oyo Nyeko Benson
  19. Ndugutse, Laban Muhabwe
  20. Kaweesi Andrew
  21. Ongom
  22. Bitwire

Uganda’s Topmost Corrupt Politicians as per Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU) – 2010

  1. Amama Mbabazi (Prime Minister)
  2. Yoweri Museveni (President)
  3. Jim Muhwezi (Member of NRM top brass and Former Minister of Health)
  4. Kahinda Otafiire (Justice Minister)
  5. Ezra Suruma (Former Finance Minister)
  6. MD David Jamwa (Former National Social Security Fund Boss)
  7. Mike Mukula (Former State Minister for Health)
  8. John Nasasira (NRM Chief Whip and Former Transport Minister)

This list was compiled at the when sentiments around the NSSF saga were high and it’s likely that taking the hosting of CHOGM into consideration, other people like Sam Kuteesa (Minister of Foreign Affairs) would feature prominently. People like David Jamwa could instead drop off

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Posted by Twino Speaks on September 27, 2011 in Stephen Twinoburyo's blogs


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3 Responses to If you understand Uganda, then you know what this list means:


September 30, 2011 at 15:44

The shameless ethnicisation of the army was one of the things Museveni claimed he was fighting against!

Now we are right back where we started -trying to dislodge another man in a long line of other men believe that the country and its citizens owe them!

And not even the fact that previous ethnicisation of the army did not help the previous occupants of state house seems to make him think!

Why are our leaders doomed to always make the same mistakes over and over again? And why do innocent Ugandans have to always puck up the pieces?




October 2, 2011 at 20:46

We got to accept the nation has been hijacked by one ethnic grouping. I wonder what it will take to reverse this?

Stephen if I might ask, at what stage did you get to realise that Museveni believed in tribalism? I recall as early as 1986 shortly after taking over power it was very evident that NRM was an ethnically based organisation. Some of us saw this long time ago. Do you know that there are people who still believe that ethnicity is not a haul mark of the NRM? And by the way what was the sectarian bill all about, was it that tribalism was so big then that we had to enact a law to curb it? I doubt it was meant to let these guys reward themselves and their Rwandese counterparts who were then holding high ranking positions (ie Fred Rwijema, Paul Kagame etc) with nobody raising a finger.


October 3, 2011 at 05:35

ST, on the list of Commissioners of Police, you put two people on No. 19 separated with a Comma. Could you please edit. Nevertheless, I can already see the imbalance. The same does not end in the army. The bug has caught up with police too.


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