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Articles and Publications
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  06/30/2000 -- Royal family threatening the KING- you commit Treason-suicide
Presidential Campaigns Start   10/26/2010  

Fellow Ugandans, the time that we have all been waiting for is drawing nearer by the second. The presidential campaigns for this election season will kick off on October 28th. Un-shockingly, to many of us, among the eight candidates, is Uganda’s current dictator, and former rebel, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who has ruled Uganda since 1986. Ever since his first forceful seizure of power in 1986, many things have changed for the worse in Uganda! Among these, are:

·        Abuse of the Constitution

·        Deaths of opposition parties members under unclear circumstances

·        Continuation of what former dictators held close to their regimes - torture cells known as “safe-house”

·        Intimidation of the media, and closure of radio stations

·        Arresting and torturing of journalists

·        Unprecedented killing of our fellow citizens by the police

·        Attack on the judiciary

·        Denying Ugandans the freedom of expression

The list could go on forever, since many Ugandans are all suffering in some way due to Museveni’s extended stay in power. When the dictator first came to power, he claimed that “no African leader should stay in power for over 10 years.” 24 years later, the shameless dictator has managed to manipulate Ugandans and keep around even after 2 of the last elections were declared rigged by the court.  

Through corruption, (5 million shillings per Member of Parliament) the president was able to change the constitution and remove term limits. To this day, Museveni is ruling Uganda without any end in sight, and sadly, everything is getting worse by the day.

·        The roads have become impassable

·        The hospitals are falling apart! Patients have no beds, and sleep on the floor, yet medicine is also very scarce!

·        The infrastructure is overwhelmed, yet no plans have been put in place to support it.

·        Nepotism is at its highest, as almost every government official is related to Museveni in some way.

·        Human rights are being violated by all security agencies. (Police, UPDF, JATT, ISO ESO)


Fellow Ugandans, it’s high time we came together to do whatever it takes to kick dictator Museveni out of Uganda. Every time that our uncles, aunts, children, and grandparents have taken to the streets to denounce any public policy through peaceful demonstration, the police intervene, and what starts as a peaceful demonstration, ends up as a show of brutality by the police, and it only leave people laying dead in the streets shot by the police. This is yet another opportunity for us Ugandans to tell everyone involved in derailing our country that this time we will not allow to be manipulated.

Fellow Citizens at musevenimustgo.com

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Great stuff, you hepled me out so much!
- Posted By Laquisha on 01/07/2012

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