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The other side of Kampala bomb attacks Govt suspects   07/22/2010  
SSEMUJJU NGANDA: The other side of bomb attacksPrintE-mail
Written by Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda   
Wednesday, 21 July 2010 19:25

Before bombs went off in Kampala, killing about 80 innocent people on July 11, President Museveni had been beaten in the diplomatic game. Museveni’s diplomatic defeat at the hands of the opposition was confirmed by a US congressional order requiring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to watch over him as he organises next year’s general elections. Reports about Museveni’s leadership are obviously negative because if his ministers are not stealing taxpayers’ money, his partisan security agencies are caning FDC president Col. Kizza Besigye.
There were indicators that the US would force Museveni, like they did in Nigeria, to disband the Eng. Badru Kiggundu led Electoral Commission which he has been using to rig elections.
Museveni faced more diplomatic isolation with the election of David Cameron as UK Prime Minister recently. 
The two leaders (Barack Obama and Cameron) very well know that with Museveni as president, no amount of aid will lift the over 10 million Ugandans from abject poverty. If it is money for drugs, it will be stolen; if it is money for farmers, it will be stolen. Even money to buy military hardware necessary to keep “peace” in Somalia or launch an offensive against the suspected Al-Shabaab bombers will be swindled. 
Swindling of money is one of the reasons the war in northern Uganda took two and a half decades to end. Museveni’s Generals had turned the conflict into a lucrative business venture.
I am not in any way suggesting that Museveni was behind the bombs, but elements in his government could be, because he is not the only beneficiary of the status quo. 
In fact, even during the bush war that brought him to power in 1986, Museveni never planted any bomb but elements in his NRA guerilla outfit did. In his book, The Agony of Power, Brig. (Rtd.) Matayo Kyaligonza who commanded the Black Bomber unit writes on page 14: 
“My unit, Black Bomber, and the 7th battalion made Kampala City very unsafe by 3pm. All shops were closed. This became the order of the day, and it was inadvertently referred to as ‘Akabbomu kabisse’.”
On page 73, Kyaligonza writes: “The greatest challenge we had to confound as a unit at that time was how to clandestinely conduct all the urban terrorist activities as per the requirements of the Task Force.”
In his book, Uganda’s Revolution 1979-1986: How I saw It, Maj. Gen. Pecos Kutesa who belonged to Kyaligonza’s Black Bomber writes: “One of the missions I carried out was an attempt to blow up an Agip fuel depot. These tanks were built in one location at Namuwongo. I did not know what the intention of the city planners was but all the main petrol depots in Uganda were located in this one suburb. If we had succeeded in blowing up the Agip tank, then Shell, Caltex and Total would all have caught fire. As luck would have it, the tank was empty …”
Therefore, before we go to Somalia to hunt for Al-Shabaab which claimed responsibility for Sunday’s bombings, why don’t we start at home where we have people who have made public confessions about their involvement in terrorism?
I highly suspect that people who bombed and carried out terrorist attacks, like Kyaligonza writes, to get into power can repeat their act when properly cornered. 
This regime had been cornered and it can do anything not to lose power. 
I am surprised that after declaring a week of mourning, His Excellency decided to continue with his campaigns. Yes, death doesn’t devastate him, this is something he said when his helicopter crashed, killing SPLA’s John Garang and about 12 other people. What message was the head of state sending by resuming campaigns as Ugandans observed a week of mourning?
The government propaganda machinery has now hijacked the debate and wants us to focus on the Somalia conflict. The debate is therefore degenerating into who supports and who doesn’t support the deployment and continued presence of Ugandan soldiers in Somalia.
Obviously many will call for the troop withdrawals but by doing so, you are losing the support of the Americans. The opposition and other peace loving Ugandans face a catch 22 situation.
The Americans only care about their interests and that is how they have come to support all despotic regimes in the world. 
Through deception and opportunism, Museveni has identified himself as the good boy who is willing to risk the lives of his countrymen to serve American interests. 
That is why I have no time for juveniles like Pamela Ankunda who have been instructed to insult and provoke us into abandoning the bigger issues.  

The author is the Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC) Spokesman.

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Right on 
written by Mukiibi , July 21, 2010 

Semujju you are right, this regime will do anything to stay in power. It is sad to have come to this but this is the path they travelled even before they got to power. 

People who had nothing to do with politics, but were prominent business people were gunned down in Luwero to cause public anger and recruit foot soldiers who thought UNLA were killing these people. I am not absolving the (UNLA) of some guilt but you can now see the narrative. These are really rotten filthy people.... 

Keep us more informed. 
written by kikabi tom , July 21, 2010 

Yes, I think you are right again.Old habits die hard.If we still have guys who did burnt,or tried to burn depots,robbed banks and killed,jumped bodies to get there,then they can as well do the same now. 

Their interests have not changed but the methods.Many people have attacked you for your analysis but the good thing is none has come up to discount or to to deny the facts. 

ALL they do is name calling and defending the indefensible.Keep fighting for the ordinary man,and the more they attack you,just know you have touched a raw nerve. 

That is how we, human beings behave.Never lose sight when fighting for freedom. You are among the very few remaining journalists whom we rely on.I know you would have made a killing if you deceded to join the serving tvle as Mzee Robert Ssebunya had suggested.Keep up Nganda. 

Phone tapping Law 
written by beebwa , July 21, 2010 

Ibra, you forgot to mention the speed with which Mbabazi tabled the Phone tapping law so soon after the bombs, and it was passed with great alacrity. 

This law had been on the death bed because even NRM Mps didn`t want it passed into law. Put this evet with Museveni`s continued campaigning, doesn`t that tell you something? The Bakiga have an apt proverb for this situation: "Obu entaama yangye ebuzire, nibwo empisi eneire ebyoya???!!" 

written by Jim Kamezza , July 21, 2010 

m7 is now weak confused and its time to hit him hard , the opposition should mount vigorous campaign ,organise closed compains in towns and schools , conduct multiple meetings in a given area , eg Mukono , setta ,kayunga ,nkokojeru ,buikwe at the same time and same agenda ,different speakers ,get pcs and speakers so people can listen to online radios 

written by khaled , July 21, 2010 

While everyone is entitled to their opinion it is important to respect others in debate. Clearly Ssemujju is not impressed with what Pamela Ankunda wrote but branding her a juvenile is not warranted. Is it that the nager of Besigye is rubbing off on Ssemujju? 

I like you for your bravery 
written by Maria mutora , July 22, 2010 

And you have forgotten Otafiire's confession when he told the gathering (mourners) that, they (NRA gorrilas) used to dress up in red clothes masquandering as UPC supporters, then go into village and kill civilians so that everybody can be blame and hate the UPC Gov't. 

I personally agree with Nganda,this regime can do anything to stay in power however much horrible its. 

I also wondered why the president declared 7 days of mourning but at the same time went on with his compaign in the western region.What was he thinking Ugandans & esp people who lost thier loved ones would think of him? 

He tells people to mourn thier loved ones and he's calling them to attend his political compaigning rallies.Is that being sensitive really? That's the best mockery of the yearsfrom our president.Anyway, with such a selfish dictator still in power,it will always be innocent civilians at a loss. 

Even IPC has them 
written by Evelyn , July 22, 2010 

Semujju you said "I highly suspect that people who bombed and carried out terrorist attacks, like Kyaligonza writes, to get into power can repeat their act when properly cornered." 

eaning that even the same people in IPC can use the trick to taint the name of the current goverment to get into power. 

Basically my point is those people with tainted histories are also in IPC. One has even failed to win the presidency twice. For arguments sake...wouldnt such a person use some of their old tricks to taint the sitting goverment so as to gain sympathy and thus power. 

The only way out is to bring new leaders with clean hands..............and that is DP with MAO. 

Lets be objective here! 
written by kintu , July 22, 2010 

Al Sha-whatever has already owned up to the terror attacks so maybe we ought not to dwell on that and go into all sorts of conjectures. 

How is the opposition going to lessen the advantages it gives the incumbent? How are you going to show the western partners that you are a better more legitmate alternative to the current corrupt regime? 

Thanks Ibrahim 
written by Obalaturu , July 22, 2010 


Well done, the truth speaks volume!!!!! I salute your bravery, you are among a handful of pricipaled Ugandan professionals still left in the land. Dont let us down. 

Have you read the headline of this edition 
written by Rico Suave , July 22, 2010 

Mr. Semuju,so far the evidence points at Al Shabaab (who also claimed the responsibility for the bombing). 

The investigation includes credible sleuths like the FBI. You risk losing credibility and the support of your loyal readers if you insist otherwise in face of over overwhelming evidence to the contrary. 

Bwino conc, can i hear from my friends David,Ntegye & Ankunda 
written by John , July 22, 2010 

Once again, you have hit the nail on top mr. Nganda tubade twasilika dda.Sincerely from thier own words

Reader Comments:
But semujju, point of information, Besigye is part of Museveni games. police caining him, is part of the games. Its good that most ugandans are aware,
- Posted By Natasha mbabazi on 09/01/2010
ssebo ssemuju,IPC has has those people too,for your information it was besigye who claimed not to give buganda our cultural leader after the 1986 war in the security council in gulu.these and our buganda hypocrites like ssemuju are diverting people,u should talk the reality museven going in bush to do watver he did was in interest of buganda and uganda thats why you can still talk as apoor semuju...........so please read books and know the history before telling people lies other wise people like you will are thieves who are just looking for what to eat...u iddle....political is not about being money oriented..we now know that u talk much for NRM to call u and give you money but thats amyth no more chance...people now know the reality....if kalungi and ssebaggala who even had alife tym card can change what about apoor semuju nganda ..you will change soon and if not you will die apoor man like lukyamuzi
- Posted By mbaziira musa on 10/05/2010
That really cptarues the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.
- Posted By Cassandra on 12/22/2012

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