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Articles and Publications
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New twist,Museveni questionable allegedly suspects of Kampala bombs   07/20/2010  

FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, United States, Dec. 28, 2009.
By Timothy Kalyegira
The government-owned New Vision newspaper reported on Saturday July 17, 2010 that 63 agents of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have arrived in Uganda to investigate the double bomb attacks in Kampala on the night of Sunday July 11, 2010.

This is a fairly large number for a bombing incident in Africa. We await your findings.

In the meantime, we would like to propose a few areas and lines of thought you could look into as you probe these bombings:

1) In 2009 and 2010, several bombs went off in various parts of Ethiopia, which were promptly blamed by the Ethiopian government on neighbouring Eritrea, as well as some opposition leaders. This was in the lead up to the Ethiopian general election. 

In Burundi a few weeks before the June 28, 2010 general election, grenades and bombs went off in the capital Bujumbura and several other areas, which government and military officials blamed on the opposition. In Rwanda, grenades exploded in the capital Kigali several months ago, and were blamed on two renegade army generals and a few leaders of the opposition.

With your large 63-man investigative force, try and establish the truth of these bomb attacks in these East and Central African countries, and if, by any chance, the Kampala bombings might be a type or an exception to this recent pattern.

2) The Uganda Police announced last week that they had identified the head of one of the suicide bombers who set off the Kampala bombs. His head was clearly not bruised and identifiable. Many revelers at the Kyadondo Rugby Club seated several dozen metres away from the centre of the explosion were hit by shrapnel and badly injured and some died of their injuries. We would like you to establish if it is usual or has happened before that a suicide bomber's vest blows up the attacker to bits and kills people seated 20 metres away, but somehow his head remains nearly perfectly intact.

3) A Ugandan army officer, Capt. Juma Seiko, who is an aide to army General Salim Saleh and one of the most powerful men in Uganda's security apparatus, was seen on BBC World television and the Qatar-based satellite TV station Al-Jazeera on Monday morning July 12, giving his eye witness account of the bombings at the Kyadondo Rugby Club. 

It is customary and a social tendency in Uganda for high-ranking government, military, religious officials and other sporting, entertainment and visible public figures to be given preferential seating at public events. Juma Seiko is regarded in this light by most of the Kampala establishment. 

We propose that, as part of your investigations, you establish where Juma Seiko was seated at the rugby club and if he was seated in the area that ushers would have reserved for what in Uganda are defined as VIPs, how Seiko escaped the bomb blasts unscathed, when preliminary reports suggest that the bomb was planted toward the front of the crowd where Seiko and other prominent public figures would have been seated. 

We also propose that you seek a personal interview with Seiko on the bombings and, if it can be agreed, you request that he submit to a polygraph lie detector test.

4) Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has made public over many years his disdain of the Ugandan police. He has poured scorn on them in public and made clear that he leaves high security matters to the army. Several weeks ago, an infant boy in the Kampala suburb of Bugolobi, Kam Kakama, was kidnapped and discovered dead several days later. 

Virtually every arm of Uganda's security apparatus --- the Presidential Guard Brigade, the Internal Security Organisation, Military Intelligence, the police, Joint Anti-Terrorism Taskforce and others --- took part in the effort to track down the kidnappers. 

In your investigations, try and find out why the entire Ugandan security establishment was brought into action over the kidnapping of this child and yet over a much bigger national and international incident like the Kampala bombings of July 11, only the police has come into action. 

There has barely been a word from Military Intelligence, the Internal Security Organisation, the JATT, VCCU, and other security bodies. Why is this so? Ask President Museveni, if you are given the chance to interview him, since when he re-gained his trust in the police.

5) On May 12, 2001, the day of President Museveni's swearing-in ceremony at Kololo Airstrip in Kampala following the Feb. 2001 general election, as Museveni was addressing the crowd at Kololo Airstrip, several bombs went off at the Owino Market area in Kampala. Within three minutes of the bombs going off, the then Director of Military Intelligence, Col. Henry Tumukunde, appeared on the scene at Owino seemingly out of nowhere. 

Seek out Brig. Tumukunde about a rumour reported by the Uganda Record that as Director-General of the Internal Security Organisation, he once set out a plan to plant a bomb at the printing press of the Daily Monitor newspaper, to be blamed on the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels. 

Look for Tumukunde today and interview him about these Kampala bombings. If possible, carry along a lie detector and ask him if he can submit to a test, since a few sources are tentatively linking him with these July 11 bombs. 

6) On Feb. 14, 1999, a spate of bomb blasts rocked Kampala, from the Telex Bar at Kabalagala (not far from the Ethiopian Village Restaurant), the then-named Nile Grill Restaurant at Uganda House and the Slow Boat bar, all in Kampala.

Request police permission to review their reports and files on these 1999 bombings and what they were able to establish as the hand behind them.

7) A week before the bomb blasts at the Kyadondo Rugby Club, Lt. Col. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the commander of the army's Special Forces and a son to President Museveni, visited the rugby club. 

Several sports journalists in Kampala have told the Uganda Record that they were surprised by Kainerugaba's appearance at the club, since, according to them, they have never seen him at any public sporting event, major or minor. A week later, the club was the scene of a bomb attack.

Seek out Kainerugaba and ask him how recently his interest in rugby started and what he thinks of the coincidence of his first-ever visit to a sporting event or venue and the bomb blasts a week later.

8) In your interaction with Uganda's Inspector-General of Police, Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura, put it to him that by the very nature of their suicide religious beliefs and actions, suicide bombers do not expect to survive the attacks they perpetuate. 

Therefore, ask Kayihura to explain why, considering that most of Uganda's major public venues and buildings are lightly-guarded, the two alleged suicide from Somalia's Al-Shabab would have chosen two venues like the Kyadondo Rugby Club and the Ethiopian Village Restaurant and ignored more visible, densely populated and economically more significant targets, for example, the Garden City shopping complex, the Crested Towers buildings, or the Kampala Serena Hotel.

9) Incidentally, when you meet either President Museveni or Lt. Col. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, put this question from the Uganda Record to them:

State to them that it is widely known or believed in Uganda that several of the most expensive and high-profile new buildings, companies, and shopping complexes in Uganda --- like Garden City, the Nakumatt complex, Umeme electricity company, Speke Resort Munyonyo, Imperial Royale Hotel, Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel, Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Roofings Ltd. along the Entebbe-Kampala highway, the J&M Airport Hotel along the same Entebbe-Kampala highway, the Sameer Dairy corporation, and others --- belong to the Museveni family.

Tell them that the Uganda Record is curious to know why since 1998, in all the attacks on Kampala by various rebel groups and terrorists, from the ADF, to the RPA, and now Al-Shabab, every time these terrorists and rebel groups choose to attack various places in Kampala, they seem to deliberately avoid doing harm to the lightly-guarded and visible properties that they well know belong to the Museveni family. 

Ask President Museveni to explain why his bitter and vicious enemies, in their acts of sabotage and terrorism intended to undermine Museveni, prefer to avoid doing damage to any of his properties and concentrate on attacking ordinary Ugandans in ordinary venues like bars, sports clubs and restaurants.

As you the FBI carry out your investigations into the July 11 bomb attacks, we strongly encourage you to carry along your kits polygraph lie detector tests for the various political, security, and intelligence officials you will interview during your stay in Kampala.


Reader Comments:
I strongly agree with you on that....museveni is known for using fear to get out what he wants....since we were running towards elections and he wanted Ugandas to be kept under constant check he and his son had to kill some "few" innocent ugandans so that he steals the elections and walk away wth it. Its on record now that Kayihura stops peaceful demonstrations sayin "we are in constant fear of the al-Shabab" wats behind that???
- Posted By Charles on 04/18/2011
Why are you saying that president museveni is uncertain about the incident, if so then it automatically means that you do have the answer , then why not tell us?
- Posted By ALI BOGERE on 05/17/2011
I never thoghut I would find such an everyday topic so enthralling!
- Posted By Emmly on 12/22/2012
By December 15, 2009 - 2:42 pmThe news that the death penalty was revemod turns out to be not the case the death penalty and life in prison punishments are still prominent parts of the bill and have not been taken out.
- Posted By Roman on 12/22/2012

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