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Articles and Publications
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Government using its papers and radios to spread hatred   01/12/2010  

As 2011 elections approach, the oppressive dictatorial regime is determined to hold onto power with whatever means possible. As every Ugandan and the world at large can clearly remember, in September 2009, after the regime took a crazy step of supporting the Unpopular Kimeze to divide Buganda, the riots which arose led to the closure of several radio stations by the Uganda Broadcasting Council on claims of unprofessional work (presentation and news reporting) and spreading of hatred.


Looking at the current situation, one wonders where our mother country is heading when the government owned media is being used a tool to fight the opposition thus exhibiting the highest degree of unprofessionalism.


Looking at one of New Vision’s (a state owned publication) story of Wednesday, 30th December, 2009 it is undeniably clear how the regime is determined to blow their own trumpets shamelessly. One wonders what went wrong with editor as he accepted the faked research that Mr. Museveni was the second best man next to Obama, but keenly, this just proves the fact that this is a fabrication to make the regime and Mr. Museveni appear a darling to the public. When the wife, Janet Museveni appeared as the woman of the year, it was no surprise since the family is preparing for fifty year Tutsi plan, but behold! The fact is it might be a one hundred year Tutsi plan after all the whole family and virtually only one region occupy the top position in the national army


Bringing Betty Nambooze as the second worst woman next to the suspected murderer Lydia Draru  and followed by Betty Kamya really shows how the New Vision has gone to the dogs by clearly showing that the research had no any other purpose apart from making the opposition appear alongside murderers while making the regime seem to have achieved a lot. The comment on Betty Nambooze was “DP spokesperson Betty Nambooze whom readers blame for causing trouble, supporting riots and engaging in unconstructive criticism.” (New Vision Wednesday, 30th December, 2009)


The opposition leader in parliament, Professor Ogenga Latigo did not also survive the hypocrisy of the paper as he was placed as the third worst person among men following Kizza Besigye and Kato Kajubi (also a suspected murderer).


The article of the purported survey continued to place the regime favorites in angel shoes as those against the evil regime were dressed in the satanic robes.


One wonders why Amama Mbabazi whose involvement in the global fund scum in relation to Temangala made him appear in headlines for weeks did not appear among the top five worst men. Among those who raised the eyebrows of the poor workers in 2009 was the NSSF Former director  Jamwa who was responsible for the waste of the workers’ money together with Nzeyi and Amama Mbabazi. Surprisingly, these three men who would have topped the list as the worst, New Vision appears to be blind on that! Maybe to the new Vision, corruption has become a norm/folkway.


Recently, the Red Pepper (owned by Salim Saleh) published a very malicious story that Vatican has issued out a command to the Catholic Church in Uganda to fight Mr. Museveni, the content of story were really promoting hatred among religious denominations. If the broadcasting council is still maintaining the claim that radio Buganda (CBS) and radio ssuubi were closed because they were spreading hatred, then why is the red pepper not being punished? Unless the broadcasting council is also a tool for suppressing those who come out and speak the bitter truth while protecting the liars as long as they support the regime.


As one who has been following the events of 2009, reading the papers, you wonder how people like Sam Kuteesa and Gilbert Bukenya who were recently exposed as being at the center of deals that cost the nation billions and billions of money in CHOGM funds did not appear among the worst of 2009.


Tamale Mirundi, the president’s press secretary was always heard on pro government radios calling on people to kill land lords and several land lords were killed by tenants in 2009!


As we aim at building Uganda as a country full of patriotic people, lets be objective in whatever we do otherwise the new vision deserved the losses they incurred when a boycott was successfully launched on their paper.

Reader Comments:
man man,uganda is not like somali or etipohia eritrea,uganda got her minirals and the agriculture is steady,you havent seen uganda been talked about of food deficiency as other countries.so museven and his people would say this to you,,we dont give aRats ass,your visit to uganda wouldnt change shit.uganda kills gay pple,cos thy see them as aliens,cos they just happened from no where.ihave no problem with gay pple,but because of your stupidity ifeel like kickin your gay ass,you dimwit!
- Posted By Zarema on 12/22/2012

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