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Articles and Publications
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May be from Rwakitura- Basiita Clan   12/10/2009  
Meeting at Rwakitura with H.E. the President of Uganda and selected representatives 
from various districts on 15-3-1992


1. Mr. Y.K. Museveni – Nyabushozi
2. Mrs. J. Museveni – Nyabushozi
3. Mr. Elly Rwakakoko – Ruhama Ntungamo
4. Mr. Eric Kabango – Rukungiri
5. Mr. Akandanwaho Salim Saleh – Nyabushozi
6. Mr. Sam Kutesa – Nyabushozi
7. Mr. Abel Katembwe – Rukungiri
8. Canon Rwabugaire Rubanja – Rukungiri
9. Mrs. Rwabugaire – Buyanja Rukungiri
10. John Wyclifee Karugire – Ntungamo
11. Mrs. Karazawe – Ntungamo
12. Mrs. Rwakakoko – Ruhama Ntungamo
13. Bob Kabonero – Ntungamo
14. Mr. Jim Muhwezi – Rukungiri
15. Mrs. Susan Muhwezi – Rukungiri Ntungamo
16. Mr. Jotham Tumwesigye – Nyabushozi Mbarara
17. Mr. John Nasasira – Kazo
18. Mzee Nyindimbi – Kebisoni
19. Mrs. Faith Bitamurire – Kebisoni
20. Mugisha Muwhezi – Nyindombi Kebisoni
21. Mr. James Mwesigye – Sembabule
22. Mrs. Mwesigye – Sembabule
24. Mr. Kamugisha – Kebisoni
25. Mrs. Kemigisha – Kebisoni
26. Mr. John Kazoora – Ntungamo
27. Mr. Christopher Kiyombo – Ntungamo
28. Major Henry Tumukunde – Buyanja Kitojo
29. Mrs. Tumukunde – Buyanja Kitojo
30. Mzee Rwakanengere – Kashari Rubaya
31. Jolly Rwakanengere – Kampala Rubaya
32. Mrs. Salim Saleh – Nyabushozi
33. Rev. Kajangye – Kitojo Buyanja
34. Aranda Nyakeirima – Kitojo Buyanja
35. Mzee Mpira Nuyanja – Nyakibungo
36. Charles Muhoozi Kifaburiza – Kapunga
37. Justus Katono Karishunga - Buyanja
38. Elly Karuhanga – Nyabushozi Mbarara
39. Mzee Kafumusi – Ibanda
40. Sikora B.K. – Buwheju Bunyaruguru
41. P. Kaitirima – Sembabule
42. Matthew Rukikaire – Sembabule
43. Mrs. Rukikaire – Sembabule
44. Sam Baingana – Kabura Rukungiri
45. Mrs. Baingana – Rukungiri
46. Mzee Amos Nzei – Kabale
47. Mrs. Nzei – Kabale
48. Mzee Rutamwebwa – Nyabushozi
49. Mrs. Mary Rutamwebwa – Nyabushozi
50. Rev. Canon Sam Rubunda – Nyabushozi
51. Mrs. Jennifer Kutesa – Sembabule Ntungamo
52. Eriya Kategaya – Rwamparara
53. Jovia Kankunda – Mbarara
54. Mzee Rwakiturate – Nyabushozi
55. Rwabantu Rushenyi – Ntungamo
56. Col. Chefali – Kazo
57. Col. Kazini J. – Nyabushozi
58. Major Kashaka – Nyabushozi
59. Jero Bwende – Nyabushozi
60. Augusitine Ruzindana – Rubayo Ntungamo
61. Ephraim Rusimirwa – Nyakabuyo
62. Mzee Kaino – Nyakininga
63. Rev. Rujoki – Nshwerunkye
64. Mrs. J. Rujoki – Nshwerunkye
65. Prince John Barigye – Kashari
66. Kanyesingye Barigye Junior – Kashari
67. Kirimani – Nyabushozi
68. Fred Kanyabubale – Kitojo Buyanja
69. Kakurugu – Kitojo
70. Captain Biraro – Nyabushozi
71. Mrs. Nasasira – Kazo
72. Herbert Rwabende – Kashari
73. Odrek Rwabogo – Nyabushozi
74. Hope Kivenjere – President’s Office
75. Bishop Justus Ruhindi – Rukungiri
76. Justine Sabiiti – Mbarara
77. Maama Rubindi – North Kigezi Diocese


1. Prayers
2. Opening Remarks by H.E. (Chairman)
3. Strategy for the next 50 years
4. Plan of Action

Minute 1.00:

The meeting started with a prayer led by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Ruhindi at exactly 11:00
pm, who prayed for good deliberations.

Minute 2.00:

The Chairman H.E., welcome the Basiita Clan and other clans present in his home. He
briefed members present the purpose of the meeting and thanked organisers for a good
job done.

He told members that the only opportunity they have is this one when he is still
President. He directed Hope Kivenjere to act as a link between his office and these
people at the grassroots. He told them that they were few in number and that he fought
to liberate them so that they could be heard in society and Uganda at large.

He reminded them of the need to have a master plan for at least 50 years if their Hima
clan is to remain vibrant and rich.

H.E. told his listeners that if they cannot use the opportunity maximally, their
daughters and sons would blame them in the future.

At this function he revealed to them a scheme and plan of action in order for them to
achieve desired goals as:

1. To have the highest education qualifications during this term of office for
their children;
2. To make sure they are the richest people in Uganda in the next 50 years master
3. To make sure they control the army and have the highest ranks in the army;
4. To ensure that they take charge of all the resources in the country;
5. To ensure that everybody else is poor so that they could be controlled and
respect the group;
6. To ensure that none of those not concerned not to know about the action plan.

Every one of them was directed to recruit the Bahima boys to join the army so that
they could dominate the ISO, PPU, ESO, and military police. This would assist in the
resisting of other tribes that would attempt to take power by the use of force.

Minute 3.00:

The Chairman informed the members to unite so that they could remain the only kings in
the region. He said that the master plan couldn’t be achieved until 80% of their
youths are properly trained and equipped with the best necessities to manage these

At this juncture the chairman directed Mr. Elly Karuhanga to take charge of educating
the sons and daughters and send them abroad in countries such as India, England,
America and South Africa. Karuhanga accepted the responsibility without hesitation.

The Chairman also directed Mr. Kirimani to take charge of the educating the daughters
and sons internally, especially to ensure that he put up a special school in
Nyabushozi to cater for the interests of the group.

On this note Mr. Kutesa suggested to upgrade Kanyareru Resettlement School from
Nursery up to secondary, which passed with no amendments.

Minute 4.00:

Mr. Elly Rwakakoko interjected the chairman’s speech by giving direction to members on
the real discussion by introducing a new chapter of how the H.E. could be succeeded
after his term of office.

On this point Mrs. Jovia Salim Saleh begged members to ensure that after H.E., the
next president must come from the Basiita clan. She said that H.E. had done a lot for
the Basiita clan and taken a lot of risks for the last 20 years and therefore it was
important that the Basiita take charge of the resources of the country if other Bahima
are to benefit.

On this point of order the chairman wanted to know whether Mrs. Jovia Salim Saleh was
in order to single out the Basiita clan and yet the meeting was for the whole Bahima
of Ankole and parts of the country. The members resolved that she was not in order.

Minute 5.00:

Mzee Ephraim Rusimira suggested that the next president should be the brother of the
president if the master plan is to succeed. He warned that if the Beiru and other
non-Bahima clans get to know about the action plan, it would fail to tale off.

Minute 6.00:

Mzee Rutamwebwa suggested that Salim Saleh should go back to school if the objectives
of the action are to be achieved. He suggested that Salim Saleh has to get ‘O’
Certificate and ‘A’ Level Certificate. This was unanimously agreed.

He also suggested that some close clansman, possibly the son of his H.E. should be
groomed to take over the reigns from Salim Saleh. This too was agreed on and the group
begged H.E. to look around for a boy who would be groomed.

The group also brainstormed about how top destroy those who would gang up to take over
power from the clan. Death was suggested for the potential.

The End

Reader Comments:
madam Kampaire Kanyangyeyo Cossy, talk nowing that if this information leaked, u can also be murdered, tell museveni to tighten his men\\\\\\\'s security because murder is upon them ,assasination is the only thing for any Muhiima who has been listed if they think they are greet
- Posted By Banyankole basiiru ivan on 01/30/2010
This is terrible. Thank you for exposing this tyrany. God bless you.
- Posted By Bakampa Brian Baryaguma on 01/22/2010
God bless you for the sprite of loving our cauntry i wish all those good representativies are still alaeve but God will reward each of you acordingly long live our beloved presendent Yoweli Museveni, long live Nyabushozi, long live Uganda. By Kampaire Cossy Kanyangyeyo
- Posted By Kampaire Kanyangyeyo Cossy on 12/24/2009
A bit surprised it seems to siplme and yet useful.
- Posted By Rahul on 12/21/2012

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