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Articles and Publications
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Museveni's Life Presidency is soon ending   11/09/2009  

Museveni's Life Presidency is soon ending. “Museveni Must Go…….”

By Operation Source of the Nile


The Killing of Northerners and now transferring the same method to the southern and Central Uganda including Buganda has been a windfall for the National Resistance Movement Organization's (NRMO) cabal. The Museveni kleptocracy has used the frantic Northern war to line their already copious pocket books with billions of the taxpayers’ money.


Museveni has also been busy buying and amassing sophisticated weaponry and bloating the security services with his kinsmen ostensibly for the preparation of 2011 elections. Fortunately we have been on his tail, we know the kind of military hardware he has been stockpiling and we know the men and women from southwestern Uganda and across the border in Tanzania, Rwanda  and the Banyamulenge that have been smuggled into the security services without going through the proper channels. The bloating of the security services and stockpiling of weapons is intended for Museveni's life presidency project and also for use against Ugandans opposed to the project.


Since the rigged and contested elections of 2006, and Central Uganda riot Museveni has been on a shopping spree to bolster the Presidential Guard Brigade (PGB), the Internal Security Organisation (ISO), the External Security Organization (ESO) and to a lesser extent the Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF) and the so called "Police" which is now in fact another Army unit. All nature of military hardware has been purchased from Russia, North Korea and a number of the countries in the former Soviet Union, China, Iran and South Africa. Middle men arms dealers have been used to purchase restricted weapons from Europe and the United States of America.


The PGB, UPDF, ISO, ESO and the so called "police" and prisons were already top heavy with Museveni's clansmen, however over the last year and a half, he has staffed the mid ranks with thousands from his ethnic group, people from Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan  and the Banyamulenge supposedly to ensure the country is safe for the 2011 elections. But we know the truth, all these people are in the country and in the national security services illegally and their loyalty is to the individual - Museveni and not the country.


It is unfortunate that most Ugandans are now only waking up to the reality of the tragedy - we have a snake for a president! The buying of military equipment and the hiring frenzy has been going on for sometime, but the local media just woke up from their slumber to the reality in the country. He has now, hypocritically, ordered the Broadcasting Council to shut down a number of radio stations and suspend presenters as he pleases. The reasons given by Godfrey Mutabazi, chairman of the Broadcasting Council, are that the stations overstepped their limit.

As for the outdoor public, town hall talk shows, the "bimeeza", having gone on for seven years now and regularly featuring senior government ministers and, once on CBS FM in April 2007, Museveni himself, it has suddenly now been realized that all along, the outdoor talk shows were illegal and so now that Museveni is panicked by the groundswell of opposition to him in Buganda, they are declared illegal and have been, we are told, illegal all along.


Our local papers recently reported how Museveni and his wife Janet Kataha personally recommended for recruitment more than half of all recruits into the "Uganda police", they are "trained as Army" - where would the loyalty of these new recruits be, to the Museveni family or to the Country? As well, military officers have been shifted from the army to go and be in charge of so called police units. The prison services has not been spared either, individuals loyal to Museveni have been recruited into the prisons services. Their objective is simply to ensure that any member of the opposition sent to the prisons does not make it out alive and if they do, they would expire within weeks. Example of Dr. Kiggundu(RIP), Nambooze is soon to be. This is the life awaiting Ugandans after 2011 - ensuring the life presidency of Museveni. But he will not survive as the President of Uganda to see this.


Some Ugandans have been living in concentration camps for twenty years, now others are starving because their homes and crops were destroyed by the recent floods, schools have no books, hospitals have no drugs, the road network is nonexistent, but Museveni is busy spending the meager resources stockpiling weapons to ensure his life presidency. This we will not allow and it will not happen.


Museveni has an exaggerated and delusional opinion of himself. We would like to assure our fellow countrymen that the life presidency project for Museveni is a non starter and it will not happen however much he may wish or try to implement it. We have been hoodwinked long enough and no amount of scheming by Museveni or his NRMO cabal would allow that project to go on.



For God and Our Country

Reader Comments:
I have reluctantly decided to respond to the evidently bizarre allegations and insinuations from the above article. This forum reminds of the former South African foreign after the death of Samora Machel. When he was reminded by a journalist that what he had said was not only false but utterly ridiculous, he responded by saying that “but I had to say something”. So it seems to me that everyone who has “something” to say, however ridiculous and nonsensical now has a platform on this website. Take the following examples; does any sane person believe that Dr.Kiggundu died because of anything to do with the state? Why would Museveni be interested in killing a person like Kiggundu, an intelligent economist but a political novice and failure? Why would the government be interested in the life of the attention seeking Nambooze whose only constituency are the unelected “officials “at Mengo? Even if you elevated her to the status of someone who is a threat to the government, she is easy to contain. Closing the divisive CBS is just enough. In any case I do not believe that Museveni would be interested in killing people because that has never been his modus operandi. You seem to have a personal vendetta against the Museveni which could best be solved by standing against him during the up coming elections. If my memory still serves me well, Dr Kiiza Besigye, Kibirige Mayanja, Bidandi Ssali, Sebaana Kizito are all still alive. These are more serious political opponents than Nambooze and the late Dr.Kiggundu or am I right? Then, mother of all rubbish; “some Ugandans have been living in concentration camps for twenty years”. Do you understand how many lives were saved when these people were required to live in the camps? I think this forum exists to provide people with the platform to write all sorts of trivia in hope that the so-called international community will rise up against an elected government. I hope this is not the case, because if it is, your understanding of Uganda’s politics, the international political environment and the geo politics of this region needs a lot of polishing.
- Posted By Tom on 11/10/2009
Poor Tom, you think people are still that stupid? You think we don't know reasons why museveni doesn't openly attack your so called "serious political opponents" As for Besigye, there is absolutely no reason to kill him, because all are of the same category! And lets say they are not of the same category, he knows it that if he kills them, the revolution would be so enormous that it may take down his regime. See Tom, your boss is a coward. In order to for him to get someone to oppress, h heads to Buganda and finds fierce people like Nambooze who don't fear him in any way! (people like you Tom who work for him think he is the first and last... even if he tells you to do something that you know is absolutely stupid, you simply do it, because you consider him the last man!) when he finds people like Nambooze who see him like trash, (Kuba Nambooze m7 si yamulisa, si yamusuza, ate si sserwajja okwota) and when Nambooze rallies thousands against m7's dictatorship rule in Buganda, where will m7 get the votes other than buganda? Please stop brainwashing people. We all know Kayanda's time is up, and he Must Go! he is a threat to Human peace, and life! we Ugandans want change, maybe if you guys in Ankole think he should still be around, then let's go under a federo system and you guys can carry him to rule Ankole. But the whole nation is yearning for something new!!!
- Posted By James on 11/10/2009
Readers, though we need to appreciate what our dictator has done i must express that this cattle has made me a total poor boy, by removing our animals & killing of my parents.Infact he must go!
- Posted By Tonny ongar kabasa on 11/10/2009
Banaye mbebaza omulimu gwemukola ogwamaanyi ennyo! Abantu nga ba Tony temubafaako nyo anti omuntu bwasula mu tooyi okumala ebanga, tamanya nti ali mu tooyi kubanga amanyiira olussu! Kale embuzi nga eyo tebajja ku mulamwa. Mwawulidde ndowooza nga sserwajja okwoota bwe yasse munne Kazini!? Betandiseko! Abanyamulenge bagezezako nnyo okumenyamenyamu Buganda. Batutaddemu ebisiyaga, okusadaka abaana, ebimansulo, simanyi womens rights groups, et al. Bino byona bileteddwa okulaba nga wabelawo a fractious society naddala mu families. But like the saying that goes "buli kintu kibeelako ekomo", it is time to get some fresh air. Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 11/10/2009
After reading the contributions of many people on this forum, I came to the conclusion that a great deal of Buganda’s problems can only be attributed to Buganda themselves. Buganda has a high literacy rate compared to many parts of the country and yet the so-called educated people in Buganda (at least those who participate on this forum) are not able understand the simple fact that no national leader in Uganda can grant Buganda FEDERO status without granting the same to other regions. Therefore, given this fact, does it not make a lot of sense to FIRST mobilise other ethnic groups for an all-embracing federal Uganda? I repeat; Buganda on its own WIIL NEVER be granted federal status. This is common sense. One does not have to be highly educated to see this. You can flirt around with opportunists whose only aim is to use Baganda again and again. The likes of UPC and FDC will promise you FEDERO but they know they can not deliver it to Buganda without the consent of other regions. Museveni reinstated the Kabaka. Instead of progressively working with his government to reacquire everything that rightfully belongs to Buganda you are fooled (again I repeat, by the unelected “officials” at Mengo). For those whose preoccupation is to insult other ethnic groups remember that insults will not bring FEDERO to Buganda. Our king has a child with the people you insult. So in a way you are insulting yourself. You can call me whatever you want but I am a proud Muganda but a progressive mindset which is what we need to develop Buganda and Uganda. Awangaale!!!
- Posted By Tom on 11/11/2009
If M7 does not operate by eliminating his opponents then let Tom tell us as to who is responsible for the death of Kayiira. Who introduced "kandooya" in Uganda and who is responsible for the people killed by "kafuni" right from the jungles of Luwero- the so called "bipingamizi" Who is Tom fooling? Yes, the Baganda very well know that federalism cannot be granted by the selfish leaders we have on a silver plate but they will have to struggle for it. The rest of Uganda is coming on board as they come to realize the benefits of this system of governance. As you critisize the unlected people of Mengo, ask yourself if the so called elected NRM MP's are delivering anything apart from serving their master who help them to rig their way through and bribes them to endorse his anti-Buganda agenda.
- Posted By Henry on 11/11/2009
Henry, apart from the same old, tired lies about a government which, true has made a couple of mistake, has an unparalleled record in upholding human rights since independence there is not much worth thinking about in your response. There is no proof that M7 killed Kayiira. As for kandooya in Luweero, in any war there are mistakes because of the fact that a fighting force is a collection of different interests. It takes time to collate these interests to realise a cohesive group of fighters with a common focus. So, mistakes could have happened but does it mean this was expressly sanctioned by M7? I don’t believe so. The NRM MP’s are elected by the people of Uganda. I repeat, who elected the "holy" people at Mengo?
- Posted By Tom on 11/11/2009
Tom, if you are a true Muganda like you claim, the you are showing off ignorance of the highest order! otherwise, to me it seems like you are a typical "muganda we Mbarara" which is okay. You should know how Buganda works, and whether you like it or not, that is what Buganda is, and that is how she will ever operate. SO, you claim that m7 has been holding human rights, I would like you to tell me about the so called "safe houses" Human Rights watch has investigated, and even reported. So it is okay for you to continue defending that broken system, because "Olina wolira" (you benefit somehow). And then freedom of speech! WOW Ugandans have freedom of speech and one example to prove it, CBS is currently shut down! Mwe Abaganda be Mbarara, most of you are also from the same category. it does not surprise me personally. Era kati gwe ne bwe wewaana nti oli muganda, obuganda tokyalina kyobugasa lwansonga obwongo kati kimeme bumeme kiri awo! era bwogenda nga ne museveni, ffe situjja kweguya, kuba nawe ne bwotabaawo, obuganda bujja kubaawo.
- Posted By James on 11/11/2009
Tom, you should be ashamed of your claim that a government that recently shot unarmed demostrators and is currently holding thousands in prison or safe houses has upheld human rights. If you do not live in Uganda please read some credible Human Rights organizations reports on Uganda. That is when you will wake up. Dictators have no friends, one day they will pounce on you or those you care about. That is when you will realize. Guess what, it is likely to happen sooner than later as your regime is getting more brutal as it looses grip from the majority of the people. As for now, good luck with your eating.
- Posted By Henry on 11/11/2009
comrades you need to understand that insighting secterianism and inciting violence will not get Buganda the federo you soo much revere,the best you can get from the kind of messeges you put across on this website is plunging this country into a civil war, of which the baganda like any other ugandans will suffer the brant. by the way this government like any other has had its pitfalls but it has held this country together for the last 23 years and guesse what if the people on this page are the breed of leaders to stand for the 2011 elections...NRM still has another 23 years to go. secterianism has never built a nation..and a good case in point just within buganda you have this banyala, baruuli conflict...so the same weapon you are using to bring down this country may actually bring down buganda even without the intervention of any other party.
- Posted By Ayallan Okot on 11/12/2009
Every time I read the responses to my postings I become more scared. Not because there is any substance in them but because of the utter display of ignorance. Imagine a claim that the government short at unarmed demonstrators. So you think the police should have watched as innocent people’s lives and property were destroyed because a few misguided elements within the opposition want to make their “point”? Haven’t you seen people dying during demonstrations in London or Washington whenever there is a breach of the laws? Are you suggesting that demonstrators should be allowed to loot at will? I am also disconcerted by the fact that every one who does not agree with the position of those intent on advancing a sectarian agenda on this website is labelled with insults or is presumed not to be Muganda enough. Well, if being a true Muganda means blindly following everything desired by the power hungry clique at Mengo, then I don’t mind being labelled as such. Instead of proposing a way forward as to how Buganda should go about restoring its former glory you are busy issuing threats. How many Baganda and Ugandans have been killed since Kabaka Muteesa was exiled? Could any body (including those who are threatening to go war now) raise a figure during all those years before 1986? You need to be more constructive otherwise this forum will be shunned by those who initially thought it was a credible forum to discuss issues of national importance. Peddling lies and insults will not enlist the support of those you need to support your cause. Please grow up !!!
- Posted By Tom on 11/12/2009
This guy Tom should find some real work. It is obvious even to a child that you are paid by the dictatorial regime to give it a human face. You are the people who get free tax payers money for doing nothing. You are worse than Museveni himself. The Baganda has a saying that "Kabaka tata musakiriza yatta" loosely meaning that it is not the king who kills but his supporters. Please find a real job like the millions of Ugandans you are insulting with your sycophancy
- Posted By Kaloli on 11/25/2009
Scared you ought to be my friend Tom. Yet i also know that you have been numbed by the profligacy exhibited by Museveni and his Banyamulenge breed in all walks of a Ugandan's life. It is said Mao of China was a no-nonsense man who knew where his country had to be 60 years on. Now put Museveni in Mao's place and i can assure you that at this pace Uganda is headed to the very centre of Hell itself. What is funny in life though is that you shall always find miscreants willing to defend even the most barbarous of murderers. What we have to hope for is to have citizens with enough integrity to usurp people like you. This is going to happen very soon. The only thing that can save Africa from the clutches of the vampire's grip is a total revolution, the likes of which should not tolerate in the slightest opinions from your lot. For the last 400-500 years we have not been able to get anywhere. And in the last 40-50 years we seem to be hurtling backwards at an alarming pace! Yet every time people of your ilk tell us how we should clap our hands in praise to Museveni, Obote and such like. Do you think you wouldn't have supported Obote!? Yet Obote killed so many of our brothers and he of all things brought us the deviant in Museveni! This guy has been the worst that could ever happen to Uganda as a nation. I am positive we can never get any lower. He is going to be the last mental retard to govern our nation. Time will tell. As for Kazini's demise, he was well aware of what he was up agaisnt. Those who keep on keeping quiet (other generals) will be quiet no more because this thing is going to go round but eventually it shall end at Museveni's doorstep crouching like sin itself. In response to your fellow colleague Mr.Okot, on Uganda being kept together in the last 23 years. Do you think this state of affairs will last at all? Kenya for example just opted for a Majimbo (federal) kind of government system. Soon or later the Uganda you speak of shall be no more my friend. There is nothing whatsoever to show that as a nation it can serve equitably the needs of its people. To give an example, the famine in Teso went almost un-noticed, yet Museveni can afford to have two streamline jets packed on tarmac just to pump his ego! Mmh? Soon and very soon Africa shall rid itself of such diseased mentalities such as your own and Tom's, and it shall indeed free itself. Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 11/12/2009
This guy Tom should find some real work. It is obvious even to a child that you are paid by the dictatorial regime to give it a human face. You are the people who get free tax payers money for doing nothing. You are worse than Museveni himself. The Baganda has a saying that "Kabaka tata musakiriza yatta" loosely meaning that it is not the king who kills but his supporters. Please find a real job like the millions of Ugandans you are insulting with your sycophancy
- Posted By Kaloli on 11/25/2009
This guy Tom should find some real work. It is obvious even to a child that you are paid by the dictatorial regime to give it a human face. You are the people who get free tax payers money for doing nothing. You are worse than Museveni himself. The Baganda has a saying that "Kabaka tata musakiriza yatta" loosely meaning that it is not the king who kills but his supporters. Please find a real job like the millions of Ugandans you are insulting with your sycophancy
- Posted By Kaloli on 11/25/2009
Hotep, I am not surprised by your hatred for Museveni. This revulsion stems from your intellectual feebleness. Think (I hope you can) about the answers to the following questions; what was Uganda’s GDP in 1986? How many Schools and Universities did we have? What was Uganda’s industrial output? How much freedom did we have? etc. Unlike you who refuses to recognise the obvious achievement of the government, I am not oblivious to the fact that there is a lot of room for improvement; for instance the government has to mercilessly fight corruption, tackle the growing income inequality and provide better quality health care, inter alia. These problems have been acknowledged by the government and they exist in other countries both developed and developing. So please don’t turn yourself into a joke. You talk about Kenya (not the Kikuyu or Luo) opting for a federal state. That has always been my point. If all Uganda’s ethnic groups agree to a federal state, I do not see any politician (including Museveni) who can oppose it. Therefore, if you spent most of your time persuading other nationalities in Uganda to buy the idea of a federal Uganda, you would be a much happier person. As for the presidential jet, surely you know that Museveni is not the one required by law to dispose off the old plane. I do not have to explain why the country needed a new plane for the President (president, not Museveni). Should you win the next elections, this plane will be all yours to use as the president of Uganda. Lastly, if you are man enough I challenge you provide a point by point rebuttal of the points I raised in my earlier posting.
- Posted By Tom on 11/13/2009
Could all those who are genuinely interested in getting a reasonable view of Buganda’s present and future political fortunes read Karoli Ssemogerere’s opinion “Museveni, Mayiga and Kimeze: Which reforms does Mengo need?” in today’s (Nov 13th 2009) Monitor newspaper. In this article you will find a lot of what I have been saying on this forum
- Posted By Tom on 11/13/2009
Tom you seem to be at pains to answer (read shoot) every article against your dictator in his defence. But you will not expect people loyal to the Kabaka to come in line with your thinking. Just have some common sense.
- Posted By Nambooze on 11/14/2009
Tom, firstly you got my name all wrong. Am sure if you observed a little closer you would realise that at the bottom of each comment, there is a posted-by field. I can't see it saying Hotep! You seem to be in a hurry to nowhere my friend. That is how pathetic you are, but then again it is expected from a journalist marcenary like yourself, paid to try to show the world that things are fine with your tin-pot regime. I mention this because I have seen your name allover the place! You guys are trying really hard, aren't you!? If you expressed your views earnestly, they wouldn't sound so diseased, believe me. Being the enlightened person I would like to think I am, I know better not to engage an individual like yourself. I am sure it wouldn't be far off from that saying about arguing with a fool. You would sap my intellect, which I would have used to fortify the message being portrayed on these pages. Secondly someone who argues that the presidential jet would belong to whichever political dispensation that won the election, is best steered clear of. Who needs a 60 billion shilling plane packed on tarmac doind nothing, when there are drugs in our hospitals? This further goes to show the calibre of these people! Way below uncivilised, just savages. You mention the number of schools and universities that have sprouted in the last 23 years. How many are world class let alone meet African standards? The majority are mere excuses for institutions of learning set up by you the banyamulunge to fleece off an already cornered populance! You say that you agree there being a lot of room for improvement. Which room is there and why should it be a lot, when Museveni is still killing off people who would bring that change!? Oh! don't you know he just killed Bukenya's son? Bidandi just got himself a new job too. Looking over his shoulder. But all this is going to change soon. We are soon to have a change in the way things are being run over there and am sure when this happens you won't be using just your first name but rather your second name too, and telling us how rotten you thought Museveni's government was all along! Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 11/14/2009
Imhotep, I hope I got your name correct (not that I care!). I would like to remind you that your contemptuous allegations and insinuations cannot win you any support either in Uganda or abroad. Some of the ridiculous claims you make (such as that Museveni just killed Bukenya’s son) convince me that either you are insane or as some one has suggested elsewhere on this forum, you are a confused self-seeking economic emigrant. You ask, “how many universities are world class let alone meet African standards?” Well, if you have been to university as you claim, you should know that it took the great Universities that we know now so many years to build up their academic, intellectual, infrastructural profiles. Besides, creating a world class university brand such as Oxford, MIT or Harvard is inextricably linked to the economic fortunes of the country. That is why more Universities from India and China are joining the top 100 University league table as their economies expand. Therefore there is no reason to believe that Ugandan Universities cannot reach that level as the economy continues to grow (of course you will not accept this fact because you wilfully refuse to accept that the Ugandan economy has expanded tenfold since 1986). Lastly, I would like to get your comment on the fact that the Banyamulenge are our in-laws. We have a son with them. And remember that writing all sorts of ridiculous stories against the government in the hope that things will change for the better is only exposing your ignorance and intellectual frailty.
- Posted By Tom on 11/15/2009
Comrade Tom, It is your right to turn yourself into Museveni's spin doctor but remember Ugandans are not fools. For you to praise the economic growth enginereed by Museveni is enough to portray that you have a deficiency of analytical skills. What we need to be told are not the economic growth figures but the quality of life of majority Ugandans. Tom, if you don't know let me inform you now that we have people in Katanga, Kimombasa, Kivuru, KIFUMBIRA and many other slums in Uganda where people take sewage for water. Ironically, many people who stay in these areas are well educated people; people who would transform this country if opportunities were given on merit. We have less than 0.5% of the population with university degrees. Yet many of these go out of Uganda to to odd jobs. Corruption has now become a new name for NRM because many of the bureacrats are not qualified for the jobs they do. And you naively argue that we should keep this regime. For you Tom, I know you very well as a person who supports this regime because it dishes patronage to you and your relatives. Rather than dancing on the deadmen's graves, you would do well keeping quiet. Look, many people in Uganda have died and continue to die of hunger. Yet you boast of increase in tax revenue. What has you government done to help people dying of hunger? Only a few months ago, the government approved the increase of fees in public universities making it impossible for the sons and daughters of the peasants to access university education. Majority of the people who now go to universities are those whose parents are connected to the government either politically or business-wise. Some of these people get tax rebates, tax waivers and others are directly given taxpayers' money by the president himself. Museveni has either sold or given away public assets without any form of accountability. People like you hire mercenaries to do for you course works and you pose around that you have university degrees! You need to shut up otherwise you continue infuriating us. Museveni should run away very fast because we cannot tolerate him any more. He is a very big liability to this country. He was given an opportunity to lead and he failed. He thus, must accept to follow or get out of the way completely! We must spare no efforts to show Museveni and his courtiers the exit. I know, the NRM is a mafia establishment which relishes torturing its opponents but I am sure not all of us will be killed. They have attempted to kill me in the past and failed. I have been pushed in jail for so many times but I will not keep quiet when my country is being raped. In fact, we need to help one another financially, legally and morally if we are to extricate our country from the clutches of the dictators. As for me, I have chosen to remove the clothes of non-partisanship and vie for the Ruhinda County parliamentary seat. Vincent Nuwagaba +256772843552 +256712843552 +256702843552 email: mpvessynuwagaba@gmail.com
- Posted By Vincent Nuwagaba on 11/16/2009
Vincent, I agree with you on most of the issues you raised. I suppose this misunderstanding is related to the fact that you have not read my other contributions. Sure, there are many negative developments we must attend to as Ugandans; for instance, widespread corruption, income inequality, the poor quality of our graduates, unequal development etc. Economic theory provides enough evidence that as countries develop from one stage to another these problems tend to worsen but with the right policies and institutions tapper off eventually. China, South Africa, Brazil and India have been grappling with the same problems over the past twenty years, albeit with dissimilar levels of success. What I don’t accept and will continue to point out is the dishonesty that is implied in the refusal to accept the truth. For instance, there is no doubt that Uganda’s economy has grown by far since 1986. And then, the tendency on the part of some people to incite sectarianism which to me is unacceptable having witnessed how many people have died in this country because of such reckless talk. The problem we have in Uganda is that we are unlike many mature democracies where people are elected based on the promises they make and how realistic they are and the truth they tell about their personal and public life. In Uganda, as you may be aware, none of the two tests is applied rigorously largely owing to our immature democracy and that is the main reason why we have so many crooks both in government and the opposition all pretending to be our only saviours. About your political aspirations; you have every right to sell your ideas and contest for elections. This is what democracy is about. Do I feel happy that you have been mistreated in the past as you allege? Of course not. In fact I would be glad to join you in exposing those perpetuating extra judicial means of settling political disagreements. This is not why half a million people died for in the 1980’s. However, I will not support any cause whether by you, the government or any other group provided it is anchored on lies and is divisive.
- Posted By Tom on 11/16/2009
Tom, I have read all your contributions on this website and all point to one thing. You are either paid by the corrupt regime to help give it a human face or a beneficiary/apologisit of the same. Nuwagaba is right, the economic growth you sing about in most of your contributions is meaningless unless it benefits the man on the street or the peasant in the village. If you ask the common man today he is worse off today than he was in 1986. A peasant was able then to sell his coffe or cotton to meet the basic needs of life. Today, the major foreign exchange income for Uganda are remissions from Ugandans in the Diaspora. This is not sustainable.The gap between the rich and poor is widening at an alarming rate as the so called economic growth benefits fewer and fewer people who have connections to the regime. The level of corruption experienced in the M7 regime right from the top is unprecedented in our history. The dictatorship is also growing as restrictions are put on the media and people are getting arrested on made up terrorism and related cases. We are also experiencing more secreterianism in this regime than we have ever had before. Tribal districts are being created every year all economically dependant on central government or to be precise, on the wishes of your man. You may want to defend the regime but the truth is that it is a liabilty to our country and no longer enjoy the goodwill of the people. Dreamers like Tom who still believe that M7 can win in Buganda will be caught unaware. Of course he will rig as usual as he still runs the elections commision. Otherwise, the situation is gradualy moving towards a civil disobedience action that will remove your regime. We need a federal system in Uganda to ensure accountability and people's participation in running of their affairs. Yes, Kaguta is a liability to our nation and he must be made to pack before he puts his son on the throne. Henry
- Posted By Henry on 11/17/2009
Henry, you claim to have read all my contributions. If this is true you should have seen that I have never denied that there are negative vices such as corruption and rent seeking which, by the way, the current administration has acknowledged and should be held accountable for. I am also aware of the disproportionate gap between the rich and the poor. Without appearing to apologise for the limited success of the government in addressing these problems, I wish to restate that there is empirical evidence to suggest that many developing countries experience similar problems as their income levels rise (do some research on Brazil, India and South Africa). Obviously I am not suggesting that this is a good thing to be proud of. I should reemphasize that the government should be held accountable for whatever is going wrong. What I object to as a Ugandan is that people like you want to use the existence of these problems to sow seeds of division and incite violence by making all sorts of false allegations. I have said before that I do not work for the government, but if believing that I do will make you more contented and satisfy your agenda, so be it. It is not a crime to work for the government. After all many of you who are now claiming to be morally upright worked for the former shady, genocidal regimes and you were quiet then. The difference between me and you is that I am logical enough to highlight both the positive and negative developments in Uganda. And while I do not believe that Museveni should be Uganda’s president until the end of the world, I would not waste my vote with people like you who have a backward mentality and whose opposition to the current government is based on hatred instead of differences in ideology. If you want to earn my support (and I believe that of the majority of Ugandans) you will have to do more by presenting your different policy positions rather than simply reciting the weaknesses (some of which may be true) of the current government. To help you, please tell us how you will ensure that the problems you pointed out in your long list of complaints will be eliminated should you win the next general election.
- Posted By Tom on 11/17/2009
EATERS CANNOT ACCEPT THEY ARE EATING TOO MUCH: LEAVING THE REST HUNGRY: Ugandan people we have seen what the people on M7's payroll are doing: they will write until cows go home, that is when the last bullet is fired into M7. They cannot see any wrong doing in what they are unleashing to Ugandans. They do not see 2 jets for one man whilst the rest if lucky taxi on boda-bodas, and majority are dying in what used to be hospitals, without medicine or doctors. So you will see how the w/web is used by M7's slaves to ensure negativity especially about Baganda. Baganda who have given us all since 1940 (Me being a Mugada by adoption) Like many, I was born here in Kampala, helped, loved and educated by Baganda. Surely fair is fair. Some of us have a conscience.
- Posted By Kasaasira Munyantwari James on 11/17/2009
The hairs on my head stand on end just to read some of the rebuttals against the quite lame claims on here made by this political stooge called Tom (like a tom cat!). They go to show Ugandans are not as naďve as one thought! This website gives us such a platform one won't find elsewhere. Looks like we shall forever go round in circles if we think Museveni and his goonlike regime will relinquish power peacefully! This is what the Baganda have hoped for but am afraid judging from what I read in this guy's responses, Buganda has to brace itself for yet another liberation fight. Makerere was the Harvard of Africa once upon a time. I was reading the news yesterday that the students were on strike there because the University could not afford to enlist itself in the forthcoming all-universities sports competition due to finances. This goes a long way in speaking of the Oxfords and Harvards that started as minnows and built their brand name over time! How about finding an already established one and bringing it down to your size!? That is exactly what Museveni did to Makerere! If you look around, we have no institutions to speak of, and these are institutions that had been around before we got these interlopers who probably weren't even wearing underwear when they came into power, in town! Now think of how such people are going to go anywhere? Worse still, think about the so-called intellectuals who are licking their boots! These people have been put in offices that are far too big for them. That is why they have destroyed everything just to march their mentalities! They tell you about GDP and the number of cars, boda-bodas in the city, that this are signs of progress! They sooner look the other way when you point out the squalor in which the majority of our people wallow in. Tom, the prevalent corruption, immorality, disregard for the rule of law, lack of accountability, et al, all these are not signs of nation trying to get somewhere, mirroring the Chinas, Irans, Indias, Brazils, etc, of today. These are a mirror image of our wanting leadership. A leadership that tries to debauch its people to try and make them forget where they want to get to. But you see, like all things that come to an end, Museveni will go tomorrow, and then the nation will be able to define its destiny. The only sad thing is the time wasted and the destruction suffered to us. Can you imagine how much money is wasted in corruption alone? Money that never builds nothing tangible but rather ends up satisfying people's short term greed! You speak of the Kabaka having had a son with a Munyarwanda, but you forget that the Kabakaship is an institution that cannot be led by any tom, dick and harry! Besides it was through his shenannigans before he became King that he had this son. I have no beef towards the son but am also sure that arrangements shall be made to have a Muganda take over the reins after Mutebi! Museveni has been the worst president that nation has seen and just as all things turn the corner, Buganda shall soon turn its corner. Keep your eyes open wide shut, and you shall see this for yourself. Just as the Sun rises from the east and sets in the west, his star shall become extinguished, and Buganda will breath again. You do not kill your own people, speaking of Kazini here, and expect yourself to be safe! No my friend. Like I said, keep them open. Hotep
- Posted By Imhotep on 11/18/2009
Imhotep, it is clear that your personal hatred for Museveni is so intense that you actually need psychiatric help before it’s too late. Only a dishonest economic emigrant like you does not know that by the time Museveni came to power in 1986 the splendour days of Makerere were long gone. What I do know is that while the current administration has made it possible for many students to access higher education (including at Makerere) more should be done to improve the quality of those graduates. To argue that the child the Kabaka had with a Munyarwanda woman is not a Muganda does not only speak of your backward cultural mindset but is akin to intellectual stupidity. What is your definition of a Muganda? What is the history of Buganda’s evolution over the centuries? Even before colonialism, how much intermarriage took place among the Baganda and other nationalities in eastern and central Africa over the centuries? Do you for example, see any resemblance between the current Kabaka and his late father, Kabaka Muteesa? And the last question, have you actually been to school? Then other than mentioning the words boda boda, cars, China and India, you offer no reasons why you think my arguments were wrong. In conclusion, your ill-advised efforts to insult other nationalities only convince me that you do not understand Uganda’s history, its current state and are therefore unable to influence its future. You may think you winning the argument because you have a few like-minded retrogrades, but as I have said before Buganda will only have her aspirations achieved with the acquiescence of other nationalities in Uganda. Until you wake up to this painful fact, your wishes will for ever remain brainless empty rhetoric.
- Posted By Tom on 11/19/2009
My goodness what a sorry mental pygmy you make Tom! The way you rant on reminds one of Pol-Pot in his hay-day, or even a Hitler.Moronic I must add. There is nothing at all you have to say to the World that we don't know already. I think this is what is keeping you in a state of permanent panaroia. The Sun is setting on your regime of bandits, and because people are pointing this out, you can't contain your anxiety. I know. Even Museveni doesn't sleep at all nowadays. I know nothing will, can make you get the message, for guys like you will only believe when you are being told to vacate your peddlestools. We are the small axe waiting and willing to cut you down to quote Bob Marley. The tree is about to fall and you and I shall be there to witness this. But don't worry because the World will continue to move along. Its just that all those known to be aiding and abating the current cretins in government shall themselves pay the full price! We are having Museveni arming land-grabbers, formenting future conflicts yet we have imbeciles like you who wave this on because you are lining your pockets directly or indirectly. Wait for the correction of our society. Am sure it shall be a story to tell even our great grandchildren. The Buganda issue should not worry you much since you are not one. Discussing it with you is quite irrelevant here. Remember this saying, "the devil never brings his wares safely to port". Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 11/19/2009
Imhotep, again more of the same. Your response displays a lack of rational insight, is anchored on hatred and is full of quotations made out of context. . Please keep threatening violence and death while the country continues to move forward. Nothing that you said in your empty rant is of any significant consequence to the country’s present and future fortunes. You imply that since anybody else with a different view of how Buganda’s glory should be restored is not a real Muganda, in effect proposing that your rather adulterated vision for Buganda should be respected without question. Given that you are intellectually challenged, I would like to advise you to keep your negative wish list expanding. Meantime, may I take this opportunity to raise the same question I have posed before; have you actually been to school?
- Posted By Tom on 11/20/2009
Tom school is for guys like you who do not have an idea of why we have to go there at all. You say what most of us have to say here is retrogressive, but that is probably because you have been blinded by the rot going on around you that you are trying to rationalise it. But we all are given a fair chance to repent our sins, and payback time shall come you can bet on that. All the loot you lot have amassed shall be returned to its rightful owners. We have seen the likes of you before, and better still have been witnesses to their demise. So count on it because obviously you have decided to be as obnoxious as you can be. "Those that are last shall be first and those that are first shall be last". Hotep.
- Posted By Imhotep on 11/20/2009
Tom: I urge you and all other NRM supporters grow up and learn to take critism. You seem hell bent on insulting others instead of addressing serious concerns about the future of our nation. I say our "Nation" because none of you can relate to being Ugandan's because the current regime is not. Instead you think we should accept the continued robbing of our nations resources. Secondly get you facts right. My previous comment about the Asians, pointed the onus on the NRM. As I said if Asian Ugandan were returned their property after their forcefilly removed by Amin, we to as Ugandans have a right to own our own property. You have no argument in justifying looting and deciding on what I should do with my land. It is not my fault that your ancestors were not land owners but that doesn't give you a right to steal. Your fellow bandits are on their last strole and so are you beleive you me it will no be pretty. So reach over grab a klenex tissue and start sobbing over you looted booty. None of you have learn't you keep. What is not earned cannot be kept. Go ahead pointed a load gun to our head you cowards we are not scared of you. After all it is my very tax paying shillings that paid for it.
- Posted By DD on 02/05/2010
H.E in your 20 something year rule of this country you have divided the country more than ever no wonder you had to think of 'a patrotism campaign' You have divided the country to clan level (if not family level). Clans nowdays often clash on were the district headquaters of a new district you have promised them should be located. Mr president when people in Northern uganda (biological substances as called by your Kajabago Karusoke) were sufferring as a result of the insurgency, it was very common to hear other Ugandans say let them kill each other. When the people were dying in Teso due to famine, your minister was was making fun out of their sufferring. Mr president do you expect these people to be patriotic? H.E when the Baganda are demanding for there ebbyaffee. Other Ugandans say these arrogant Baganda should stop disturbing us. Surely can we continue like this? God forbid but if a disaster happened in Western Uganda I promise you that, you will hear some Ugandans say let them also suffer. Mr president it is that bad. Sometimes I think our colonial masters made a very big mistake of creating this country called Uganda, were people call people from other tribes anyanya, nyamulenge, twalire to name a few. You also split us further by creating these funny districts everywere. The worst part is that for the last 20 something years you have failed to unite us and continued to use the divide and rule methods of the colonialist. Our hospitals (built by your predecessors) lack drugs, healthworkers, UPE graduates from rural schools can hardly read a paragraph that is if they are able to write their name. The roads have lots of pot holes(may be you should stop using the helicopter then you will come to terms with ugandas state of roads), corruption is everywhere even in the Mulago mortuary off all places.To add insult to us, you waste our money on bogus patriotic campaigns. Just unite us, build functioning hospitals, good roads, schools, genuinely fight corruption and i promise you we shall automatically love our country. Mr President how about splitting the country into separate countries. Give the so called biological substances there part, the nyamulenges there part, the so called arrogant baganda there part and may be we shall leave happilly and love our smaller countries more. God bless you and help us get rid of this thieves.
- Posted By Kamuntu on 01/03/2010
DD, the level of ignorance and buffoonery you displayed in your article is nerve-racking. Merely restating the same old twaddle about Museveni’s nationality isn’t going to win you any support from the majority of Ugandans. Of course you will not fail to be applauded by your intransigent ilk! I realise from your writing that you are ludicrously ignorant about the state of Uganda’s land question. You believe that it was wrong for the government to return property illegally taken from Ugandan Asians but are happy to see other Ugandans forcefully removed from land they have occupied for generations by a minute privileged class (what you call landlords). I challenge you to name one country that has developed with a near feudal land ownership system such as the one we have in Buganda at the moment. You talk of being bulldozed. I don’t know by whom, but if you live in Uganda you should know that there are not many landless peasants (and they are the majority in Buganda) on your side with regard to this allegation. I support the idea that the government should find ways of raising money in conjunction with the British Government (as they caused the problem in the first place). The money should be used to compensate land owners on a willing-seller, willing-buyer basis. Only practical measures like these stand a chance of solving this intricate national question bequeathed on us by colonialism but not empty threats.
- Posted By Tom on 12/07/2009
Museveni Must Go. Full Stop.
- Posted By Omufuruki on 12/06/2009
The fact that Uganda had been hijacked by the Museveni cliche for so long is amazing. It of no wonder that people like Tom and the ruling regime can always find free rein at anything that is raised about M7. M7 is a foreigner and non-Ugandan. It is high time that the questioN of his citizenry is raised and his reign illigitemized. Uganda is for Ugandans and we should take this guy to task as to why he is selling our nation off to foreign entities and his own interests. The most recent land law is a joke. Let me ask any NRM goof one question? If it was right to return land and property to Asians forceable removed from them by Amin and restored by Museveni, what right and what justification does the government have in infringing about what a landlord has to say about evicting tennants on their land? Landlord rights are the cornerstone of any mature society. We will no be bulldozed on this matter.
- Posted By DD on 12/03/2009

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