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- Default of the Ten point programme, “mockery democracy”

- A scheme of a pre-rigid elections of Uganda. Ghost voters

- Corruption is dictator Museveni’s life line- kept him in power,24years

- Human right abuses- torture security organizations

- Oil is a curse in Uganda as long as dictator Museveni holds on to power

- Intimidation of the Judicial branch by dictator Museveni and henchmen

- Defiance of court orders by dictator Museveni and henchmen

- Ugandans shout “free at last” the battle begins to oust the  last dictator of “Scotland”(Uganda) and his henchmen



1. Default of the TEN POINT PROGRAME Promised as a guide to achieve true

Democracy in Uganda. Many citizens greeted that promise with hope. More than two hundred thousand men, women and children age 11-12 years lives were lost during the struggle to fight a dictatorial regime of Milton Obote.


2. During the 24 years of leadership by dictator Museveni has proved that Ten  Point program was a scheme.  Nothing has been implemented proving him to be more conniving and brutal than his predecessors like dictator Idi Amin and dictator Milton Obote, whom earlier he had criticized together with other African presidents for over staying in power and running a “mockery democracy”.


3. Dictator Museveni is a traitor who betrayed the trust of sacrifice during the struggle of 1980-1985. Ugandans stepped up into the struggle to bring true democracy, which has been proved to be a myth. He has practiced a high class of nepotism and patronage more than his predecessors such as Dictator Idi Amin Dadda who ruled the country for only seven years compared to Dictator Museveni who has been in power for Twenty-four years and arrogantly he is not ready to give up power on the pierce of paper he “claims”.


4. Dictator Museveni has mocked the institution of democracy. Elections in Uganda are a pretence and show-off to the international community. It is a mockery to democracy and a scheme that he has rigged every time, proof of it  a lawsuit was filed by the opposition to Uganda Supreme Court against dictator Museveni and NRM Party. The justices admitted that, they where many irregularities, therefore rigid in all the previous general elections.


 Yet it is the number one reason that he came up with to start a gorilla war in 1981that ousted the late dictator Milton Obote , even though his party votes were not rigged. Democratic Party’s votes were rigged.



What you sow is the harvest that you reap. 2001 and 2006 elections were rigged, not only that, he exercised jungle law by intimidating the opposition opponents arresting them and charging them with trumped up charges such as Dr.Besigye of FDC Party.  Dictator Museveni how about the

One million GHOST VOTERS discovered in the voter registrar of the Electro commission in October 2009, such has been said to have been in the registrar for the past 2001 and 2006 general election such scheme philosophy you borrowed from dictator Milton Obote’s election scheme book, the one  you ousted militarily for ghost voters rigging of elections.


In addition, he went out of his mind and sent

Hooded armed security thugs to invade the high Court to re arrest the opposition party candidate, in defiance of the courts orders that had granted him bail.


We believe we have a similar circumstances and more strong argument to remove you out of power military compared to your argument of a single rigged election by a fellow dictator, the late Milton Obote , an argument you presented to the nation in order to fight him militarily out of power, were by naming your self a  “Revolutionary”. Nevertheless, the Nation mourns to have followed an “imposter.” Therefore, Ugandans are ready to imply the same argument and implement the same rule to meet the ends.


    b) In January 2010, dictator Museveni’s NRM Party “Claimed to have registered eight million voting citizens of their party” O.K!

However, according Uganda’s Electro Commission’s website, the number of registered voters in the entire country of Uganda is 10,500,560 as of October 2009.


Facts: After September 2009 riots dictator Museveni’s polling numbers, did a big dive to 45%-47% from 65%, which he won in 2006 with 4,078,911 votes.


In addition, fear had penetrated NRM Party thinking that they might fail to get the 50% votes required by the Constitution, they have been contemplating to amend the Constitution so that the winner, wins by the majority of votes.


Ladies and Gentlemen: Lets do the math, the Electro Commission database voters in the registrar 10,500,560 Minus the scheme claimed registered voters by NRM Party which is 8,000,000 =2,500,5600 to be shared by the opposition, therefore to them, the election is over.


So for NRM PARTY, (“NATIONAL ROBBERY MOVEMENT”) when the nation polls dive from 65%, 4,078,911 votes of 2006 to 45% of current poll, their scheme registered voters number raises up to 8,000,000 which is 200% increase. Such increase makes all dead Ugandans who bought into the vision of THE TEN-POINT PROGRAMME in 1981-1985 war against Dictator Milton Obote by sacrificing the lives to bring true democracy in the country “roll in their graves”.


Therefore, whoever dreams of ousting dictator Museveni through votes, we wonder and acknowledge that you do not understand the politics of Uganda at the present. In addition, you underestimate Dictator Museveni’s professionalism as a thief , intimidator, torture expert and a murderer, a career he graduated in during the gorilla war of 1981-1985, habits which he refused to let go, which has held him back not to transform into a civil society. Further more check-out the definition of a word “dictator” in a dictionary may be that will help.


5. Dictator Museveni criticized nations for luck of true democracy which he called “mockery democracy” in his Ten-point program mandate, in addition criticizing leaders for over staying in power.

Ladies and Gentlemen: He bribed and intimidated members of the parliament to amend the Constitution clause by removing the term limit. $2800 was paid as a bribe to the members of the parliament to commit treason, the charge they will have to wrestle with the rest of their lives. Such evil action has brought the nation to be under illegal occupation and siege by Dictator Museveni and his henchmen.


 b) On December 14 2009 at the State House at the meeting with members of the

         Parliament, dictator Museveni intimidated and warned that “NRM legislators who

         Voted against the Land (amendment) bill should be punished.


In a democratic world, Members of the Parliament represent their constituencies that voted them into office first before the interests of their Party. Such evidence of intimidation proves that the Ugandan government is a lawless institution that rides on

“a Jungle lawless habits”.


   c) In 2006 a Judge set aside the election results for the Parliamentary seat

       Bugweri  county, Iganga district. He said that the campaign by then- minister of

       Information, Ali Kirunda Kivejinja  of NRM Party had been marked by 

       “wide spread of intimidation, violence and torture of (opposition)supporters         and Agents”.  


       The totality of the evidence on record supports the conclusion that [Kivejinja] ran his

        Election campaign as if it was a war.  The ruling said, that he even had a detention  

        room in his home “for those he wanted to force into supporting him”


d) Here comes the sad part of dictator Museveni’s mokery-democracy, however no one was ever held accountable for crimes committed during that campaign. In January 2009

dictator Museveni was so pleased with the campaign of terror executed by Kivajinja.

 Therefore, he rewarded him, by appointing him to be the Minister of internal affairs,

putting him in charge of the Police which will provide security during the 2011 campaign and on election day. Fellow Citizens of Uganda the dictator has turned to be a joke.


e) In December 2009 a Minister of Local Government Adolf Mwesige, and his deputy

       Ahabwe (NRM PARTY) intimidated parish Chiefs and Hoima Civil Servants at a gathering at Kolping Hotel that: “any employee of the government who openly    Campaigns for dictator Museveni and NRM Party will earn a promotion, while  Opposition leaning public servants will be fired”. Even though he was told that Under the political parties and Organizations Act, civil servants were prohibited from  openly taking part in partisan politic.


         He responded, “Since we are in power you will be protected, we shall keep a blind

         eye but sympathizers to the opposition will be sacked”. He claimed to have the

         highest clearance in the land, the junior minister was to cover western and

         central regions, while the senior minister covers the Northern and Eastern

         Uganda to run that crusade of intimidation against the government civil



          -During the same period the political leader of FDC Party Dr Besigye  was

           Prevented  from entering the town of Hoima where many supporters had come to

           the Streets to welcome him. Anti terrorism- team of armed forces were called in,

            to prevent him and to disperse the crowd.  Such incidents have happened in

            Uganda on many accusations against the opposition political parties. Ladies and

            Gentlemen, Uganda is not a safe environment for free and fair

             democratic elections.


6. Human rights organizations around the world have listed thousands of cases of human rights abuses by dictator museveni’s government; an offence is guilt of and continues to practice on a daily basis without convictions.


7. Militarization of politics, corruption, Nepotism, persecution of political opponents,

  excessive brutality against dissenting citizens. Land grabbing, muzzling of the press   and suppression of indigenous Kingdoms, an offence dictator Museveni’s government has committed.


8 Practice of jungle law, in closing the most populated tribe radio stations without consulting the courts for due process and threatening other radio stations not to negate his image but sing the “hosanna chorus" just like the Members of the parliament, were he has never lost a motion through out his 24 years reign.


9. He is the Architect of divide and rule, he causes divisions in the country among tribes and citizens. He enjoys when such divisions cause fights among opponents, then cunningly comes out as unifier, acting as  a devil and a savior .  ie- He engineered violence and riots of September 2009 by self -appointing an ex-convict Capt. Kimeeze as King of Bugerere “Banyara”, he supported and gave him a green light to break away from Buganda. In addition, he stopped Natural King of Buganda  his highness King Ronald Mutebi to ever visit his subjects in that area.  Bugerere is, has been and will always be one of the parts or districts of Buganda.


Dictator Museveni, earlier this year he visited Kayunga main town of Bugerere. In his speech shamelessly he contradicted himself by telling the audience “ Kayunga is part of Buganda”. He said this after the major populated tribe reacted against him for dividing Buganda. Such act he will never recover from. Now the Baganda lead the train to oust him out of power together with other tribes of the country. This statement is not debatable, time will tell. Later that evening dictator’s appointed king of Banyara “the ex-convict Captain Kimeeze , petioned the President requesting a breakaway of Bugerere

from Buganda.


 Such act of being “a devil later a savior” he practiced during the bush war struggle. He killed citizens at night  wearing military uniforms, then during day time without uniforms came out sympathized and sent his condolences to the victim families accusing  government then, for having committed the murders . Such occurrences are well documented and his Ministers such as Kahinda Otafire with out shame has taken pride and openly confessed of such stigmatic system of killings in his funeral speech he made praising a fellow fallen soldier.


10. Dictator Museveni’s government  imposes travel bans on individuals- labeling them suspected causes of insecurity- those deemed on the opposition side also recruitment  movement of individuals, i.e., King of Buganda  Ronald Mutebi was prevented from visiting his subjects in Kayunga Bugerere in violation of his constitution right. Many citizens have suffered the same fate.


11. Dictator Museveni has burnt freedom of expression as editors at the behest of media owners and advertisers watch a every word for fear of being labeled sympathetic to the opposition. Opposition party are restricted, when and were to campaign and at the same time, the Government threatens and intimidates media especially radio stations preventing them from giving a platform to the opposition parties to voice their parties agendas.


 Such restrictions have happened to FDC Party leaders and others. Example of such; in pader district on Luo F.M, Fort portal based, #Better F.M ,Kabarole radio stations and many stations around the country.


12. Neglect the healthy of the people of Uganda: General hospitals are in shambles that

Citizens die of simple diseases for luck of basic medical attention and simple drugs such as aspirin, patients are required to buy their own gloves, yet Dictator Museveni’s family and his henchmen when they have a medical issue such as delivering  a baby, they fly to Germany or Spain.


 Dictator Museveni used to claim that our dysfunctions were caused by Ex-Presidents Obote and Idi Amin. He has been in power longer than their combined period yet the state of health care is a disaster.


The two dictators he criticized,  built hospitals around the country and when they got sick they admitted themselves in the same hospital just like ordinary fellow Ugandans,

Never sought care outside Uganda, for health care of citizens was a priority of their administrations.

 (b). Dictator Museveni  does not serve the people of Uganda but gives privileges to his cronies or henchmen who steal and oppress the true citizens of Uganda as long has they keep him in power. For example: $367millions, Money awarded by Geneva- based Global fund to fight HIV, tuberculosis, malaria in addition  intended to strengthen health systems and  pay for diagnostics, mosquito nets and other necessities was embezzled by his henchmen who now are free and still serving the dictator at his pleasure. There names are Michael Mukula, Jim muhwezi, Alex Kamugisha, Mohammed Kezaala, Nusura Tiperu, Alice Kaboyo and includes the dictator’s family.


  (c) Dictator Museveni and his henchmen are on a rampage to steal with no compassion  at all coasts against the health sector aspect of the true citizens of the Country. More than one hundred ghost hospitals have been discovered. Such ghost hospitals have been collecting drugs, money for employee salaries and the maintenance of the institutions. Yet

Government hospitals luck funds and basic drugs.


(d) Dictator Museveni  and his henchmen have built up a corrupt empire that has ruined the moral aspect of Uganda. Evil ghosts are known as death agents, not with the dictator Museveni and his henchmen, to them; they are evil ghosts of fortune.


-For example: Ghost soldiers and police have been discovered, yet all of them have been receiving government funds.


-Ghost pensioners infiltrated the payroll have been discovered.


-Ghost health workers and teachers have been discovered, yet for long time all have been funded.




-Half of Universal primary education pupils were ghost, ghost teachers, ghost UNEB centre numbers, were by UNEB sent exams to ghost schools.


-Now there are ghost SACCOs that have been lined up to tap into the “Bonna Bagaggawale cash”, (prosperity for all cash).


Ladies and Gentlemen: Uganda is a failed State that has turned into a Ghost town.






13. Dictator Museveni gave privileges to his cronies during the preparation and during

CHOGM Conference which coast between SHS 300 to SHS 380 billions such money was enough to fund and exhaust every hospital in the country with drugs but it was awarded to dictators cronies. For example: J&M HOTEL at Bwebajja  received shs 2.2 billions to renovate and get ready its rooms for CHOGM guests three days prior to the conference day with no strings attached. Which in the real world it is impossible to accomplish renovation  of about 200 guest room in three days. Bottom line, facts reveal that not a single CHOGM guest was hosted by that named hotel and many facts such as I have revealed happened and have been discovered, also involving the vice president, top government officials and including the dictator Museveni’s family, proving that CHOGM preparation was a fraud in a way to reward bonuses to his cronies.


I think now you know where some of the money change of Minister of foreign affair Sam Kutesa wealth comes from, for he was in charge of the allocation of Shs 300- shs380 billions.

 The misuse of tax- payers money and fraud  in the CHOGM saga, has  the finger prints of the most powerful NRM party cronies of dictator Museveni  and have been implicated in this saga.

It is sad that none of them have been punished for their actions, but all continue to enjoy the privileges given to them by the dictator yet the rest of the country remains below the poverty line.


14. Dictator Museveni has built up an Empire of Corruption that has ruined the nation.

  This engine of corruption that he rides on and has helped his stay in power for the last 24 years.

Such engine of corruption, weakness every institution in the country, evidence of that is seen on a daily basis, that every issue in the country supposedly to be handled by the government officials, citizens instead they petition the president.  He has become the Supreme Court Judge, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the juror and penalty

executioner. Such leadership proves that Uganda as a nation is a failed State

that needs to be redeemed now.



  b) The Inspector government general (IGG)’s report at the end of 2009 concluded that

       every institution in the country is corrupt.


  c)  In February 2010, Uganda government ministers and permanent secretaries had a conference to access the direction of the country, sadly all conceded that “Uganda is rotten” here are some of the lamentations of the ministers: State Trade Minister, “our society has decayed, we are living in a morally bankrupt society”.


   d) The minister of Labor lamented, “NRM Government has failed to fight corruption.

 Sorry Labor minister, without corruption, NRM government would collapse, it is the engine that drives the party.


   e) Here came the Co-Architect of corruption Mrs. Janet Museveni mocking the lamenters: “shameless and dishonest public servants have lost humaneness”.


   Mrs. Dictator Janet Museveni, in the civil democratic world, when institutions fail,

equals bad leadership, so leadership is fired.


The same, this generation through DICTATOR MUSEVENI MUST GO REVOLUTION INC, has risen up to take back their nation, speaking the only language that you guys understand and take pride in, using it on a daily basis to intimidate, torture, poison and kill the true citizens of Uganda, which is military.


Thus saying dictator Museveni and your henchmen you are “fired”.



15. Under dictator Museveni, facts are; Uganda is numbered as no.1 corrupt county in east Africa and no.3 in the world according to world bank statistics.

The bar of morality has been pulled down so low, it is now part of a collective psyche to believe one cannot prosper with out stealing.






a) Uganda’s public procurement and Disposal of the public Assets Authority(PPDA) estimates that over US$184 Million is lost every year to corruption.


b) Uganda Debt Network puts the amount lost to corruption at US$108 Millions Annually.


c) Transparency international’s Uganda Chapter believes that most of the government funds are lost to corruption. That figure that would total a staggering (US$950 million) annually.


d) In 2004, the Geneva-based Global fund awarded Uganda US$367 millions in grants over two years to fight aids, tuberculosis in addition, malaria intended to strengthen health systems and pay for diagnostics, mosquito nets and other necessities.

But in August 2005, an audit by Price Water House cooper found management regulates serious enough to prompt the Global fund management to suspend the grants.


e) In 2007/2008 SHS 960 million allocated by the parliament meant for investigation the people implicated in the embezzlement of money from the Global Fund for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, disappeared from bank of Uganda no tress of it.

Fellow Ugandans, I think this explains why hospitals are in shambles.



f) In 2009, SHS.100 billions met for North Uganda social fund (NUSAF) is unaccounted

for. NRM is playing “catch me if you can” movie. And much more of government funds that are embezzled every day before dictator Museveni’s eyes and most of it he approves.

 Evidence of that, Bassajjabalaba once was given a green light to get millions of dollars from the central bank without security, after a national out-cry, he was embarrassed, therefore he asked his crone to hand over his land tittles to the central bank which he did.


 Listen to this; dictator Museveni in turn ordered the minister of lands to make original land titles the same as he had deposited with the central bank. That action of fraud brought an outcry from the Bank of Uganda because whichever titles in their bank safe met nothing. Dictator Museveni no longer understands the difference between his personal account and that of the central bank. We can spend the days giving such examples of fraud approved by dictator Museveni.


15. Dictator Museveni and his henchmen have plundered the Nations Natural resources and assets that it is estimated that they own 80% of Uganda’s wealth, indulging in excesses, as the vulnerable die of simple diseases.


a)      The true Oil contracts are hidden from the true citizens of Uganda, yet the oil is a national asset , proving their intensions of plundering the national assets.

b)      Privatization was scheme by dictator Museveni and his henchmen more than 145 national assets were sold to private sector; question arises, who were the beneficially who bid for those assets?  Museveni and henchmen bid for these assets

In addition, the money used to purchase these assets was also stolen from the government and some assets sold, amount was just shown on the pierce of paper but not paid for, taken scot-free. For example the titles found in co-operative bank left behind by Agriculture unions were taken scot-free.


c)      Dictator Museveni has plundered the Nation’s wealth in the name of “investor”

The scheme operates in this format: a foreigner “investor” comes forth with a project promising to fund it 100%. Dictator Museveni allocates him/her free land / existing infrastructure, true contracts are hidden from the public. As the projects starts meaning up to10% -20%, the so called investor runs out of money.


             He petitions the President, in a secret meetings, deals continue to be made such

              as, the first family/henchmen are to hold the majority of shares in the so called

               investment not the country. There after, days following the secret meetings,

              the President orders the Governor of the Central Bank (Bank of Uganda) to

               provide 80% of money to the so called “investor” to finish the project.

               Terms of  such give away are unknown  to the parliament and to the public.


               Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the Chairman of NRM Party-

               ( THE NATIONAL ROBBERY MOVEMENT) The dictator Yoweri

                Kaguta Museveni- the last  “Dictator of Scotland”.



        d) Dictator Museveni has indulged in Family rule, qualification to hold

Key positions in the government do not apply to family members, in addition promoting his tribes men to high-ranking position in the Army above other tribes, for examples Generals. This act is an acceptable.




International law rejects impunity for serious crimes, such as genocide war crimes against humanity and torture.

International treaties including the UN convention all are against torture.

The Geneva conventions and Rome Statute of the international criminal court requires parties to ensure alleged perpetrators of serious crimes to be prosecuted.


This is a no brainier to know and say that dictator Museveni and his henchmen have and are violating all the laws and statutes of the international bodies  mentioned above and the perpetrators need to be prosecuted, be assured that they will be.


a)      Facts: From 2007, Uganda human rights commission reports that torture cases

             increased  by 3% from 254 to314 in 2008 and believe me or not they have

             increased. These victims of torture are our fathers, mothers, brothers,sisters and

             relatives whose voices have been muzzled and some of them poisoned or killed.


b)      According to human rights organizations, in 2008 Uganda owed tortured victims

Shs 2 billions. Compensation of victims ranging from $100 -$200. Question arises were does dictator Museveni get the money to compensate victims whose legs, arms have been amputated, some eyeballs taken out of sockets and others lost their manhood that they shall never recover from, done to them by his security organizations?  Uganda tax-payers money pays for the victims. By compensating, it gives him an illegal license to continue to practice torture, until one day some one will step up to stop him, he will continue to torture and kill our people.





17) Dictator Museveni has set up thirteen (13) security organizations, some directly answerable to the president and  not constitutionally based  or established by act of the parliament.


a)      These organizations persecute opposition opponents of the government, carry out abductions, disappearances, extrajudicial killings and torture and act

Independently and some interdependently with each other and in

Cooperation with the Uganda Police.


b)      These organizations  also harass the free media and official parliamentary



c)      Types of torture are: tying your hands  and feet behind your back and up in the

Ceiling, severe beating, kicking, attaching electricity wires to the male genital, snakes found in torture chambers in the so called “safe houses”.


 Many Ugandans have lost their lives and many are unaccounted for, by this abuse against humanity.


d)      Some of the practices by these organizations are poisoning the opposition

Opponents, hoping to die a slow death, for example the late Chairman of Green

Bank Mr. Kigundu.  Dr Besigye’s brother Kiffefe, Namboze and many  unaccounted for.


e)      These are the Names of some of the torture agencies: UPDF’S Chieftaincy of military Intelligence (CMI)

Internal Security  Organization (ISO)

The violent crime crack unit(UCCU)

Joint Anti- Terrorist Task Forces( JATF)



f)        12,000 Militia group has been assembled  in preparation of 2011 generally

Elections, purpose : to intimidate, torture and kill opponents  and to fight any

demonstrations that may occur.


g)      Dictator Museveni  contributed to the genocide that occurred in northern Uganda,  thus ruthlessly placed more than two million  true citizen of Uganda in over crowed camps, disease – ridden camps with no infrastructures in place, such as schools, health clinics  but placed them there and forgotten without hope for the past 24 years.


 Now dictator Museveni’s government has admitted to the policy of forced displacement in northern Uganda, responsible for the death of thousands of men, women especially children to have been planned.


     The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court 1998 declares that

      “[d]eportation  or forcible transfer of population- Constitutes a crime against

      Humanity “when committed as a part of wide spread of systematic attack directed

       against civilian population.




18. Dictator Museveni and his henchmen have become a lawless institution. They

     threaten  and intimidate court magistrates, knowing well that courts into

     society resolve issues in a civil manner but they intentionally under fund them and    

     undermine them, making them impotent .


      The  Courts have been raided by hooded armed state agents on a number  

       of occasions in an effort to reverse their decisions  there by promoting a lawless

       society ,leaving you to wonder which laws they use to govern the country.



    Site of a few occasions when the defiance of the Court has happened


a) In June 2004 when the Constitutional court handed down a judgment ruling that the Referendum(political systems) Act was unconstitutional, this provoked harsh criticism from dictator Museveni  directed specifically at the Court and Judiciary

in the televised speech on 27 June 2004.


 A few days later dictator Museveni was quoted as saying that “the major work for Judges is to settle chicken and goats theft cases but not determining the country’s destiny – a threat to the Independence of the Judiciary in contravention of Uganda constitution.


   b) At the beginning of October 2005 Dictator Museveni  directly warned the Judicial officers who issued what he called “bogus eviction warrants” A state House statement quoted the President as saying that he ‘will suspend a judge who colludes in illegal evictions and institute and inquiry’. The president repeated his stance in his statement of Acceptance to the NRM National Delegates Conference in November 2006 at which he was elected the President Candidate for the forthcoming Presidential elections.


- The statement was criticized by the ULS on the basis that under the Constitution, the President had no power to take disciplinary action against judges; rather his power lay within the domain on the Judicial Service Commission.


In a statement the Uganda Judicial Officers Association (UJOA)complained of  continued threats against Judges, which they said undermined the principle of independence of the Judiciary as enshrined in the constitution.


 The statement added,

‘[w]e specifically condemn threats of firing judicial officers when handling in land matters, for the state should be last to call for mob justice when there are avenues of due process for the one who is dissatisfied with a decision of court.


c) On the morning of 16 November 2005, the date of the bail application of the PRA accused, a detachment of more than 30-armed men in black uniform, members of the Joint Anti-Terrorist Team (JATT) also known as the Black Mamba Urban Hit Squad arrived at the High Court premises. They remained in the back ground  at first, but when  the sitting Judge Edmond Lugayizi declared that the accused had a constitution right  to be released on bail,  the troops surrounded the Court premises, wielding Uzi machine guns and AK-47 assault rifles. The JATT  re arrest the suspects, by forcing its way inside the court house.


-A few days after the incident, Judge Lugayizi withdrew from the case, citing military interference.


The events were witnessed by 15 foreign diplomats, including 13 envoys from the European union.


The following day Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki and Inspector General of Government Faith Mwondha condemned the deployment of the JATT.  The High Court’s Principal,

Judge James Ogoola, stated that the deployment of the JATT at the Hight Court as ‘the most naked and grotesque violation of the doctrines of the rule of law and the Independence of Judicially’ the extent and content of which was simply unprecedented.


 He said the armed  commandos had unleashed “terror” and that ‘ [n]ot since the abduction of Chief Justice Ben Kiwanuka from the premises of Court during the diabolical days of Idi Amin had the  High Court been subjected to such horrendous onslaught as witnessed last Wednesday’. He said this ‘most reprehensible affront to the independence of the judiciary’ had had a chilling effect on the administration of justice in the country. As noted earlier Judge Lugayizi, who had presided over the bail application, withdrew from the case because of military interference.




d)      As briefly referred to above, on 1 March 2007 a hearing was scheduled to discuss the government’s appeal against the decision on grant bail to the PRA accused. The hearing, which was presided over by Justice Eldad Mwangusya, was adjourned and the accused were granted bail in the interim. After the Judge’s ruling, the PRA accused proceeded to the Registrar’s office in order to sign the bail papers. Six of them were able to sign all bail papers, three of them failed, because their sureties were absent.


What followed was reminiscent of the deployment of the Joint Anti- Terrorism Team ( JATT)  at the High Court on  16 November 2005.

According to the reports, around 60 police officers, some with dogs, we deployed on the premises of the High Court, and the roads around the court were sealed off. Shortly after the PRA accused signed their bail papers, the armed troops stormed the court chambers and then attempted to enter the Registrar’s office  in order to seize the men. They were deterred from doing so by the accused’s lawyers, relatives and supporters. The confrontation led to a standoff inside the Registrar’s office where the bail applicants remained stranded for the afternoon. However, shortly thereafter, the accused were kidnapped and taken captive, thrown into the back of a police pickup and driven away.







         According to the judicial department noted that the government has disregarded the

          Following court orders:


1        On 16 November 2005 the High Court granted bail to the PRA accused. JATT

                 tried to re arrest them.

2.      On  2 December the High Court ordered a cessation of the Court Martial hearings against the PRA accused.

3. On 31 January 2006 the Constitutional court declared illegal the Court Martial trial of  Dr. Besigye and the other PRA accused.


           4 .The Constitutional Court order of 11 January 2007 to release the PRA accused.


 5 .On 1 March 2007 the accused were held captive in the court and then subsequently rearrested by the police following the granting of bail.


In view of these occurrences, a conclusion was reached that Judgments against the government are not executable, for dictator Museveni  and company are a lawless club bush gagsters. It is a culture and pattern of lawlessness brought about by the movement . These bush gagsters refused to change morally into a civil society, they break laws and disregard court rulings without conviction  and feel morally justified to do so, because they are “Revolutionaries”


6.During that period of all these occurrences described above, on the radio interview General David Tinyefuza, a presidential advisor and Coordinator of security services, questioned and accused judges of biasness. He continued to disrespect them as he lamented “ He added that the army respected the ruling of the courts but would not accept ‘this business of being ordered by the judiciary”.  General Tinyefuza originally claimed to be speaking on behalf of the President.


During that sad period, the Executive’s criticism and threats had created a climate of fear within the Judiciary. It is noted that two Judges, Judge Lugayizi and Judge Katutsi withdrew from the cases citing ‘military interference and pressure.


Ladies and Gentlemen: Fellow citizens of Uganda this Executive branch has proved to be lawless up to the present time, intimidating the Judicial branch and other  branches of  the government, in violation of the Constitution of Uganda.


Article:128 which states the following: Unambiguously guarantees the independence  of the Judiciary from external interference by providing that ‘in the exercise of judicial power, the courts shall be independent and shall not be subject to the control or direction of any person or authority (para 1). In addition, ‘no person or authority shall interfere with courts or judicial officers in the exercise of their judicial functions’ ( para 2),and ‘all organs and agencies of the shall accord to the courts such assistance as may be required to ensure the effectiveness of the courts’(para3)


The independence of Uganda’s courts is further guaranteed in chapter 4 of the constitution, which deals with fundamental rights. Article 28 on the right to a fair hearing provides that ‘in the determination of civil rights and obligations or any criminal charge, a person shall be entitled to a fair,speedy and public hearing before and independent and impartial court or tribunal established by law.




e) Dictator Museveni  has turned the country into iron military regime, exercising laws as he pleases. He has Prosecuted civilians in a military courts.


19.  He brought shame upon the nation and put it in debt: dictator Museveni and his henchmen invaded the Republic of Congo and stole its national natural resources such as gold, diamond ,timber and other resources, of which Congo filed a lawsuit against

Uganda in the international Court and the verdict came down in favor of Congo, were by it was awarded $10 billions, proving the fact that, there are the NATIONAL ROBBERY MOVEMENT (NRM PARTY) their acts of lawlessness has no boundaries.


 From the bush gorilla war of 1981-1985 were they were they practiced lawlessness, such as stealing anything that crossed their eyes, such as Robbing Banks, food, hospital drugs, cars etc…, it is sad that they did not transform to assimilate to civil society. With the rule of a gun and morally bankrupt, they feel justified to act as bandits, so that is what happened when they mobbed and robbed D R Congo.


Dictator Museveni and henchmen have constantly used Uganda Revenue Authority as a weapon to punish opposition business people by over taxing them, but giving incentives to the supporters of the presidents party NRM Party and some of them have not paid taxes at all.


-Talk about scholarships, this program has been keep secret but the results of it is seen all around the world  in London, USA expensive Universities such as Harvard, Princeton , Boston Collage and many across the country. In such Universities and Collages 99 percent on government scholarships are given to Dictator Museveni’s tribe (Banyakole) yet many of these students come from families that are in the government embezzling its funds, the untouchables who can afford to pay tuition for their children.


Nevertheless, these people have no compassion to misuse scholar ships met to help children from poor families and orphans, but as stated through out that, they feel morally justified to act the way they do and feel deserving it.


20) Dictator Museveni is contemplating to force the nation with Region Tier system of governance that sets him to stay in power for life as supposedly to Federal system of governance requested for by 65% of all Ugandans.


a)      Dictator Museveni Must Go Revolution Inc. were able to get the minutes of a Meeting held in Ankole were dictator Museveni and his tribes men planned how they could stay in power for more than 50 years, check it out at www.dictatormusevenimustgo.com titled: may be from Rwakitura Basiita Clan. dated 12.10.2009.


b)      It is sad fellow citizens that 80% of plan has been implemented, such that is going to enslave the rest of country beneath them.


But Ladies and Gentlemen we bring you good news from the diasopora , that a generation has risen up to the plate to stop that plan and oust the last dictator of Uganda, therefore “shout free at last” join us, at the same time spread the good new around the country.


For this generation is ready to go after him at his strength that is militarily.

Trusting in God who is just, victory is ours.


We Conclude by stating that;

Dictator Museveni and his henchmen nature of lawless is a historical network, a job that stated during the bush war, such that they practiced on a daily basis; like stealing

Farmers food, robbed banks, stole cars, intimidated and killed innocent people, it is a culture and pattern of behaviors brought about by NRM movement.

They behave this way and act lawless without convictions and believe that they deserve it and the feel morally justified to their behaviors.


Dictator Museveni and his henchmen claims of sacrifice, “Revolutionaries” sound more ridiculous. None among them had accomplished anything prior to bush war, whether professionally or materially and their time to go is now, they better go peacefully or forcefully, the choice is up to them.


Fellow Citizens of Uganda, we believe we have made a  democratic case to free Uganda

from the oppression brought about by the brutal regime of dictator Museveni and his henchmen. Therefore we call upon all Ugandans to join us in this struggle and be counted as standing at the right side of history by contributing to dictator museveni must go fund, account found on www.dictatormusevenimustgo.com . Also we have sent up and internet radio station: Freedom4UgandaRadioUsa which will be updating you all the time,

by logging on dictator museveni must go.com, last but not least Check out God’s Generals at www.motowawaka.com
Ugandans in UK
NY Demonstrators
Time for Museveni to go
Corrupt Dictator


Editor  Dictator Museveni Must Go Revolution Inc. and  Motowawaka Prayer Revolution Warriors .   

















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