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8. Redressing errors , that have resulted into the dislocation of sections of the population and improvement of others

Under this point three groups came to our attention:

(a) people that have been displaced from their lands by illegal land-grabbers or erroneously conceived development projects;
(b) the long suffering Karamajong people;
(c) the salaried people that have been impoverished by the inflation of the 70s and 80s.

(a) Uganda is a country of approximately 95,000 sq miles and 14 million people. A population of 14 million is not really, big for a country almost equal in size to The UK with a population of 60 million people. In spite of the small population there is already a problem of landlessness beginning to emerge. This is caused by largely, incredible misuse, and even destruction of the-very texture of land. There is hardly any land that is optimally utilised. Hence, on the one hand there is landlessness beginning to emerge and on the other hand, there is insufficiency of food. This is all due to sub-optimal use, and even misuse of land. If land was intensively and optimally used, it could support a much bigger population and products. This, however, needs thorough examination of what and how to produce maximally, using the land. Our immediate concern is the tens of thousands of people—or possible hundreds of thousands—that have been displaced by ill-thought out development projects or sheer illegal land-grabbing by businessmen or state officials using corruption. An outstanding example are the 15,000 people with tens of thousands of cattle that have been thrown out of Nshaara by the UPC regime in order to make the area a game reserve. Such people ought to be settled on alternative land by the government. Apparently this practice is quite wide-spread in many parts of the country.

(b) Settling the Karamajong. The Karamajong people have suffered a lot at the hands, of various post,–independence governments. Settling these people, according to our investigations when we were in the UNLF government, is not all that difficult. One of the crucial elements should be the provision of water. Karamajong being a dry country, people will be attracted to these water points and the government can use that opportunity to reach them. International aid- agencies could help in this aspect.

(c) Relieving the plight of the salary earners: Owing to the destruction of the productive sectors and the emergence of the speculative activities as the principal economic activities, the worst hit have been the fixed income earners. The real solution for inflation is production in order, to create abundance and lower prices. Salary rises can, however, assist in the short run. There should be a functional- relationship between the cost of living and the salaries earned by the workers and the civil servants; otherwise, the pauperization of salary earners' would further destroy the economy due to these .workers abandoning their duty in search of ways of re-inforcing their meager incomes to enable them to cope with inflation.
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