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3. Consolidation of National Unity and elimination of all forms of sectarianism

One of the principal causes of strife in Uganda and Africa in general has been lack of national unity. Not only did it enable foreign powers to colonise Africa and ensure the perpetuation of colonialism for much longer than would have been the case, but sectarianism has enabled dictators and idiots to emerge, take power illegally and perpetuate their stay in power with much greater ease. Obote has been thriving on divisions as did Amin. The politics of Ugand4 at independence was unabashedly sectarian: DP mainly for Catholics, UPC mainly for Protestants outside Buganda and KY for Protestants in Buganda. In the army there were opportunistic factions emerging according to the opportunistic politics and manipulations of the day: Bantu versus Nilotics in 1966 (where the Bantu included the Itesot who do not speak Bantu language and where the Nilotics included the West Nilers most of whom do not speak Nilotic languages). In 1970, the West Nilers versus Acholis and Langi; then as Amin's rule progresses Muslims versus Christians; after the downfall of Amin, the reintroduction of DP and UPC, having undergone some fresh permutations of sectarianism; and Obote, following the elections trying to erect a new alliance of Acholis, Langis and Itesot against the "enemies"—principally Baganda and Banyankole.

What is the end result of all this tragic-comedy? Fragmentation of the people so that they can never unite to confront their common enemy—underdevelopment emanating from foreign domination working through, precisely, the same opportunists like Obote (foremen of foreign interests and enemies of their own people) What enmity is there between a Muganda peasant and a Langi peasant? Or between a Christian peasant and a Muslim peasant? On the contrary they have got a common enemy: the Obotes and the Amins who misuse the peasant earned foreign exchange to buy whisky instead of improving rural water or building industries that would employ their sons. Therefore, unity is in the interests of the people and is feared by all exploiters—actual and prospective. As united people cannot be duped. Therefore, the NRM and its army the NRA, tested defenders of all the people of Uganda, will no tolerate any sectarian opportunists of any shade. The fundamental causes of suffering of the people of Uganda must be ended. As have always been our line, the National Resistance Movement is a home of the former DP, UPC, CP and UPM members; one's religion, colour, sex or height is not considered when welcoming new members into NRM: rather we consider one's goodness or badness (e.g. corruption) or contribution. We rigorously fight tribalism and religious sectarianism and have always aimed at uniting as many people as possible, around principled programmes, in order to isolate the enemy to the maximum. Anybody that impedes the unity of the people of Uganda is an enemy of the people in more than one way On the one hand he fragments the people's efforts towards emancipation and, on the other hand, he misdefines the enemy so as to encourage fatricidal conflicts where brother fights brother, peasant resents or fights peasant, worker resents worker, student suspects fellow student—all under the banners of tribalism, religion, linguistic groupings, regionalism or chauvinism. Obote tried to convince the Acholi and Langi people that they stood in mortal danger if NRA won. Using the correct tactics of exposing the manipulators of the people, we have of recent dealt Obote mortal blows by releasing some of the prisoners of war we captured including the Acholis and Langis. Going back to their colleagues after treatment (for the wounded), the prisoners of war we released have caused pandemonium in Obote'sarmy. The wall of fear and hatred which had built up among the Acholis and Langis has evaporated and Obote is in Mortal danger at the hands of the same people he had been using as cannon fodder.
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