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2. Security

Ugandans and many other Africans have been living under insecurity in the very elementary sense of the word. Obote and Amin must have by now killed over 800,000 Ugandans between them over the past 22 years of so called independence. Even at the time of independence, the people were apprehensive about security,- remembering the tyrannical rule of the pre-colonial days. 'This was because British colonialism in Uganda was more subtle than, for instance, Belgian colonialism in Rwanda or Portuguese colonialism in Mozambique or even British colonialism in Kenya. After independence, Obote and his colleagues have done everything possible to discredit the whole concept of independence. It is only now in the liberated areas of NRM that Ugandans are beginning to know that African rule can provide security. As soon as NRM takes government, not only will the state inspired violence disappear, but so will even criminal violence .Given democracy at the local level, a politicized army and police and absence of corruption at the top as well as interaction with the people, even criminal violence can disappear. Thereby, security of persons will be restored and so will security of legitimately earned property.
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